Lunger Continues Dominance of Rusted Nutz RUSH Pro Mod Series! Gardner Picks Up First Win of the Season!

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July 31, 2017

BUSTI, N.Y. - Dennis Lunger has run wild on the Rusted Nutz RUSH Pro-Mod series all season, winning eight of the 10 features entering Saturday night's special Pro-Mod event at Stateline Speedway.
The 11th trip out ended like many of the previous 10 - with Lunger's #71 in victory lane. Lunger took the lead on lap four and never looked back, winning his 9th feature of the season in the Rusted Nutz RUSH Pro-Mod Special at the Busti one-third mile oval.
In other action, Troy Johnson led wire-to-wire for his first feature win of the season in the Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mods division, Max Blair won a crash-filled Ed Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model feature and Rich Gardner won his first Overhead Door Super Late Model race of the season. John Boardman was victorious for the fifth time in Wellington Log Homes Street Stocks competition, Matt Kosinski won his second Super Sportsmen feature of the year and Gary Troyer won for the third time in four weeks in Bailey's Towing and Recovery Super Challengers action.
The Rusted Nutz RUSH Pro-Mods Special got off to a rough start for several competitors when Ryan Scott, Jason Covey, Justin Carlson and Rich Michael Jr. all piled up in turn two of the opening lap. Once things got going green, Steve Dixon was the early leader edging ahead of pole sitter Scott Gurdak. Dixon held the lead the opening three laps and survived a couple of race restarts before a familiar opponent began making his charge.
On the fourth lap of the 25-lap event, Lunger pulled to Dixon's inside and completed the pass of Dixon's #33 machine. Behind Lunger, Matt Harvey - one of two drivers not named Lunger to have a feature win in 2017 - began battling Dixon for the runner-up spot. Dixon withstood the attack and Harvey soon found himself being pressured by Ryan Scott. Scott rebounded from the opening lap wreck and would rise as high as second in the running order.
The only driver he couldn't catch was Lunger who led the final 21 laps and pulled into Victory Lane for the ninth time this season in Rusted Nutz RUSH Pro-Mods series action. Lunger was followed by Ryan Scott in second, Chad Carlson was third, Gurdak was fourth and Dixon was fifth. Chad Carlson and Lunger each picked up a heat race victory.
David Scott tried a power move on the outside of Troy Johnson early in the Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mod feature for the evening, but Johnson held firm on the inside and maintained the lead. Scott soon fell back and found himself being pressured by Michael McGee for second spot and McGee completed the pass on lap four. Scott continued to drop back and ran side-by-side with Butch Southwell for several laps before ultimately holding on the third position.
Ahead of the pack, Johnson stretched his advantage lap after lap eventually building a full straightaway lead. The entire 20-lap event was run caution free and Johnson cruised to his first Sugar Grove Beverage E-Mod victory at Stateline in just over a year. McGee ran second and Scott was third until a turn two spin on the final lap. Southwell took advantage of Scott's spin to take third with Tim Rockwell and Shawn Shingledecker rounding out the top five. McGee and Justin Carlson finished first in heat events.
While the E-Mod feature ran caution-free, the Ed Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model feature was anything but a wreck-free affair. The cars didn't make it to turn one before the yellow waved for the crashed cars of D.J. Krug and C.J. Irons. After the restart, Scott Gurdak eased into the lead with Max Blair challenging Paul Norman for second. Blair made the pass and Norman's strong run was thwarted moments later when he spun on the exit of turn two.
Blair used the caution to erase the gap to Gurdak and the duo ended lap three side-by-side with Blair ultimately pulling into the top spot. Blair tried to pull away with Gurdak, Jason Genco, Darrell Bossard and Lunger close behind. Three of the top five would be caught up in the next yellow with two three-car incidents happening at the same time in turn two. Chad Clement, Mitchell Hoffman and Kevin Hill were involved in one accident with Gurdak, Genco and Bossard piled up in the other. In the madness, Lunger was able to move to second behind Blair, putting the winners of six of the nine Ed Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model features in the top two positions.
