It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish! M. Blair, D. Shagla, and D. Scott pick up right where they left off!

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April 15, 2017

It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish!
Max Blair, David Shagla, and David Scott win the make-up features!

By: Allen Seybert



(Busti, NY) Max Blair fell back as far as 10th prior to the first yellow before charging to the front to win the 48-lap, $5,000-to-win Super Late Model main event feature during Friday's conclusion of the Stateline Shootout sponsored by Dave Warren Dodge, at Stateline Speedway. Blair later added a second win in the RUSH Crate Late Model feature, David Shagla was a two-time feature winner in the Street Stock division, Doug Eck was victorious in the second Super Late Model event, David Scott won the $1,400-to-win Outlaw E-Mod clash and Mike Kinney won a thrilling second E-Mod feature to round out the nights action.


In the big $5,000-to-win Super Late Model event, it was Dave Hess Jr. and David Scott leading the field to the green flag. The pair traded the lead several times in the opening laps with Scott ultimatly puling ahead. Scott would lead until lap 30 when Hess made his way around the #3 machine. Hess' run at the point would be short lived. Blair made quick work of Scott and executed an outside lane pass on Hess, exiting turn two with 14 laps to go, putting his #111 machine in the top spot. With open track in front of him, Blair ran some of the quickest laps of the night, extending his advantage with each trip around the one-third mile oval. When the dust settled, Blair was a five-second winner over Hess and Scott. Robbie Blair was fourth and Bump Hedman fifth with Doug Eck, Greg Oakes, Darrell Bossard, Chris Hackett and Matt Lux rounding out the top 10.


The Super Late Models weren't the only series to run make-up features on Friday as the Outlaw E-Mods took to the track for a 30-lap, $1,400-to-win event and the Street Stocks a 20-lap, $600 to win affair.


In the E-Mod event, David Scott and Joel Watson occupied the front row with Watson leading the early laps of the race. Scott worked his way to the lead on lap 3 and began pulling away before a three-car accident involving Mike Kinney, Troy Johnson and Gary Eicher slowed the pace. Scott was able to again clear the field after the restart, but Watson wouldn't be far behind the rest of the way. Over the final three laps, Watson would chip away at Scott's lead ultimately looking inside the #68 in turn two and again in turn four on the final lap, but Scott wouldn't be denied as he earned the win. John Boyd held off Michael McGee in a closely contested battle for third with Dan Davies working his way into a fifth-place finish. Greg Johnson, Butch Southwell, Brent Rhebergen, Vic Vena and Troy Johnson completed the top ten.


The first Street Stock feature in 2017 ended much like those in 2016 - with David Shagla up front. Shagla led the event from the drop of the green flag and was lapping cars by the races' midway mark. Bill Reeves was able to weave through the traffic to work his way to second ahead of Bill Applebee (third), Chris Couchenour (fourth) and Brian Crandall (fifth), but all of this way over eight seconds behind Shagla's winning machine.


In addition to the make-up features, the Super Late Models, Outlaw E-Mods, Street Stocks and RUSH Crate Late Models in attendance treated the fans to a complete show with each series running three additional heats and a feature.


