2019 Stateline Speedway Regular Season Driver Registration Now Open!

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January 4, 2019

Driver Registration is FREE, if you register prior to March 1, 2019!   For Any and All registrations received after March 1, 2019, there will be a $50 registration fee, so get those registration in early!   DON’T MISS THE FREE REGISTRATION. 

The two forms that need completed can be found on our website newstatelinespeedway.com.  

Look under Rules/Forms then scroll down to Forms to find the "2019 Driver Registration” and the W9 Form.

A W9 form must be filled out for every car/driver that races at Stateline Speedway.  If you are in multiple divisions a different form needs to be filled out for each car that is raced. 

Send your completed registrations and the first page of the W9 to:

Mail:  New Stateline, PO Box 25,  Garland, PA  16416

Email: newstateline19@gmail.com