Max Blair Celebrates Father's Day In His Father's Car! Lunger Stays A Perfect Six For Six!

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June 18, 2017  |  by Allen Seybert

BUSTI, N.Y. - On Father's Day weekend, Max Blair took over the reigns of his father Robbie's #Won11 car and parked it in a place he knows oh so well.

Victory Lane.

Blair got the early jump and never looked back, winning the Overhead Door Super Late Model feature victory, Saturday, at Busti, N.Y.'s Stateline Speedway.

In other action, Dave Lyon was victorious in Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model event, Joel Watson took the checkered flag in the Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mods race and Dennis Lunger improved to 6-0 in the Rusted Nutz RUSH Pro-Mod series this season. John Boardman won his second Wellington Log Homes Street Stock feature of the season, Andy Proper was victorious in the Bailey's Towing and Recovery Super Challenger series and Matt Kosinski won his first Super Sportsmen feature of the 2017 season.

Mike Wonderling and Blair led the field to the green for the Super Lates feature. Action was slowed after just one lap for an incident between Dutch Davies and Darrell Bossard, but that one lap was enough for Blair to grab an early lead. When the field went back to green with 24 laps to go, David Scott improved his track position to second and the Garland veteran set his sights on Blair's green machine.

Scott was unable to make much headway on the leader and actually found himself on the defensive soon as Doug Eck closed in and challenged for the runner-up spot. All the while, Blair was pacing the field over a half-second faster than his closest competitors. All that added up to Blair's third Super Late feature victory of the season. This one came just six days after a violent end over end tumble at Eriez Speedway that heavily damaged his familiar #111 machine.

Scott was able to hold off Eck for second followed by John Volpe in fourth and Jake Finnerty who held off Darrell Bossard in a tight battle for fifth. The top six finishers were the only lead lap finishers in the contest. Eck and Volpe won the heat races.

Jason Genco was the early leader in the Crate Late Model feature showdown as he made the high line stick on lap one to take the lead away from pole sitter Jamie Brown. Brown settled into second, but soon wiggled out of turn two allowing Dennis Lunger to pounce and take second away. Lunger wanted to chase down Genco, but soon found himself under attack from Scott Gurdak for third and fourth-place Bossard was closing as well. Gurdak soon cleared Lunger for second, but only seconds later, Lunger went back around Gurdak for second.

The complexion of the race changed on a lap 9 caution that erased Genco's lead and closed the field up. On the ensuing restart, Genco, Dave Lyon and Lunger were all under a blanket battling for the top spot. Lyon went ahead by a nose with eight to go and cleared Genco for good a lap later. Lyon tried to check out, but the Frewsburg, N.Y. driver would have nothing of it as Genco stayed close in the closing laps.

When the dust settled, however, it was Lyon standing in Victory Lane for the second time in three weeks. Genco wound up second followed by Lunger, Gurdak and Bossard. Lunger and Gurdak were victorious in the heats.

John Woodward Jr. was the early leader in the Outlaw E-Mods event, but he wasn't the only fast horse on the track as Michael McGee and Joel Watson soon joined Woodward at the front. Coming around to complete lap four, Watson made a strong move to Woodward's inside to cement himself as the second leader of the event. That lead lasted just three laps as McGee soon moved past Watson for the front position. Behind the battle for the lead, Woodward, Ron Seeley and Seeley's nephew Steve Rex were lurking in the top five.

McGee held off Watson's advances for several laps, but ultimately the #92 driver wouldn't be denied. After several close attempts, Watson passed McGee for the final time with eight laps to go. McGee didn't fall far off Watson's back bumper, but it was Watson who reached the finish first. McGee was second followed by Woodward, David Scott and Seeley. McGee, Tim Rockwell and Watson were the heat race winners.

Lunger had to start at the rear as the previous weeks - and all other weeks - winner in the Pro-Mods event, but it didn't take long for the veteran to charge into the fight for the win. Ryan Scott was the early leader with Scott Gurdak close behind, but all eyes were on Lunger as he moved from 13th to seventh in just one lap and all the way to second with just six laps on the board. On lap seven, Lunger made a move on Scott for the lead, but the #0 driver was saved by a spinning Kevin Ruhlman.

After the restart though, Lunger went back on the attack and he took the lead for good with 12 laps remaining. While Lunger began to check out, there was plenty of strong action behind him with Gurdak and Scott battling hard for second and Chad Carlson, Jason Covey and Matt Harvey involved in a three-way battle for fourth. Lunger went on to win for the sixth time in six tries this season with Carlson nipping Scott for second, Gurdak fourth and Covey rounding out the top five. Carlson and Lunger were the heat winners.

With the winner of the last three Street Stocks features - Brandon Groters - not in the field this week, there was room for a new winner on Saturday. David Shagla Jr. appeared poised to be that winner, leading early in his bid to end a rare four-race losing streak. He easily led lap one, but it wasn't long before John Boardman and Anthony Marotto began hounding him for the top spot. Marotto actually went to the lead on lap seven just before the yellow waved for smoke and flame from David Warrior's machine.

