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Exciting night finds Blair, Kosinski, Rudolph in victory lane

September 9, 2017  |  by Jamie McMillen

After two soggy days where Mother Nature didn’t cooperate; the fans at Stateline Speedway got to witness some great, action packed racing on night one, September 9th, of the second annual Stateline Shootout. With the BRP Touring Modified Series in town and a full slate of Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Model racing, it was sure to be a great night in Busti. Heat races for the other weekly classes were also ran to set the field for the features on night two, September 10th. Erick Rudolph continued his dominance on the BRP Touring Series by picking up his 8th win of the season. Max Blair captured the Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Model feature after a great battle with Dave Hess Jr and Rich Gardner in the early going. Tommy Kosinski picked up the win in the final Super Sportsman event at Stateline Speedway.

Shortly after greeting the fans with a memorable four-wide salute around the track, the excitement of the night quickly swung into full force. Erick Rudolph and Tim Fink sat on the front row for the thirty-five lap BRP Modified Touring Series feature event. Early in the race, it was all Rudolph until fifth place starter, Tyler Willard caught the 25R of Rudolph. By lap ten, Willard had overtaken the top spot. The top two set sail through the tail end of the field, continuing the close battle for the lead through lapped traffic. The first caution flew after fourteen straight green flag laps when Rodney Beltz came to a stop on the front stretch. On the following restart, a second caution flew for an accordion type incident which ended in Rex King Sr, Mark Frankenhouser, and Tom Mattocks. The red flag was shown for a short time while the ambulance and medical staff attended to King Sr. Rudolph was able to re-take the lead from Willard with twenty-one circuits remaining. Randy Chrysler followed in Rudolph’s path to make a great pass for the second position, turning it quickly into a three-car battle for the lead.  One lap later, Phil Vigneri III decided to join the intense battle up front as he worked his way into the second spot at the halfway point of the race. A fourth caution bunched the leaders up again as the 25B of Steve Barr spun in turn four. Rudolph continued to pace the field after the action returned under green flag conditions, with Rick Regalski entering the top five. The top four cars of Rudolph, Vigneri III, Chrysler, and Willard clicked off nearly identical lap times. As the laps counted down, Rudolph was able to stretch his lead out to over two seconds. Two more cautions in the last four laps continued to bunch the field up, setting up a two-lap shootout for the checkered flag. Rudolph would hold on for his eighth tour win of the season, followed closely by Vigneri III, Chrysler, Rex King Jr, and Chris Haines. Heat winners were Rudolph, Fink, and King Jr.

The last feature event ever for the Super Sportsman took to the track next with Tommy Kosinski and Dennis Lunger Jr on the front row. Lunger had been driving the Mike Genco owned #7 for the evening. Wasting no time in charging towards the front, 2017 points champion Jim Kibbe went from fifth to third on the first lap. Before the second lap could be completed, the first caution flew for team mates Brian Larson and Steve Longo making heavy contact with one another at the entrance of turn one. Larson would be able to continue as Longo would take it to the pits. Kibbe used the outside groove to advance another position as the racetrack continued to prove that there were several lines of racing. By lap four, Kibbe completed the pass for the lead. Tommy Kosinski began pressuring unger for second on lap seven and advanced the position on lap eight. During the same lap, Dan Nocero Jr moves his #6 machine into the third spot. Coming down the front stretch to start lap eleven, Kosinski and Kibbe make contact, allowing Kosinski to take over the lead. Kibbe refused to back down as he drove the car to the outside of the track for several laps. They were again side by side for the lead at the flag stand on lap thirteen. Kibbe slowly started to fade back before the caution flew with two laps remaining; setting up a two-lap shootout for the win. Kosinski would hang on while Nocero would grab second. Matt Kosinski ended up third with Lunger and Kibbe rounding out the top five. Heat winners were Lunger and Nocero.

