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Posted February 28, 2018

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  1. Start Time: 2:00-3:00 PM  (Exact time to be determined at a later date)

  2. $3,000 To Win,   200 Laps or 2 hour Time Limit

  3. Rear Wheel Drive “RACE CARS” Only

  4. Body Rules are per class from your local track

  5. Mandatory Transponder (Placed on Mid Plate) and Race Receiver

  6. 2600 Lbs Weight Rule

  7. 20 PSI in Each Tire at the start of the race, NO Air Bleeders in Wheels

  8. Maximum Fuel Cell Size: 32 Gallons

  9. NO “Run What You Brung” Bodies

  10. NO Sharp Corners, Rounded Ended Bumpers Only

  11. NO External Piping, including Rub Rails, Except Front and Rear Bumper

  12. Must Be Self Starting

  13. Engine Rules: No Turbos, Superchargers or Fuel Injection.  One Carburetor Only

  14. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS:   Racing Seat,  Full Roll Cage,  3 Door Bar Minimum, 5 Point Harness, Fire Suit and Approved Helmet

  15. Must Pass Safety Check

  16. Rolling Push Truck on Track

  17. Red Flag Starts and Stops

  18. All cars will be scored off of Transponders, car scorers are for backup only.

  19. There will be track scorers in the tower.

    Entry Fee:   $25.00 (Prior to August 18, 2018);     $35.00 (After August 18, 2018)

    Pit Entry: $30 Includes Driver and One Scorer per Car
    Stands: $10;  10 and Under FREE,   with Free Parking for All!

    Register by completing an Enduro Registration Form found at: http://newstatelinespeedway.com/ 
    Click on the Rules/Forms tab at the top and scroll down to “Forms.” 

    Mail your completed Enduro Registration Form along with the Entry Fee to:
    Stateline Speedway - P.O. Box 25,  Garland, PA  16416