Second was high as Lunger would get this night as Blair survived caution after caution to win the 20-lap event just prior to the race reaching its time limit. Blair's win was his fourth in the series in 2017 and Lunger, Wyatt Scott, Ryan Scott and Gurdak completed the top five. Blair and Lunger won the heat races.
Rich Gardner jumped to the lead from the pole in the Overhead Door Super Late Model feature, building an early advantage over John Lobb, Matt Lux, Dutch Davies and David Scott. Scott was fast early, using the high side to erase both Lux and Davies to move into the top three. Behind Scott, Max Blair was also rolling through the competition early, breaking into the top five by the end of lap 6.
The first 10 laps of the feature were run caution-free and it soon became clear this would be Gardner's night barring a yellow or mechanical failure. Lap after lap, that caution never came and Gardner disposed of lapped traffic with ease leading wire-to-wire in a caution-free event. It was Gardner's first Overhead Door Super Late Model win of the season after winning three times in 2016. Lobb held off a charging Blair for second with John Volpe and Lux also earning top-five finishes. Jake Finnerty and Volpe were the winners in heat race competition.
Kyle Couchenour was the early leader in the Wellington Log Homes Street Stocks division race with the three 2017 winners - John Boardman, David Shagla Jr. and Brandon Groters - in his rear view mirror. Couchenour was able to lead much of the first half of the race while Boardman moved past Groters into second after a lap 7 restart.
Three laps later, Couchenour, Boardman and Shagla came out of turn four three-wide for the lead and Boardman emerged from the scuffle as the new leader. Shagla followed Boardman into second and Gary Fisher also moved past Couchenour into the top three.
Boardman inched away from Shagla until the latter made one last charge on the final lap of the race. Shagla's #6 reached the back bumper of Boardman's #777 in turn two of the 20th lap, but Boardman kept his machine out in front, winning for the fifth time in 2017 Wellington Log Homes Street Stocks competition. Shagla took second followed by Fisher, Couchenour and Groters. Groters and Jordan Eck were the heat winners.
After winning seven times in 2016, Dan Nocero Jr. started the Super Sportsmen feature from the pole hoping to win for the first time in the 2017 campaign. Things looked good for Nocero Jr. early as the driver led the first three laps before Matt Kosinski worked his way by on lap four. Nocero Jr. didn't have time to worry about trying to get back around Kosinski as 2017's winningest driver in the division - Jim Kibbe - was closing from behind for second.
Kibbe was unable to make up significant ground on Nocero Jr. and Nocero Jr. was having the same trouble with Kosinski whose lead continued to grow all the way to the end of the 15-lap affair. Kosinski went on to win for the second time in 2017 followed by Nocero Jr., Kibbe, Michael Kosinski and Ted Kosinski. Michael Kosinski and Nocero Jr. each won a heat race.
Rory Houser jumped away from Dylan Greene to lead the opening lap of the Bailey's Towing and Recovery Super Challengers feature with Kevin Covell, Gary Troyer and Brandon Huffman also in contention. On the third lap of the race, Greene was able to go back around Houser and gain the top spot. His lead remained steady until a red flag with seven laps to go for the overturned machine of Jazz Jackson.
With four laps to go, Greene held the lead ahead of a three-wide battle for second between Pete Volpe, Troyer and William VanGuilder. That chaos for second eventually became chaos for the lead and Greene's bid for the win ended when he was sent spinning on the front stretch with three to go. Troyer was able to carve his way through the madness and held off VanGuilder in a two-lap shootout to the finish to earn his third Bailey's Towing and Recovery Super Challengers win of the season and third in four weeks. VanGuilder was second followed in the top five by Andy Proper, Houser and Dustin Lamb. John Seekings, VanGuilder and Troyer won heat races.
One week from now, the Patriot Sprints Tour will make its second and final appearance of the 2017 Stateline Speedway season. In addition to the Patriot Sprints, the Overhead Door Super Late Models, Ed Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models, Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mods and Bailey's Towing and Recovery Super Challengers will also be in action. The Rusted Nutz RUSH Pro-Mods, Wellington Log Homes Street Stocks and Super Sportsmen will return to action on Saturday, August 12, for Fan Appreciation Night.