The Overhead Door of Jamesetown Super Late Models were on the stage for the next event, paying $2,000 to the winner in a twenty-eight lap feature. Veteran Rich Gardner started on the pole position with the 2017 points champion in Max Blair on the outside of the front row. Gardner wasted no time in getting out front at the drop of the green, while Dave Hess Jr slid his way into the second spot. Hard contact involving Damian Bidwell, John Lacki, and Mike Wonderling on the back stretch brought out a red flag, temporarily stopping the event. After returning to green, Doug Eck driving one of Boom Brigg’s former rides, powered his way into fourth. On the very same lap, another red flag was brought out due to a large multi-car accident in between turns three and four. Pete Alspaugh, Darrell Bossard, Bobby Rohrer, John Volpe, and Bob Dorman were involved. Hess Jr would spin himself from the third spot when the race returned to green, but continued without bringing out a caution. Through lap eleven, it was still Gardner leading Blair out front. Bump Hedman and Dutch Davies got together in turn two, slowing the field yet again. Under caution, Eck would give up his fifth place run to enter the pits and change a tire. Before the race returned to green, Eck returned to the tail of the field without missing a lap. Max Blair used a power moved to the outside of Gardner to take the lead coming to halfway. Hess was back to third, Chris Hackett was fourth, and John Lobb was running fifth. John Lobb moved his way into the fourth spot with ten laps to go as Max Blair continued to set the pace. Another caution with eight laps remaining would bunch the field up one more time. Hess Jr powered his way into second place on lap twenty-one while Chris Hackett found himself third with three laps remaining on lap twenty-five. Brady Wonderling made a hard charge from the middle of the pack to chase down the top five, entering the top with two laps to go, and managing to stay there through the finish. Blair went on to win, followed by Hess, Hackett, Gardner, and Wonderling. Heat winners were Eck, Wyatt Scott, Jake Finnerty, and Hackett. A ten-lap B-Main was won by Pete Alsbaugh.

Full results of the heat races and feature events that were run on September 9th will be listed below. We need everyone to come support the last night of racing this year at Stateline Speedway! Night 2 of the Shootout with a headlining race for the Super Late Models, paying $5,000 to win and $400 to start! PLUS all the feature races are set from who ran the heat races on Saturday. It promises to be a great show and the season will close out with a bang! Expect three and four wide racing all night long as everyone hopes to capture the last checkered flag of 2017.

September 9th, 2017


Rusted Nutz RUSH Pro Mod
Heat 1: 1. Dennis Lunger Jr, 2. Matt Harvey, 3. Ryan Scott, 4. Jason Covey, 5. Scott Gurdak, 6. Kevin Ruhlman, 7. Jarrod Silvis

Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model
Heat 1: 1. Dave Lyon, 2. Bruce Hordusky, 3. Jeremy Wonderling, 4. Chris Fleming, 5. Nathan Earle, 6. Brody Raynor, 7. Paul Norman, 8. Chad Clement
Heat 2: 1. Max Blair, 2. Kyle Zimmerman, 3. Scott Gurdak, 4. Matthew Sipes, 5. Ryan Scott, 6. Kyle Murray, 7. Hunter Hulley
Heat 3: 1. Dennis Lunger Jr, 2. Darrell Bossard, 3. Jason Genco, 4. Andy Boozel, 5. Wyatt Scott, 6. Russ King, 7. TJ Downs

Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mods
Heat 1: 1. Troy Johnson, 2. Randy Hall, 3. Ron Seeley, 4. Justin Carlson, 5. David Lanphere, 6. Brodie Hill, 7. Walt Johnson
Heat 2: 1. John Boyd, 2. Dave Hess Jr, 3. Al Brewer, 4. Greg Johnson, 5. Butch Southwell, 6. Jason Brightman, 7. Bryon Johnson
Heat 3: 1. Michael McGee, 2. Kirk Bradley, 3. Steve Rex, 4. Tim Rockwell, 5. Brian Stino, 6. Scott Dellahoy

Wellington Log Homes Street Stock
Heat 1: 1. John Boardman, 2. Bill Reeves, 3. Kyle Couchenour, 4. Jason Black, 5. Scott Dellahoy, 6. Deven Dudenhoeffer
Heat 2: 1. Brandon Groters, 2. Gary Fisher, 3. Luke Rutsky, 4. Tyler Dynys, 5. Anthony Marotto, 6. Darren Waldron
Heat 3: 1. Bill Applebee, 2. Mike Moore, 3. Vic Redeye, 4. Paul Nelson, 5. David Schauers