In the RUSH Crate Late model feature, Max Blair doubled down with his second feature win of the evening. It didn't come easy, however. Chad Wright was the early leader of the event and had built a comfortable lead until Matthew Sipes' spin on lap four. The caution bunched the field back up and it was the opportunity that Blair needed.
Blair rushed past Kyle Zimmerman on the restart and cleared Wright for the lead just three laps later to put himself in the cat birds seat. Behind Blair, Dennis Lunger made serious strides through the field, climbing to second and getting to Blair's bumper with four laps to go. The two made contact coming out of turn four with three to go, but Blair was able to survive the threat and go on to win. Lunger was soon challenged once more by Wright for the second spot with Wright claiming the position at the finish by a mere 19 one-thousandths of a second. Wyatt Scott was fourth followed by Jason Genco, Ryan Scott, Zimmerman, T.J. Downs, Chris Withers and R.J. Pistner. Heat races winners were Wright, Paul Norman and Blair.  
Doug Eck made his way to Victory Lane in a hotly contested Super Late model feature. Eck started second, but took the lead in the first set of turns and never relinquished it. Behind Eck, an intense three-way battle for second was eventually won by Hess Jr.. Max Blair was third, Greg Oakes finished fourth and Robbie Blair rounded out the top five. Other top ten finishers were Bossard, Scott, Dutch Davies, Damian Bidwell and Rhebergen. Scott, Max Blair and Robbie Blair all won heat races.
The second Street Stock feature ended much like the first as Shagla continued his dominance of the division. His rise to the top spot was quickly helped by a three-way battle for the lead on lap 1 between Mike Moon, Marlon Fields and Guy Adams that ended in a three-car wreck on the front stretch.
Shagla rose to the top spot by lap two and held off second-place Pat Fielding for the victory. The race was completed six laps short of the scheduled distance because of several yellows and a 25-minute time limit. Jason Black drove home a strong third followed by Tyler Dynys and Anthony Marotto. Fielding, Moon and Fields all won heat races during Friday's action.


The last race of the night - a 20-lap Outlaw E-Mod feature - may have been the race of the night. Al Brewer was the early leader and he held off Butch Southwell for the opening seven laps as David Scott lay lurking in third. Moments later, Scott spun to bring out the yellow and the race would change on the ensuing restart.
Mike Kinney rocketed to the lead one lap after the green was once again waved and he would lead the remainder of the event. Joel Watson moved to second with six laps remaining and stalked Kinney for much of the races final moments. Watson was able to get to Kinney's outside several times, including out of turn four on the final lap and the two cars battled side-by-side to the finish line with Kinney nipping Watson by just 11 one-thousandths of a second. Southwell, Brewer and Troy Johnson completed the top five. Outlaw E-Mod heat race winners included Greg Johnson, John Woodward Jr. and Watson.


Race-by-race results for Friday's Stateline Shootout at Stateline Speedway:  


  Make-up feature (18 cars, 48 laps): 1. Max Blair, 2. Dave Hess Jr., 3. David Scott, 4. Robbie Blair, 5. Bump Hedman, 6. Doug Eck, 7. Greg Oakes, 8. Darrell Bossard, 9. Chris Hackett, 10. Matt Lux, 11. Brent Rhebergen, 12. Rich Gardner, 13. Rick Tripoli, 14. Joe Layfield, 15. John Lacki, 16. Chad Valone, 17. Jason Dobson, 18. Mike Mort
Heat 1 (8 cars, 8 laps): 1. David Scott, 2. Matt Lux, 3. John Lacki, 4. Brent Rhebergen, 5. Chris Hackett, 6. Joe Layfield, 7. Rick Tripoli, 8. Mike Mort
Heat 2 (6 cars, 8 laps): 1. Max Blair, 2. Dutch Davies, 3. Dave Hess Jr., 4. Darrell Bossard, 5. Bob Dorman, 6. Devin Lewis
Heat 3 (7 cars, 8 laps): 1. Robbie Blair, 2. Doug Eck, 3. Greg Oakes, 4. Bump Hedman, 5. Chad Valone, 6. Damian Bidwell, 7. Rich Gardner
Feature 2 (21 cars, 25 laps): 1. Doug Eck, 2. Dave Hess Jr., 3. Max Blair, 4. Greg Oakes, 5. Robbie Blair, 6. Darrell Bossard, 7. David Scott, 8. Dutch Davies, 9. Damian Bidwell, 10. Brent Rhebergen, 11. Bob Dorman, 12. Chad Valone, 13. Bump Hedman, 14. Rich Gardner, 15. Chris Hackett, 16. Rick Tripoli, 17. Matt Lux, 18. Joe Layfield, 19. John Lacki, 20. Devin Lewis, 21. Mike Mort


