Collins Finds Victory Lane on Patriot Sprint Tour Night! '16 Champion Bossard Picks Up A W!

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August 8, 2017

BUSTI, N.Y. - Jared Zimbardi appeared to be on his way to a clean sweep of the two Patriot Sprints Tour 2017 season visits at Stateline Speedway.
Steve Collins had other plans.
Collins passed Zimbardi in lapped traffic and never looked back, claiming victory on the Busti, N.Y. one-third mile dirt oval on Saturday evening.
Four of Stateline Speedway's seven weekly series were on hand as support series for the Patriot Sprints on Saturday, including the Ed Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models, the Overhead Door Super Late Models, the Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mods and the Bailey's Towing and Recovery Super Challengers.
2016 Ed Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model champion Darrell Bossard won for the first time in 2017 competition while Max Blair extended his season-high win total with a seventh Overhead Door Super Late Model victory of the season. Michael McGee won for the second time in three tries in the Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mod feature and Andy Proper was the winner in the Bailey's Towing and Reovery Super Challengers feature.
Jordan Thomas was the early leader in the 25-lap Patriot Sprints Tour feature, leading Zimbardi and Collins on the start. Little by little, Zimbardi began closing the gap on Thomas' #79 grabbing the lead by the end of the fourth lap. An untimely yellow for a spin by Josh Azzi kept Zimbardi behind Thomas until the race restarted with 21 laps to go.
On the restart, it took Zimbardi just two laps to get around Thomas and take the top spot away. It appeared he wouldn't relinquish the first spot, but things went sour for the Bradford driver with 12 laps remaining. On that lap, Collins took advantage of Zimbardi's trouble with a lapped machine and the #67 bolted to the front of the field. Zimbardi gave chase over the next 12 laps, but Collins held on for the victory.
Collins and Zimbardi were followed in third by Thomas and Kyle Drum and Steven Hutchinson Jr. rounded out the top five. Jake Brown won the series' four-lap Dash event and Zimbardi and Hutchinson Jr. were victorious in the heat races.
In the Overhead Door Super Late Model feature, Jake Finnerty, Bump Hedman and Dutch Davies were three cars under a blanket for the opening two laps with Davies with moving to Finnerty's back bumper for the lead by the end of lap three. Max Blair stood lurking in fourth and Rick Tripodi was running a strong fifth early on. Davies went by Finnerty for the lead just before the races' first yellow on lap seven for a stalled Chuck Parker in turn two.
On the restart, Blair made his move passing Finnerty and Hedman and blowing by Davies for the lead in the span of just two laps. Blair maintained that advantage through a couple of quick cautions, including another spin by Parker and a five-car melee that included David Scott, Parker, Chris Hackett, Chad Valone and Doug Eck.
When things finally settled back in to green flag action, Blair did what he has done so often in 2017, pulling away to the easy Overhead Door Super Late Model feature win. John Lobb made a strong charge through the field in the second half of the race to take second with Davies settling for third ahead of Finnerty in fourth and Eck who rallied for fifth. The SLM win was Blair's fifth in the past seven features. Rich Gardner and Tripodi won heat races.
2016 Ed Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model champion Darrell Bossard entered Saturday night winless on the 2017 campaign. That would change before the night was over. Bossard jumped away from the pole and led ahead of an early battle for second between Wyatt Scott and Max Blair. Blair ultimately made the pass as both Kyle Zimmerman and Scott Gurdak made a charge toward Scott in third.
The feature's first caution flew on lap six for a spinning D.J. Krug, allowing Blair to close up on Bossard's bumper. Despite Blair closing the gap, it was Bossard who continued to pull away after the restart. In fact, Scott found a second wind in the races' second half, re-taking second away from Blair. Bossard would remain untouchable at the front for the final 10 laps of the race, winning ahead of Scott, Blair, Dennis Lunger and Gurdak. Lunger and Blair won their respective heat races.
John Boyd and Butch Southwell were side-by-side for the lead at the start of the Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mod feature race with Boyd leading the first lap. Behind him, Michael McGee made early gains taking second away from Boyd just seconds before Justin Carlson spun to bring out the first yellow while also trying to pass Southwell.
On the restart, Boyd was able to lead for two additional laps before McGee blasted by to the top spot. Behind McGee, David Scott rocketed to third and - after another restart - was able to finally get around Boyd for the runner-up spot. McGee pulled away until a Dave Lanphere spin with eight laps to go set up a showdown for the win between McGee and Scott.
Scott used the high side, but McGee was quicker on the bottom, easing away from the #68 for his second win in the last three Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mod feature events. Al Brewer made an impressive late race charge to get by Scott for second and Carlson also charged through to take third. Scott was fourth and Boyd narrowly held off both Troy Johnson and Southwell for fifth. Carlson and Scott were the heat winners.
Kevin Covell was the early pace setter for the Bailey's Towing and Recovery Super Challengers, surviving a number of early yellows before ultimately surrendering the lead to Andy Proper with nine laps to go. Behind Proper, Gary Troyer charged from 12th to second by the time the race hit the halfway mark.
The second half of the race belonged to Proper who pulled away from a fading Troyer and just before the rains came for his fourth win in 2017 and first first in nearly two months. William VanGuilder rallied to finish second with Pete Volpe, Skip Jackson and Troyer completing the top five. VanGuilder, Jackson and Troyer all won heat races.
Next Saturday, August 12, the 2017 season continues with Fan Appreciation Night at the track. Each fan will get a free hot dog and beverage on the night and a Super Sportsman special and back-to-school backpack giveaway will also be held on this special night.

