New Fun and Creative Feature Re-Draw Adds Excitement for Ages 6 to 13!

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April 10, 2017

Starting on the 29th of April, New Stateline Speedway has decided to kick off the 2017 season with a unique way of deciding where our drivers will start in their feature event. As many may know, when a race car registers at the track, a number is drawn to determine their starting position in their heat races. After the heats are finished, another pill draw is done to determine the feature lineup.

If you finish high enough in your heat race, you will be entered in the “redraw”. The redraw will include fifty percent of the field in each division, meaning; if there are 24 Super Late Models in the pits, the redraw will be 12, etc. The same format will be consistent throughout all seven of our racing divisions. If you do not finish in a redraw position, you will fall in line behind the redraw cars in the order that you finished your heat. However, this new redraw…

… is where the children come in!

Seven children ranging in the ages of 6 to 13 will be selected out of the crowd every Saturday night. All children wishing to participate in this ‘behind the scene’ action must complete an entry form each week. One child will be drawn from the entries for each of the seven racing divisions and they will draw for all drivers in the redraw for that class. This new format will be done on a weekly basis so please make sure your child signs up every week to increase their chances! It would help if we all spread the word to our children now, so they can build up excitement towards the chance at being one of the very first student celebrity redrawers!