Bailey’s Towing and Recovery Challengers
Heat 1: 1. Andy Proper, 2. Chris Horton, 3. Preston Matve, 4. Scott Perrin, 5. John Seekings, 6. Bob Leonard, 7. Josh Crull, 8. Cade Smith, 9. Dylan Greene, 10. Greg Rockwell
Heat 2: 1. William VanGuilder, 2. Skip Jackson, 3. Dillon Speer, 4. Mitchell Rex, 5. Rick Feely, 6. Joe Mason, 7. Jordan Melice, 8. Joe Richter, 9. Mark McCann, 10. Chris Knisley

BRP Modified Touring Series
Heat 1: 1. Erick Rudolph, 2. Ray Bliss, 3. Rick Regalski, 4. John Mollick, 5. Jimmy Holden, 6. Russ King Sr, 7. Ricky Richner, 8. Mark Frankhouser, 9. Rod Laskey
Heat 2: 1. Kyle Fink, 2. Tyler Willard, 3. Phil Vigneri III, 4. Kevin Hoffman, 5. Garrett Krummert, 6. Rodney Beltz, 7. Steve Barr, 8. Shawn Kozar
Heat 3: 1. Rex King Jr, 2. Randy Chrysler, 3. Chris Haines, 4. Jr. McGinley, 5. Tom Mattocks 6. Dillon Barr, 7. Randy Chronister, 8. Randy Chrysler Jr.

Feature: (35 laps) 1. Erick Rudolph, 2. Phil Vigneri III, 3. Randy Chrysler, 4. Rex King Jr, 5. Chris Haines, 6. Kevin Hoffman, 7. Ricky Richner, 8. Garrett Krummert, 9. Jimmy Holden, 10. Tim Fink, 11. JR McGinley, 12. John Mollick, 13. Rod Laskey, 14. Rick Regalski, 15. Mark Frankhouser, 16. Rodney Beltz, 17. Steve Barr, 18. Shawn Kozar, 19. Randy Chronister, 20. Tyler Willard, 21. Ray Bliss, 22. Rex King Sr, 23. Dillon Barr, 24. Rodney Beltz, 25. Randy Chrysler Jr

Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Models
Heat 1: 1. Doug Eck, 2. Rich Gardner, 3. John Lobb, 4. Andy Boozel, 5. Bobby Rohrer, 6. Pete Alsbaugh, 7. Rick Tripodi, 8. Nathan Hill
Heat 2: 1. Wyatt Scott, 2. Darrell Bossard, 3. Max Blair, 4. Damian Bidwell, 5. Brady Wonderling, 6. Bump Hedman, 7. Russ King, 8. Jason Dobson
Heat 3: 1. Jake Finnerty, 2. Dave Hess Jr, 3. Bob Dorman, 4. Corey Conley, 5. Mike Wonderling, 6. Mike Pegher, 7. Chuck Parker
Heat 4: 1. Chris Hackett, 2. Greg Oakes, 3. John Volpe, 4. Dutch Davies, 5. John Lacki, 6. Rob Middleton, 7. Joe Layfield

B-Main (Top 4 Transfer): 1. Pete Alsbaugh, 2. Bump Hedman, 3. Rick Tripodi, 4. Russ King, 5. Mike Pegher, 6. Jason Dobson, 7. Rob Middleton, 8. Chuck Parker, 9. Joe Layfield, 10. Nathan Hill

Feature (28 Laps, $2000 to Win): 1. Max Blair, 2. Dave Hess Jr, 3. Chris Hackett, 4. Rich Gardner, 5. Brady Wonderling, 6. John Lobb, 7. Doug Eck, 8. Andy Boozel, 9. Jake Finnerty, 10. Greg Oakes, 11. Wyatt Scott, 12. Corey Conley, 13. Rick Tripodi, 14. Bump Hedman, 15. Bob Dorman, 16. Dutch Davies, 17. Bobby Rohrer, 18. Russ King, 19. John Volpe, 20. Pete Alsbaugh, 21. Darrell Bossard, 22. Mike Wonderling, 23. John Lacki, 24. Damian Bidwell