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Macedo wins All-Star feature at Stateline Speedway!

June 9, 2018

Carson Macedo won the Arctic Cat All-Star Circuit of Champions main event at the Stateline Speedway in Busti, N.Y., on Saturday, June 8, 2018.

Carson Macedo won the Arctic Cat All-Star Circuit of Champions main event at the Stateline Speedway in Busti, N.Y., on Saturday, June 8, 2018.

Tony Stewart’s Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions made its first appearance at Stateline Speedway since August 5, 1970 when Lee Osborne picked up the win. 29 of the 410 alcohol-fueled racers signed into the pit area along with 12 of the RUSH “602” Sprinters, in their third-ever appearance. Drivers attempting to qualify came from ten states, Canada, and Australia. After Ashley Fall performed the Star Spangled Banner racing the evening began with time trials for the Arctic Cat All Star Sprints. Jonestown, PA’s Brock Zearfoss set fast time of 14.401 sec over Aaron Reutzel, Jac Haudenschild, Chad Kemenah, and Tony Stewart.

A program of heats and “B” Mains followed by a “Dash” set the feature lineup with heats going to Macedo, Reutzel, and Lee Jacobs with Zearfoss winning the Dash and the Pole Position for the 30-lap “A” Main. The “B” Main went to Danny Dietrich.

The RUSH “602” wingless Sprints were the first feature on the agenda. The class, new this year, attracted twelve cars for the $600 to win twenty lap feature. Pole sitter Chad Ruhlman, who began his racing career at Stateline, was the leader from the drop of the green flag. Gale Ruth quickly came to second from third on the grid. At nine laps several cars got together coming out of turn four but all regained control and no yellow was necessary. With two laps left Dave Hawkins spun coming out of four, slowing the event. Ruhlman, of nearby Bemis Point, NY went on to his third win in a row over Gale Ruth, Arnold Kent, Zach Morrow, and Mike Lutz.

Chad Ruhlman won the RUSH Wingless Sprint Car main event.

Twenty four Arctic Cat All Star Sprints lined up for the start of their $5000 to win 30 lap feature but pole sitter Brock Zearfoss suffered a flat right rear tire on the parade laps forcing him to the pits and to the rear of the field for the start. Carson then led from the green, opening a half straight lead by five laps complete, when Aaron Reutzel spun in turn four. After green again was shown Macedo continued to lead, using the extreme high line coming off turns two and four. Caution appeared again at lap eight when John Garvin slowed on the back straight with a flat left rear tire. After green Danny Dietrich was the “man on the move” coming from 19th on the starting grid to 11th. Macedo caught the rear of the field at lap eleven, continuing to open his lead. At halfway the front five were Macedo, Greg Hodnett, Chad Kemenah, Tony Stewart, and Paul McMahan. McMahan got by Stewart at lap 21. Macedo went on to the win, his first ASCoC triumph of the season with no changes in the top five. Overall, it was Macedo’s second ASCoC, his first coming in 2017 at Lincoln, IL.


All Star Circuit of Champions

Time Trials: Brock Zearfoss (14.401], Aaron Reutzel (15.537), Jac Haudenschild (14.553), Chad Kemenah (14.619], Tony Stewart (14.638).

Heat 1: Carson Macedo, Greg Hodnett, Dave Blaney, Brock Zearfoss, George Hobaugh, Trey Starks, Joe McEwen, Carl Bowser, Justin Barger, Jared Zimbardi.

Heat 2: Aaron Reutzel, Paul McMahan, Tony Stewart, Parker Price-Miller, Ryan Smith, Cale Conley, Tyler Esh, John Garvin, Dylan Westbrook, Mitchell Wormall.

Heat 3: Lee Jacobs, Chad Kemenah, Jac Haudenschild, Dan Shetler, Brandon Spithaler, Gerard McIntyre, Danny Dietrich, Bryan Salisbury, Gale Ruth Jr.

Dash: Brock Zearfoss, Carson Macedo, Greg Hodnett, Chad Kemenah, Jac Haudenschild, Paul McMahan, Aaron Reutzel, Lee Jacobs.

B-Main: Danny Dietrich, Carl Bowser, Tyler Esh, Dylan Westbrook, John Garvin, Justin Barger, Mitchell Wormall, Joe McEwen, Jared Zimbardi, Bryan Salisbury, Gale Ruth Sr.

Feature: Carson Macedo, Greg Hodnett, Chad Kemenah, Paul McMahan, Tony Stewart, Jac Haudenschild, Danny Dietrich, Dave Blaney, Parker Price Miller, Cale Conley, Ryan Smith, Brock Zearfoss, Lee Jacobs, Dan Shetler, Gerard McIntyre, Trey Starks, Aaron Reutzel, Brandon Spithaler, Tyler Esh, Carl Bowser, Dylan Westbrook, John Garvin, George Hobaugh, Justin Barger.

Rush Sprints

Heat 1: Dave Hawkins, Scott Hawkins, Mike Lutz, Joe McEwen, Steve Cousins, Tyler Powell.

Heat 2: Gale Ruth, Arnold Kent, Chad Ruhlman, Brandon Hawkins, Zach Morrow, Shawn Smith.

Feature: Chad Ruhlman, Gale Ruth, Arnold Kent, Zack Morrow, Mike Lutz, Brandon Hawkins, Joe McEwen, Brandon Hawkins, Steve Hawkins, Steve Cousins, Tyler Power, Dave Hawkins, Shawn Smith.