OUTLAW E-MODS (21 cars)
Make-up feature (21 cars, 30 laps): 1. David Scott, 2. Joel Watson, 3. John Boyd, 4. Michael McGee, 5. Dan Davies, 6. Greg Johnson, 7. Butch Southwell, 8. Brent Rhebergern, 9. Vic Vena, 10. Troy Johnson, 11. Ron Seeley, 12. Gary Eicher, 13. John Woodward Jr., 14. Steve Rex, 15. Justin Carlson, 16. Chuck Frye, 17. Dan Sasso, 18. Matt Lux, 19. Billy Henry, 20. Al Brewer, 21. Mike Kinney
Heat 1 (6 cars, 8 laps): 1. Greg Johnson, 2. Troy Johnson, 3. Mike Kinney, 4. John Boyd, 5. Matt Lux, 6. Steve Rex
Heat 2 (6 cars, 8 laps): 1. John Woodward Jr., 2. Gary Eicher, 3. Butch Southwell, 4. Brent Rhebergen, 5. Vic Vena, 6. Billy Henry
Heat 3 (6 cars, 8 laps): 1. Joel Watson, 2. Ron Seeley, 3. Al Brewer, 4. David Scott, 5. Dan Davies, 6. Justin Carlson
Feature 2 (18 cars, 20 laps): 1. Mike Kinney, 2. Joel Watson, 3. Butch Southwell, 4. Al Brewer, 5. Troy Johnson, 6. Gary Eicher, 7. Greg Johnson, 8. Ron Seeley, 9. Brent Rhebergen, 10. David Scott, 11. Vic Vena, 12. Justin Carlson, 13. Michael McGee, 14. Steve Rex, 15. John Boyd, 16. Dan Davies, 17. John Woodward Jr., 18. Matt Lux


Make-up feature (10 cars, 20 laps): 1. David Shagla, 2. Bill Reeves, 3. Bill Applebee, 4. Chris Couchenour, 5. Brian Crandall, 6. Guy Adams, 7. Tyler Dynys, 8. Jason Black, 9. Anthony Marotto, 10. Paul Nelson
Heat 1 (7 cars, 8 laps): 1. Pat Fielding, 2. Anthony Marotto, 3. Guy Adams, 4. Jason Black, 5. Tyler Dynys, 6. Brian Crandall, 7. Joe Staj
Heat 2 (5 cars, 8 laps): 1. Marlon Fields, 2. Gary Fisher, 3. Paul Nelson, 4. Eric Hastings, 5. Tim Steis
Heat 3 (6 cars, 8 laps): 1. Mike Moon, 2. David Shagla, 3. Bill Reeves, 4. Victor Earle, 5. Brad Church, 6. Bill Applebee
Feature 2 (15 cars, 14 laps): 1. David Shagla, 2. Pat Fielding, 3. Jason Black, 4. Tyler Dynys, 5. Anthony Marotto, 6. Bill Reeves, 7. Paul Nelson, 8. Victor Earle, 9. Guy Adams, 10. Tim Steis, 11. Mike Moon, 12. Brian Crandall, 13. Gary Fisher, 14. Eric Hastings, 15. Marlon Fields


Heat 1 (6 cars, 8 laps): 1. Chad Wright, 2. Wyatt Scott, 3. R.J. Pistner, 4. Greg Beach, 5. Robert Mitchum, 6. Brady Raynor
Heat 2 (6 cars, 8 laps): 1. Paul Norman, 2. Chad Schauers, 3. Kyle Zimmerman, 4. Kyle Murray, 5. Matthew Sipes, 6. Jason Genco
Heat 3 (5 cars, 8 laps): 1. Max Blair, 2. Dennis Lunger, 3. T.J. Downs, 4. Ryan Scott, 5. Chris Withers
Feature (17 cars, 20 laps): 1. Max Blair, 2. Chad Wright, 3. Dennis Lunger, 4. Wyatt Scott, 5. Jason Genco, 6. Ryan Scott, 7. Kyle Zimmerman, 8. T.J. Downs, 9. Chris Withers, 10. R.J. Pistner, 11. Kyle Murray, 12. Greg Beach, 13. Brady Raynor, 14. Paul Norman, 15. Chad Schauers, 16. Robert Mitchum, 17. Matthew Sipes