Shortly after the restart, Marotto got out of control dropping all the way to fifth as Shagla bolted back out in front. His time at the front was again short lived as Boardman's #777 retook the lead moments later. Boardman drove on to his second win of the year with Shagla finishing second, Marotto rallying for third and Victor Earle Jr. and Brad Church finishing fourth and fifth respectively. Shagla and Gary Fisher were winners in heat race competition.

Roger Hall, Mike Riche Jr. and Andy Proper finished lap one of the 12-lap Super Challengers feature three-wide for the lead. The caution soon waved and Hall was declared the leader for the restart. On lap two, Proper rocketed to the point and went to work on making a cushion that would be hard to overcome. John Zeleznick - winner of the last two features - started at the rear, but soon clawed his way into the fray, going past Riche for second with five laps to go.

Zeleznick had just five laps to make up over four seconds, but he got the help he needed when a caution flew with two to go, erasing Proper's big lead and setting up a two-lap shootout for the win. Proper, Zeleznick and a hard-charging Gary Troyer all battled for first after the restart, but it was Proper's #17 that was able to break free and drive away to the win. Zeleznick was second with Troyer, Riche and Covell completing the top five. The top three finishers in the feature were also the three heat winners.

Jeffrey Maynard and Tom Kosinski were on the front row for the Super Sportsmen who competed in a feature-only program this weekend. Maynard led early with Matt Kosinski quickly jumping up from the second row to challenge for the lead. Matt Kosinski grabbed the lead by the end of lap two, but last week's feature winner Ted Kosinski was closing fast early on.

Three-time 2017 winner Jim Kibbe started shotgun on the field and moved as high as fifth prior to the first yellow. After the restart, Matt Kosinski continued to lead, but Kibbe was on the move, gaining third with a pass of Dan Nocero Jr. Kibbe set his sights on the bumper of second-place Ted Kosinski, but would get no closer. Ted Kosinski himself also would get no closer to the driver he was chasing as Matt Kosinski drove to his first feature win of 2017. Ted Kosinski was second followed by Kibbe, Nocero Jr. and Dan Oaks.

The 2017 season continues next Saturday evening with Open Wheel Mania at the track. The Patriots Sprints Tour, BRP Big Block Modifieds, Thunder on Dirt Vintage Racing Series, the Outlaw E-Mods, Pro Mods, and Super Sportsman will all be in action. The Super Lates. Crate Lates, Street Stocks, and Super Challengers will return to the track on July 1.


Saturday, June 17, 2017
Father's Day Weekend
at Stateline Speedway- Busti, N.Y.



Heat 1 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. Doug Eck, 2. Darrell Bossard, 3. Jake Finnerty, 4. Mike Wonderling, 5. Chris Hackett, 6. Dutch Davies, 7. Rick Tripodi, 8. Chuck Parker

Heat 2 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. John Volpe, 2. Max Blair, 3. David Scott, 4. Damian Bidwell, 5. John Lobb, 6. Bump Hedman, 7. Rich Gardner, 8. Dave DuBois

Feature (25 laps, 16 cars): 1. Max Blair, 2. David Scott, 3. Doug Eck, 4. John Volpe, 5. Jake Finnerty, 6. Darrell Bossard, 7. Mike Wonderling, 8. John Lobb, 9. Bump Hedman, 10. Rich Gardner, 11. Chris Hackett, 12. Damian Bidwell, 13. Rick Tripoli, 14. David DuBois, 15. Chuck Parker, 16. Dutch Davies



Heat 1 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. Dennis Lunger, 2. Darrell Bossard, 3. Jason Genco, 4. Wyatt Scott, 5. Kyle Zimmerman, 6. Nathan Earle, 7. Matt Sipes, 8. Kyle Murray

Heat 2 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. Scott Gurdak, 2. Jamie Brown, 3. Max Blair, 4. Dave Lyon, 5. Jeff Hoffman, 6. Chad Clement, 7. Chad Schauers, 8. Paul Norman

Feature (20 laps, 16 cars): 1. Dave Lyon, 2. Jason Genco, 3. Dennis Lunger, 4. Scott Gurdak, 5. Darrell Bossard, 6. Max Blair, 7. Jamie Brown, 8. Wyatt Scott, 9. Jeff Hoffman, 10. Kyle Zimmerman, 11. Nathan Earle, 12. Chad Schauers, 13. Paul Norman, 14. Kyle Murray, 15. Matthew Sipes, 16. Chad Clement



Heat 1 (8 laps, 7 cars): 1. Michael McGee, 2. John Woodward Jr., 3. Butch Southwell, 4. Mike Kinney, 5. Al Brewer, 6. Justin Carlson, 7. Scott Dellahoy