Saturday, July 29, 2017
at Stateline Speedway- Busti, N.Y.

Heat 1 (8 laps, 9 cars): 1. Max Blair, 2. T.J. Downs, 3. Ryan Scott, 4. Darrell Bossard, 5. Scott Gurdak, 6. Matthew Sipes, 7. C.J. Irons, 8. Chad Schauers, 9. Chad Clement
Heat 2 (8 laps, 9 cars): 1. Dennis Lunger, 2. Jason Genco, 3. Nathan Earle, 4. Wyatt Scott, 5. Paul Norman, 6. D.J. Krug, 7. Kevin Hill, 8. William Stile, 9. Mitchell Hoffman
Feature (20 laps, 18 cars): 1. Max Blair, 2. Dennis Lunger, 3. Wyatt Scott, 4. Ryan Scott, 5. Scott Gurdak, 6. T.J. Downs, 7. Jason Genco, 8. Darrell Bossard, 9. C.J. Irons, 10. Chad Schauers, 11. Paul Norman, 12. Nathan Earle, 13. D.J. Krug, 14. Matthew Sipes, 15. Mitchell Hoffman, 16. Kevin Hill, 17. William Stile, 18. Chad Clement

Heat 1 (8 laps, 7 cars): 1. Michael McGee, 2. David Scott, 3. Troy Johnson, 4. Butch Southwell, 5. David Lanphere, 6. Brodie Hill, 7. Dominic DePonceau
Heat 2 (8 laps, 7 cars): 1. Justin Carlson, 2. Tim Rockwell, 3. Ron Seeley, 4. Shawn Shingledecker , 5. Brian Stino, 6. Greg Johnson, 7. Kirk Bradley
Feature (20 laps, 14 cars): 1. Troy Johnson, 2. Michael McGee, 3. Butch Southwell, 4. Tim Rockwell, 5. Shawn Shingledecker, 6. Ron Seeley, 7. Greg Johnson, 8. David Scott, 9. Brian Stino, 10. Brodie Hill, 11. Dominic DePonceau, 12. Justin Carlson, 13. David Lanphere, 14. Kirk Bradley DNS

Heat 1 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. Chad Carlson, 2. Scott Gurdak, 3. Ryan Scott, 4. Steve Dixon, 5. Jason Covey, 6. Zach Johnson, 7. Kevin Ruhlman, 8. Dennis Hagg Jr.
Heat 2 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. Dennis Lunger, 2. Matt Harvey, 3. Justin Carlson, 4. Rich Michael Jr., 5. Dennis Asel, 6. Brian Mohawk, 7. Kevin Decker, 8. Jarrod Silvis
Feature (25 laps, 16 cars): 1. Dennis Lunger, 2 Ryan Scott, 3. Chad Carlson, 4. Scott Gurdak, 5. Steve Dixon, 6. Jason Covey, 7. Justin Carlson, 8. Kevin Decker, 9. Kevin Ruhlman, 10. Brian Mohawk, 11. Jarrod Silvis, 12. Matt Harvey, 13. Dennis Asel, 14. Rich Michael Jr., 15. Dennis Hagg Jr., 16. Zach Johnson

Heat 1 (8 laps, 9 cars): 1. Jake Finnerty, 2. Matt Lux, 3. David Scott, 4. Dutch Davies, 5. Rick Tripodi, 6. Chris Hackett, 7. Bump Hedman, 8. Greg Oakes, 9. Pete Alspaugh
Heat 2 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. John Volpe, 2. John Lobb, 3. Rich Gardner, 4. Max Blair, 5. Doug Eck, 6. Damian Bidwell, 7. Ward Schell, 8. Nathan Hill
Feature (25 laps, 17 cars): 1. Rich Gardner, 2. John Lobb, 3. Max Blair, 4. John Volpe, 5. Matt Lux, 6. Dutch Davies, 7. Doug Eck, 8. David Scott, 9. Jake Finnerty, 10. Damian Bidwell, 11. Greg Oakes, 12. Rick Tripodi, 13. Ward Schell, 14. Pete Alspaugh, 15. Bump Hedman, 16. Chris Hackett, 17. Nathan Hill

