Challenger Rules

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Posted January 29, 2019





Any American or Foreign 3,4, or 6 cyl front wheel drive stock production car

New for 2018 - "Allowed Locked Front Axel - No All Wheel Drive."



4 post, UPRIGHT roll cage mandatory AND MUST BE INSIDE THE BODY.

4 PADDED DOOR BARS ON DRIVERS SIDE. 4" gussets mandatory. ANY SUNROOF MUST BE REPLACED WITH HEAVY SHEET METAL. Fiberglass fenders are permitted. Outside of body must be complete. Chrome and moldings must be removed. Any steel or aluminum body. All glass must be removed. Front and rear of car may be reinforced, but all bars must remain inside of sheet metal. Inside door panels only may be cut away to allow for door bars. Inner fenders must remain stock. Interior metal may not be stripped, however seats to be removed and metal firewall installed. Hood and trunk hinges must be left stock. Drivers side window net mandatory. Tow chains must be attached to front and rear of car. All bumpers must be secured to the body, reinforcements permitted, but must remain behind sheet metal. A firewall must divide trunk from driver’s compartment. Airbags MUST be disconnected.


Must be stock. Brakes on all four wheels.


May be replaced with ½" mesh BATTERY must remain under the hood


Gasoline only as fuel. Fuel cell may be moved into the truck area. If tank remains in stock position, a skid pan must cover gas tank and secure straps must be used. DO NOT TO FILL THE TANK


must remain stock but may be reinforced


Must remain in stock position. Engine must be available in that model of car. No turbos. A hole should be cut in hood in the event of fire. Safety cords must be attached and accessible from the outside of vehicle. Exhaust systems must be removed.


Must remain stock



13" 14" 15" or 16" wheels permitted. All tires must be street legal. No

Goodyear Eagles or snow tires permitted. Wheels may be reinforced. The tires must not exceed body tin. DOT MUST have a treadwear of 300 or greater.




Numbers must be at least 24" high and neatly lettered on both front doors and roof with contrasting color with car. Number on roof must be readable from the score tower. A 6" x 6" metal plate must be put in the upper passenger side windshield area with car number on it. The number is also to be placed on the back of the car, visible from the driver behind you. Car numbers NOT readable will be asked to change/ not scored.



May be added. No more than 4”



You must have a fully charged fire extinguisher SECURELY mounted and accessible from both inside and outside of car. ASA or Snell approved helmets only. Fire suits are mandatory, no ripped or torn suits. Driver’s door window net mandatory. Racing seats required, mounting will be checked. NO AIRBAGS MUST BE DISCONNECTED. HEAD and NECK RESTRAINT MANDATORY FOR ANYONE 16 & UNDER. A padded neck brace IS mANDATORY MINIMUM protection for all divisions. we HIGHLY recommend the use of a head and neck restraint.


You must register your car prior to the first night of racing, CHECK IN AT THE REGISTRATION BOOTH INSIDE THE PITS EVERY NIGHT AS SOON AS YOU ENTER THE PITS. 


NOTE: The preceding rules and regulations are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to

establish minimum acceptable standards and requirements for such events. By participating in these events, all

participants are deemed to have complied with these rules and regulations. No expressed and/or implied warranty or

safety assurance shall result from publication of, or compliance with, the preceding rules and regulations. They are intended as a guide and are in no way a guarantee to any participant, driver or official, against injury or death. Any of the preceding rules may be subject to revision if it is felt that the change would be in the best interest of safety or the Division. Track Officials have the right to make decisions and to rule accordingly, in the interest of safety, without recourse from drivers and/or owners. Track Officials will decide anything not covered in the preceding rules and regulations if and when it becomes necessary.