Heat 2 (8 laps, 6 cars): 1. Tim Rockwell, 2. Cale Crocker, 3. Ron Seeley, 4. Josh Ferry, 5. Greg Johnson, 6. Kirk Bradley DNS

Heat 3 (8 laps, 6 cars): 1. Joel Watson, 2. David Scott, 3. Steve Rex, 4. Byron Johnson, 5. Dave Lanphere, 6. Matt Lux DNS

Feature (20 laps, 19 cars): 1. Joel Watson, 2. Michael McGee, 3. John Woodward Jr., 4. David Scott, 5. Ron Seeley, 6. Al Brewer, 7. Justin Carlson, 8. Kirk Bradley, 9. Josh Ferry, 10. Mike Kinney, 11. Steve Rex, 12. Matt Lux, 13. Tim Rockwell, 14. Cale Crocker, 15. Butch Southwell, 16. Greg Johnson, 17. Scott Dellahoy, 18. Bryon Johnson, 19. Dave Lanphere DNS



Heat 1 (8 laps, 7 cars): 1. Chad Carlson, 2. Ryan Scott, 3. Scott Gurdak, 4. Zach Johnson, 5. Dennis Asel, 6. Jarod Silvis, 7. Brian Mohawk

Heat 2 (8 laps, 6 cars): 1. Dennis Lunger, 2. Jason Covey, 3. Matt Harvey, 4. Dennis Hagg Jr., 5. Nate Hartzell, 6. Kevin Ruhlman

Feature (20 laps, 13 cars): 1. Dennis Lunger, 2. Chad Carlson, 3. Ryan Scott, 4. Scott Gurdak, 5. Jason Covey, 6. Matt Harvey, 7. Nate Hartzell, 8. Dennis Hagg Jr., 9. Zach Johnson, 10. Brian Mohawk, 11. Dennis Asel, 12. Jarod Silvis, 13. Kevin Ruhlman



Heat 1 (8 laps, 9 cars): 1. David Shagla Jr., 2. Brad Church, 3. John Boardman, 4. Chris Couchenour, 5. Brian Crandall, 6. Steve Keith, 7. Vic Reduie, 8. Bill Best, 9. David Warrior

Heat 2 (8 laps, 8 cars): 1. Gary Fisher, 2. Scott Dellahoy, 3. Anthony Marotto, 4. Paul Nelson, 5. Victor Earle, 6. Scott Freer, 7. David Schauers, 8. Tyler Dynys

Feature 1 (20 laps, 17 cars): 1. John Boardman, 2. David Shagla, 3. Anthony Marotto, 4. Victor Earle Jr., 5. Brad Church, 6. Paul Nelson, 7. Scott Dellahoy, 8. Tyler Dynys, 9. Bill Best, 10. David Schauers, 11. Scott Freer, 12. Chris Couchenour, 13. Vic Reduie, 14. Gary Fisher, 15. Brian Crandall, 16. Steve Keith, 17. David Warrior



Feature (15 laps, 11 cars): 1. Matt Kosinski, 2. Ted Kosinski, 3. Jim Kibbe, 4. Dan Nocero Jr., 5. Dan Oaks, 6. Tommy Kosinski, 7. Tim Thorp, 8. Tom Kosinski, 9. Steve Longo, 10. Mike Genco, 11. Jeffrey Maynard



Heat 1 (6 laps, 7 cars): 1. John Zeleznick, 2. Greg Rockwell, 3. Brandon Hall, 4. Rory Houser, 5. Dakota Curry, 6. Garret Yeager, 7. Dylan Greene, 8. Josh Crull DNS

Heat 2 (6 laps, 8 cars): 1. Gary Troyer, 2. Kevin Covell, 3. Mike Riche Jr., 4. Bob Leonard, 5. Pat Oyer, 6. Benjamin Stover, 7. Tommy LaBarbara, 8. Jazz Jackson

Heat 3 (6 laps, 8 cars): 1. Andy Proper, 2. Roger Hall, 3. John Seekings, 4. Chris Knisley, 5. Jordan Melice, 6. John Angeletti, 7. Benjamin Swarthout, 8. Chris Horton

Feature (12 laps, 23 cars): 1. Andy Proper, 2. John Zeleznick, 3. Gary Troyer, 4. Michael Riche Jr., 5. Kevin Covell, 6. Chris Knisley, 7. Rory Hauser, 8. Chris Horton, 9. Bob Leonard, 10. Greg Rockwell, 11. Jordan Melice, 12. Benjamin Stover, 13. John Angeletti, 14. Dakota Curry, 15. Jazz Jackson, 16. John Seekings, 17. Garret Yeager, 18. Benjamin Swarthout, 19. Roger Hall, 20. Pat Oyer, 21. Brandon Hall, 22. Tommy LaBarbara, 23. Dylan Greene, 24. Josh Crull DNS