Heat 1 (8 laps, 10 cars): 1. Brandon Groters, 2. Kyle Couchenour, 3. Scott Dellahoy, 4. Gary Fisher, 5. Mike Moore, 6. Douglas Eck, 7. Vic Redeye, 8. Scott Freer, 9. Jack Warrior, 10. Nick Mohawk DNS
Heat 2 (8 laps, 10 cars): 1. Jordan Eck, 2. John Boardman, 3. David Shagla Jr., 4. Anthony Marotto, 5. Paul Nelson, 6. Michael Reed, 7. David Schauers, 8. Bill Applebee, 9. Brian Crandall, 10. Dana Maybee
Feature (20 laps, 20 cars): 1. John Boardman, 2. David Shagla Jr., 3. Gary Fisher, 4. Kyle Couchenour, 5. Brandon Groters, 6. Michael Reed, 7. Scott Dellahoy, 8. David Schauers, 9. Anthony Marotto, 10. Scott Freer, 11. Bill Applebee, 12. Vic Redeye, 13. Jordan Eck, 14. Mike Moore, 15. Brian Crandall, 16. Douglas Eck, 17. Paul Nelson, 18. Dana Maybee, 19. Jack Warrior DNS, 20. Nick Mohawk DNS

Heat 1 (8 laps, 7 cars): 1. Michael Kosinski, 2. Ted Kosinski, 3. Jim Kibbe, 4. Steve Longo, 5. Tim Thorp, 6. Kendelle Kosinski, 7. Tommy Kosinski DNS
Heat 2 (8 laps, 7 cars): 1. Dan Nocero Jr., 2. Matt Kosinski, 3. Brian Larson, 4. Shane Horner, 5. Tom Kosinski, 6. Mike Genco, 7. Doug Birath
Feature (15 laps, 14 cars): 1. Matt Kosinski, 2. Dan Nocero Jr., 3. Jim Kibbe, 4. Michael Kosinski, 5. Ted Kosinski, 6. Tommy Kosinski, 7. Mike Genco, 8. Shane Horner, 9. Brian Larson, 10. Tim Thorp, 11. Doug Birath, 12. Kendelle Kosinski, 13. Tom Kosinski, 14. Steve Longo

Heat 1 (6 laps, 9 cars): 1. John Seekings, 2. Dylan Greene, 3. Dustin Lamb, 4. Jordan Melice, 5. Jasmine Markham, 6. Tommy LaBarbara, 7. Brandon Stover, 8. Brandon Hall, 9. Jazz Jackson
Heat 2 (6 laps, 9 cars): 1. William VanGuilder, 2. Roger Hall, 3. Kevin Covell, 4. Rory Houser, 5. Andy Proper, 6. Chris Horton, 7. Dakota Curry, 8. Benjamin Stover, 9. Preston Matve
Heat 3 (6 laps, 7 cars): 1. Gary Troyer, 2. Pete Volpe, 3. Brandon Huffman, 4. Chris Knisley, 5. Nick Reed, 6. Charles Morris, 7. Tom Mason, 8. Pat Oyer DNS
Feature (12 laps, 25 cars): 1. Gary Troyer, 2. William VanGuilder, 3. Andy Proper, 4. Rory Houser, 5. Dustin Lamb, 6. Kevin Covell, 7. Chris Kinsley, 8. John Seekings, 9. Jordan Melice, 10. Brandon Hall, 11. Tommy LaBarbara, 12. Dakota Curry, 13. Jasmine Markham, 14. Dylan Greene, 15. Brandon Stover, 16. Benjamin Stover, 17. Charles Morris, 18. Chris Horton, 19. Pete Volpe, 20. Brandon Huffman, 21. Jazz Jackson, 22. Preston Matve, 23. Nick Reed, 24. Tom Mason DNS, 25. Pat Oyer DNS