Saturday, August 5, 2017
at Stateline Speedway

Heat 1 (8 laps, 7 cars): 1. Dennis Lunger, 2. Kyle Zimmerman, 3. Darrell Bossard, 4. Scott Gurdak, 5. Matthew Sipes, 6. D.J. Krug, 7. Bruce Hordusky Jr. DNS
Heat 2 (8 laps, 6 cars): 1. Max Blair, 2. Wyatt Scott, 3. Chad Schauers, 4. Nathan Earle, 5. Ryan Scott, 6. Paul Norman
Feature (20 laps, 13 cars): 1. Darrell Bossard, 2. Wyatt Scott, 3. Max Blair, 4. Dennis Lunger, 5. Scott Gurdak, 6. Kyle Zimmerman, 7. Nathan Earle, 8. Ryan Scott, 9. Bruce Hordusky Jr., 10. Chad Schauers, 11. Paul Norman, 12. Matthew Sipes, 13. D.J. Krug
Heat 1 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. Jared Zimbardi, 2. Mitch Brown, 3. Derek Jonathan, 4. Jordan Thomas, 5. Mike Koehler, 6. Dan Bennett, 7. Tyler Graves, 8. Derrick Bragman
Heat 2 (8 laps, 7 cars): 1. Steven Hutchinson Jr., 2. Kyle Drum, 3. Steve Collins, 4. Jake Brown, 5. Josh Azzi, 6. Dalton Herrick, 7. Eric Kurtz
Dash (4 laps, 6 cars): 1. Jake Brown, 2. Josh Azzi, 3. Dalton Herrick, 4. Dan Bennett, 5. Tyler Graves, 6. Eric Kurtz
Feature (25 laps, 15 cars): 1. Steve Collins, 2. Jared Zimbardi, 3. Jordan Thomas, 4. Kyle Drum, 5. Steven Hutchinson Jr., 6. Mitch Brown, 7. Jake Brown, 8. Mike Koehler, 9. Dalton Herrick, 10. Derek Jonathan, 11. Dan Bennett, 12. Josh Azzi, 13. Tyler Graves, 14. Derrick Bragman, 15. Eric Kurtz

Heat 1 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. Rich Gardner, 2. John Lobb, 3. Dutch Davies, 4. Max Blair, 5. Chris Hackett, 6. John Volpe, 7. Bob Dorman, 8. Chuck Parker
Heat 2 (8 laps, 7 cars): 1. Rick Tripodi, 2. John Lacki, 3. Jake Finnerty, 4. Bump Hedman, 5. Doug Eck,6. David Scott, 7. Chad Valone
Feature (25 laps, 15 cars): 1. Max Blair, 2. John Lobb, 3. Dutch Davies, 4. Jake Finnerty, 5. Doug Eck, 6. Rich Gardner, 7. David Scott, 8. Bob Dorman, 9. Bump Hedman, 10. John Lacki, 11. Chris Hackett, 12. Rick Tripodi, 13. Chad Valone, 14. Chuck Parker, 15. John Volpe

Heat 1 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. Justin Carlson, 2. Butch Southwell, 3. Greg Johnson, 4. Michael McGee, 5. Tim Rockwell, 6. Troy Johnson, 7. Dave Lanphere, 8. Bryon Johnson
Heat 2 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. David Scott, 2. John Boyd, 3. Al Brewer, 4. Tim Peterson, 5. Geoff Conn, 6. Ron Seeley, 7. Brian Stino, 8. Dominic DePonceau
Feature (20 laps, 16 cars): 1. Michael McGee, 2. Al Brewer, 3. Justin Carlson, 4. David Scott, 5. John Boyd, 6. Troy Johnson, 7. Butch Southwell, 8. Tim Rockwell, 9. Geoff Conn, 10. Ron Seeley, 11. Brian Stino, 12. David Lanphere, 13. Dominic DePonceau, 14. Bryon Johnson, 15. Greg Johnson, 16. Tim Peterson

Heat 1 (6 laps, 8 cars): 1. William VanGuilder, 2. Pete Volpe, 3. Andy Proper, 4. Nicole Condon, 5. Rory Houser, 6. Jordan Melice, 7. Brandon Stover, 8. Charles Morris
Heat 2 (6 laps, 8 cars): 1. Skip Jackson, 2. Chris Horton, 3. Dakota Curry, 4. Kevin Covell, 5. Nick Reed, 6. Tommy Labarbera, 7. Bob Leonard, 8. Jasmine Markham
Heat 3 (6 laps, 8 cars): 1. Gary Troyer, 2. Brandon Huffman, 3. Dylan Greene, 4. Chris Knisley, 5. Benjamin Stover, 6. John Seekings, 7. Zack Eller, 8. Garret Yeager DNS
Feature (12 laps, 24 cars): 1. Andy Proper, 2. William VanGuilder, 3. Pete Volpe, 4. Skip Jackson, 5. Gary Troyer, 6. Dylan Greene, 7. Brandon Huffman, 8. Chris Horton, 9. John Seekings, 10. Rory Houser, 11. Chris Knisley, 12. Jordan Melice, 13. Tommy Labarbera, 14. Nicole Condon, 15. Bob Leonard, 16. Dakota Curry, 17. Brandon Stover, 18. Charles Morris, 19. Nick Reed, 20. Benjamin Stover, 21. Jasmine Markham, 22. Kevin Covell, 23. Garret Yeager, 24. Zack Eller DNS