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May 24, 2023  |  by Marc Hoegerl

Busti, NY (May 23, 2023)  by Marc Hoegerl: Stateline was blessed with their biggest crowd of the 2023 campaign. The capacity crowd would witness some of the richest names in Super Late Model racing, as the Case Construction World of Outlaws Late Models would take stage to do battle in the 40 Lap, $10,000 to win main event.

Mooresville, NC’s, Open Wheel Modified standout Nick Hoffman has proven time and time again, that he can wheel just about any type of race car that he gets behind the wheel of. Hoffman is nationally known for his talent behind the wheel of the familiar four barrel Open Wheel E-Mod class. Hoffman has been fast right out of the box since joining the well-known Tye Twarog Racing/NOS Energy Drink Race Team, in 2023. The team is no stranger for landing some of the most highly talented racers in the business, over the years, with great success.

Hoffman became another racer at Stateline in 2023 to put his name in the record books. Hoffman picked up his first ever Case Construction World of Outlaws Late Model feature win , as well as his first ever Stateline win, in his first ever appearance. Hoffman is also the first ever North Carolina based racer to ever win a Super Late Model event at Stateline. Pretty nice resume to add to all of Hoffman’s other career accomplishments.

Gordy Gundaker would jump out to the lead on the first 1st lap,  in the Case Construction World of Outlaws Late Models 40 lap main event. Hoffman would muscle his way around Gundaker on lap 2, and build nearly a straightaway lead most of the first half of the event, until the field would catch lapped traffic, right before the halfway mark. Local favorite, and national standout, Max Blair would close the gap to three car lengths, chasing down the leader until a caution would come out on lap 25, giving Hoffman that clean air once again, as the field would take the green. Oakwood, IL’s, Bobby Pierce would take advantage of the restart, to claim the third spot. Pierce would find momentum using the outside to start tracking down 2nd place runner Blair. With Hoffman cruising out front, the field would hit lapped traffic once again, but Hoffman would distance himself enough from the rest of the field to claim the $10,000 first place money. Blair would bring home a nice run for 2nd, Pierce would settle for 3rd, Gundaker was 4th and Hall of Famer Chub Frank would round out the top five.

Dan Davies would end his lengthy dry spell at Stateline, to go on to claim a convincing victory in the UMP Modified feature. Davies would go the entire distance untouched to pick up his first win in 2023. Troy Johnson, Zach Johnson, Dennis Lunger, and Dan Sasso would round out your top five.

Andy Schumaker would track down the previous week’s winner, Chris Horton, and finally get a run on lap 6, to go the rest of the way to pick up his 1st Challenger win of 2023, in a stellar performance. Horton who is one of Stateline’s all time winners in the class, would have to settle for 2nd. Nicholas Reed, Holden Heineman, and Domingo Echevarria rounded out the top 5.


Group A Top Qualifier: Bobby Pierce 16:675 (Overall Fastest)
Group B Top Qualifier: Max Blair 16:860

Heat 1: 1) Bobby Pierce 2) Tanner English 3) Todd Cooney 4) Dave Hess Jr. 5) Logan Martin 6) Greg Oakes 7) Breyton Santee 8- Wyatt Scott 9) Darrell Bossard 10) Mike Smith
Heat 2: 1) Gordy Gundaker 2) Chris Madden 3) Brent Larson 4) Ryan Gustin 5) Dennis Erb Jr. 6) Logan Zarin 7) Dan Stone 8- Kyle Bedell 9) Dutch Davies 10) Dustin Walker
Heat 3: 1) Max Blair 2) Chub Frank 3) Cade Dillard 4) Brandon Sheppard 5) Mike Knight 6) Steve Kania 7) Deshawn Gingerich 8- Ryan Scott 9) Nicholas Eck 10 DNS) Boom Briggs
Heat 4: 1) Nick Hoffman 2) Kyle Bronson 3) Brian Shirley 4) Shane Clanton 5) Johnny Scott 6) Andy Boozel

Last Chance Showdown 1: 1) Erb Jr. 2) Santee 3)  L. Martin 4) Oakes 5) Zarin 6) W. Scott 7) Smith 8- Walker 9) Davies 10) Stone 11) Bossard 12) Bedell DNS) P. Martin
Last Chance Showdown 2: 1) J. Scott  2) Kania 3) Knight 4) Boozel 5) R. Scott 6) Gingerich 7) Genco 8- Headman 9) D. Eck 10) N. Eck 11) Volpe DNS: Troutman, Briggs

40 Lap Feature: 1) Hoffman 2) Blair 3) Pierce 4) Gundaker 5) Frank 6) Madden 7) English 8- Bronson 9) Dillard 10) Hess Jr. 11) Shirley 12) Sheppard 13) Gustin 14) Clanton 15) Larson 16) Briggs 17) Cooney 18- L. Martin 19) Knight 20) Erb Jr. 21) J. Scott 22) Kania 23) Walker 24) Santee

Lap Leaders: Gundaker(1), Hoffman (2-40)

UMP MODIFIEDS (31 Entries)

Heat 1: 1) Zach Johnson 2) Joel Watson 3) Butch Southwell 4) Tim Peterson 5) Mason Lobb 6) Donald May Jr. 7) Matt Haskins 8- Bryon Johnson
Heat 2: 1) Troy Johnson 2) Dan Sasso 3) Dennis Lunger 4) Greg Johnson 5) Jason Brightman 6) Matt Kosinski 7) Andrew Beatman 8- Tom Kosinski
Heat 3: 1) Eric Reinwald 2) Troy Loomis 3) Jared Spalding 4) Brian Mohawk 5) Ryan Sanders 6) Dalton Bradley 7) Steve Rex
Heat 4: 1) Bud Watson 2) Dan Davies 3) Michael McGee 4) Mike Eschrich 5) Chad Ramsey 6(Deven Dudenhofer 7) Cal Crocker 8- David Scott

Consi Winner: Scott

Feature: 1) Davies 2) T. Johnson 3) Z. Johnson 4) Lunger 5) Sasso 6) McGee 7) Loomis 8- B. Watson 9) Peterson 10) J. Watson 11) Brightman 12) Ramsey 13) Kosinski 14) Mohawk 15) Beatman 16) Eschrich 17) Spalding 18- Scott 19) Lobb 20) Sanders 21) Rex 22) Reinwald 23) Southwell 24) G. Johnson

Lap Leaders: Davies(1-20)

CHALLENGERS (15 Entries)
Heat Race Winners: Holden Heineman, Andy Schumaker
Feature: 1) Schumaker 2) Horton 3) Reed 4) Heineman 5) Echevarria 6) Huffman 7) Butler 8- Harvey 9) Silvis Jr. 10) York 11) Pearson 12) Rendell DNS: Hanlon, Haskins

Lap Leaders: Horton (1-5), Schumaker (6-12)