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July 7, 2024  |  by Marc Hoegerl

Busti, NY (July 6, 2024)  by Marc Hoegerl:  A total of  l58 cars in seven divisions filled the pits at the historic New Stateline Speedway on a beautiful 4th of July weekend, after two consecutive weeks of inclement weather fans would be entertained with some of the best racing witnessed this season.


“The Wizard” Dave Hess Jr. would track down early race leader Michael Smith, and finally take the top spot on lap 13, cruising to a convincing win in Stateline’s Super Late Model a-main. This would be Hess’s 2nd win of 2024, as well as his 43rd career Super Late Model feature victory at Stateline. Crossing the line in 2nd would be Nicholas Eck, Douglas Eck would bring home 3rd, Jason Genco would finish 4th, as 16th place starter Brandon Debrakeleer would round out the top 5.


The RUSH Crate Late Model feature would be a dandy. Wellsville, NY’s Michael Wonderling in a rare Stateline vist would muscle his way around race leader Jason Genco on lap14, and lead the remaining 6 laps to pick up his first Stateline Speedway RUSH Crate Late Model feature win of the season, as well as his first ever win at Stateline in the class. Jason Genco would settle for 2nd, Rexville’s Austin Allen was 3rd, two time winner at Stateline in 24’ Randy Hall was 4th, and June 15th winner David Parker rounded out the top 5.


UMP Modified veteran wheelman Greg Johnson would inherit the lead on lap 7, after an incident involving race leaders Zach Johnson, and Dave Hess Jr., as Johnson would go on to win the caution filled event that was timed-out on lap 14 of the 20 lapper. This would be Johnson second UMP Modified win of the 2024 campaign at Stateline, as well his 21st career feature triumph in the division at the Northwestern New York based oval. “The Albion Assassin” Dennis Lunger would take home the bridesmaid spot, Wyatt Scott with a podium finish, finishing 3rd, Troy Johnson was 4th, as June 22nd feature winner Cale Crocker would complete the top 5.


Bradford PA’s Zain Harvey has shown he’s the man to beat in Stateline’s RUSH Pro Mods this season. Harvey would win a door to door battle with early race leader, and June 8th winner Josh Wilcox. Harvey would snatch the lead from Wilcox on lap 14, cruising the remaining 6 laps for his 4th Stateline Speedway RUSH Pro Mod feature win of 2024, and 4 out of the last 5. Josh Wilcox, Al Brewer, Tim Peterson, and Vaughn Nystrom would complete your top 5.


In the Pro Stock extravaganza 2023 point titlist Shane Applebee would take the point at the drop of chief flagman Spanky Hall’s green. Applebee would hold down the lead for the first 2 circuits, until May 25th winner Tanner Ramsey would shoot by Applebee on lap 3, never looking back in the 15 lap main, for his second Stateline Pro Stock win of the season. Multi-champ John Boardman was 2nd, Applebee would settle for 3rd, Oil City, PA’s Joe Stajnrajh was 4th, and 2012 points champion Chris Withers was 5th.


Jamestown’s John Mease is no doubt one of the top Challenger wheelmen in New York’s Southern Tier. Mease would prove that by a convincing win in Stateline Speedway’s Challenger main event. The 2023 points champ would finally break through leading wire to wire in the 12 lapper, for win #1 of 2024. Two time feature winner on the season Pete Volpe was 2nd, veteran Holden Heineman was 3rd, June 15th winner Dan Bittinger was 4th, and Cassadaga’s Domingo Echevarria was 5th.

Jesse Isadore and Terry Mealy would put on a clinic in the Sharp Mini Late Models. Mealy would lead at the drop of the green, until Isadore would take over on lap 2. Isadore would shut the door on Mealy, until Mealy would find the ample room needed to take the lead away from Isadore on lap 9, and then holding down the fort for the remaining 6 laps to pick up his first Stateline Speedway Sharp Mini Late Model win of the season. Isiadore would have to settle for 2nd, Rick Isadore would come home 3rd, as former winner Rob Eaton, and Morgan Curry would complete the top 5.

RUSH PRO MODS (16 Entries)

Heat Race Winners: Josh Canfield, Zain Harvey

Feature: 1) Zain Harvey 2) Josh Wilcox 3) Al Brewer 4) Tim Peterson 5) Vaughn Nystrom 6) Cody Rickard 7) Bill Silvis 8. Josh Canfield 9) Gregory Marsh 10) Devin Bliley 11) Tyler Oakes 12) Nick Arnold 13) Kirk Mohawk 14) Ryan Sanders 15) Caleb Heitzenrater 16) Kevin Doud

Lap Leaders:Wilcox (1-13) , Harvey (14-20)


Heat Race Winners: Rob Eaton, Jesse Isadore

Feature: 1) Terry Mealy 2) Jesse Isadore 3) Rick Isadore 4) Rob Eaton 5) Morgan Curry 6) Valentin Learn 7) Dale Hanes III 8. Kyle Coons 9) Leland Ayers 10) Oakley Terrill 11) Cam Sherwood 12) Ryan Card

Lap Leaders: Mealy (1) , J. Isadore (2-8. , Mealy (9-15)


Heat Race Winners: Austin Allen, Jake Wilber, Ashton Briggs, David Parker

Feature: 1) Mike Wonderling 2) Jason Genco 3) Austin Allen 4) Randy Hall 5) David Parker 6) Ashton Briggs 7) Robert Rohrer 8. Scott Gurdak 9) Ward Schell 10) Jimmy Johnson 11) Chad Clement 12) DJ King 13) Will Pinckney 14) Rick Karash 15) Rob Middleton 16) Steve Houser 17) Jake Wilber 18. John Haggerty 19) Steve Blodgett 20) Mason Jaquay 21) Drake McCray 22) Shawn Little 23) Kassy Norman 24) Charles Houser 25) Ray Houser 26) Clayton Tarabori

Lap Leaders: Genco (1-13) , M. Wonderling (14-20)

PRO STOCKS (27 Entries)

Heat Race Winners: John Boardman, Shane Applebee, John Stajnrajh, Jason Black

Feature: 1) Tanner Ramsey 2) John Boardman 3) Shane Applebee 4) Joe Stajnrajh 5) Chris Withers 6) Andrew Hammond 7) Brent Marotto 8. Pat Fielding 9) Ed Merwick 10) Gary Fisher Jr. 11) Bill Applebee 12) John H. Cline 13) Russell Coyne 14) Ed Waters 15) John Cline 16) Justin Pratt 17) Ron Boardman 18. Gary Fisher 19) David Tower 20) Donald Blood 21) Brian Mohawk 22) David Baker Jr. 23) Dustin Gibson 24) Lane Reinwald 25) Matt Sampson 26) Jason Black 27) Nick Robie

Lap Leaders: S. Applebee (1, 2) , T. Ramsey (3-15)


Heat Race Winners: Jason Genco, Darrell Bossard, Dave Hess Jr.

Feature: 1) Dave Hess Jr. 2) Nicholas Eck 3) Douglas Eck 4) Jason Genco 5) Greg Oakes 6) Drake Debrakeleer 7) Michael Smith 8. Kevin Smith 9) Bob Dorman 10) Kyle Bedell 11) Garrett Mott 12) Paul Schreckengost 13) Wendell Pinckney 14) Darrell Bossard 15) Wes McCray 16) Sott Dellahoy Jr. 17) Jason Dobson 18. Ryan Scott 19) Doug Eck 20) Anthony Marotto 21) Bump Headman

Lap Leaders: M. Smith (1-12) , Hess Jr. (13-25)

UMP MODIFIEDS (26 Entries)

Heat Race Winners:CJ Ramsey, Dave Hess Jr., Tim Rockwell, Andrew Beatman

Feature: 1) Greg Johnson 2) Dennis Lunger 3) Wyatt Scott 4) Troy Johnson 5) Cale Crocker 6) CJ Ramsey 7) Kyle Schreckengost 8. Tim Peterson 9) Andrew Beatman 10) Zach Johnson 11) Jason Brightman 12) Matt Kosinski 13) Thomas Root 14) Dave Lanphere 15) Chris Deponceau 16) Tom Kosinski 17) Jimmy Diabo 18. Dave Hess Jr., 19) Troy Loomis 20) Jay Irwin 21) Matt Haskins 22) Dennis Asel 23) Donald May 24) Tim Rockwell 25) Butch Southwell 26) Michael McGee

Lap Leaders: Z. Johnson (1-7) , G. (8-14)

CHALLENGERS (31 Entries)

Heat Race Winners: Todd Hanlon, John Mease, Shane Olmstead, Holden Heineman

Consi Winner: Noah Zimmerman

Feature: 1) John Mease 2) Pete Volpe 3) Holden Heineman 4) Dan Bittinger 5) Domingo Echevarria 6) Rick Feely 7) Anna Diabo 8. Rachel Butler 9) Noah Zimmerman 10) Billi Jo Huffman 11) Natalya Powell 12) Tyler Pearson 13) James Wilburn 14) Jonathan Cooper 15) Vince Norton 16) Kayla York 17) Todd Hanlon 18. Hailey Moore 19) Tommy Labarbera 20) Shane Olmstead 21) Andy Proper 22) David Moller 23) Chelsea Haskins 24) Bryant Gauggel

Lap Leaders: Mease (1-12)