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Sheppard wins World of Outlaws feature, Boardman wins Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks at Stateline Speedway

June 14, 2018  |  by Jay Pees

The World of Outlaws Late Model Series made their first stop at Stateline Speedway since June 1, 2013 when Zebulon, GA’s Shane Clanton took the victory. Joining the Outlaws was the Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks. After time trials for the 38 World of Outlaws stars with Chris Madden setting fast time of 17.689 seconds, and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner by Russell, PA’s Alyssa Wismar action got underway with Chris Madden, Shane Clanton, Rick Eckert, and Darrell Bossard winning their heats and Chub Frank and Breyton Santee winning the B-Mains. John Boardman, Dennis Asel, and Shane Applebee won the Penn-Ohio Pro Stock heats. At the end of the night it was World of Outlaws defending series champion, New Berlin, IL’s Brandon Sheppard standing in Victory Lane. In the companion event, John Boardman collected the win in the Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks feature.

To start the evening two car time trials were held with Shepherd setting the fast time 17.517. Shane Clanton, a former winner of this event, from Zebulon, GA was second quick with Rick Eckert, Sheppard, and local star Darrell Bossard filling out the top five. Heat races then set the starting lineup with the top eight redrawing positions for the fifty lap finale. Eckert drew the pole position with Madden starting outside. Clanton and Bossard started from row two with Sheppard and Chase Junghans in row three. Mike Marlar and Chris Ferguson started from row four.

The Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks were the first feature on the speedway with Dennis Asel and Michael Reed on the front row. Asel immediately jumped to the lead with Reed second and John Boardman third. At six laps Shane Applebee spun in turn four, slowing the event with Asel, Reed, Boardman, Wesley McCray and Dave Shagla Jr the top five. Coming out of turn two Aron Dascomb, Victor Redeye, Shane Applebee, and Justin Pratt all piled up, again slowing the race. Dascomb was unable to continue. Boardman came to second at the restart and was challenging for the lead at halfway when Luke Rutsky and Brad Church got together in turn four. As lap eleven completed Paul Schreckengost and Reed tangled in turn three with two others also getting involved. Shagla, the 2016 champion immediately began challenging for the front spot but in turn three Asel spun, eventually involving Rutsky, Bill Applebee, and Mike Moore. Shagla took over at the front at lap fourteen just as Reed spun in turn four. Shagla and Boardman fought over the lead after green with Shagla establishing a lead at lap sixteen when Pratt spun off turn two. Pratt again spun before another lap was complete, getting him disqualified for being involved in three cautions. Shagla got way high in turn two on the green allowing Boardman to get back to the lead. Boardman went on to the win over Fisher, who edged out Shagla by 0.004 seconds at the line. Anthony Marotto was fourth with Paul Nelson fifth.

Rick Eckert and Chris Madden were the front row for the “Battle for the Border 50” with Shane Clanton and Darrell Bossard in row two of the 24-car field for the World of Outlaws Craftsman Series. Madden and Eckert were side by side until turn two when Madden pulled away with Bossard and Clanton following. With three laps in the books John Lobb spun in turn one, slowing the field under yellow. Brandon Shepard was now fourth. Mike Marlar came to fourth on the restart as Madden was lengthening his lead over Eckert. At nine laps Sheppard came to third. Using the extreme high line Sheppard caught Eckert at thirteen but took until lap nineteen to complete the pass. At twenty one laps Sheppard was fighting for the lead but Madden moved up the track into Sheppard’s line and began opening his lead. At halfway the order was Madden, Sheppard, Bossard, Marlar, and Eckert. Madden lengthened his lead to seven lengths at lap thirty. At lap thirty five Sheppard began closing the gap as Madden got into lapped traffic. Then Chris Ferguson spun in turn three, putting Sheppard right on Madden’s tail for the lap thirty five restart. On the restart Sheppard and Madden got together on turn two with Madden spinning out of the lead. For this green it was Sheppard, Bossard, Marlar, Eckert, and Devin Moran. Sheppard went on to the win with the front five remaining the same. In Victory Lane Sheppard apologized profusely, saying he went low in an attempt to get by when Madden tried to get back to the inside with the two getting together.


World of Outlaws Late Model Series for the Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Models:
Time Trials top five: Chris Madden 17.517, Shane Clanton 17.626, Rick Eckert 17.689, Brandon Sheppard 17.754, Darrell Bossard 17.791.
Heat 1: Chris Madden, Brandon Sheppard, Wyatt Scott, Ryan Scott, Chub Frank. Greg Oakes, Bump Hedman, Bob Dorman, Boom Briggs, Jake Finnerty.
Heat 2: Shane Clanton, Chris Ferguson, Devin Moran, John Lobb, Tyler Erb, David Breazeale, Chris Hackett, Chad Valone, Devin Lewis.
Heat 3: Rick Eckert, Mike Marlar, Andy Boozel, Dan Stone, Breyton Santee, Steve Kania, Matt Lux, Brandon Groters, Morgan Bagley, Zack Carley.
Heat 4: Darrell Bossard, Chase Junghans, Dave Hess Jr, Max Blair, Doug Eck, Jared Miley, Nathan Hill, Brent Larson, Rick Tripody.
B-Main: Chub Frank, Tyler Erb, David Breazeale, Greg Oakes, Bump Hedman, Boom Briggs, Chris Hackett, Chad Valone, Bob Dorman, Devin Lewis.
B-Main: Breyton Santee, Steve Kania, Matt Lux, Doug Eck, Jared Miley, Brent Larson, RickTripodi, Morgan Bagley, Zack Carley, Nathan Hill.
Feature: Brandon Sheppard, Darrell Bossard, Mike Marlar, Rick Eckert, Devin Moran, Max Blair, Dave Hess Jr, Ryan Scott, Andy Boozel, Shane Clanton, Dan Stone, Chris Madden, Chase Junghans, Wyatt Scott, Tyler Erb, Brent Larson, David Breazeale, Morgan Bagley, Chris Ferguson, Breyton Santee, Chub Frank, John Lobb, Steve Kania, Matt Lux.

Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks:
Heat 1:
John Boardman, Paul Schreckengost, Michael Reed, Anthony Marotto, Luke Rutsky, Aron Dascomb .
Heat 2: Dennis Asel, Wesley McCray, Paul Nelson, Mike Moore, Gary Fisher, Victor Redeye.
Heat 3: Shane Applebee, Dave Shagla Jr, Bill Applebee, Brad Church, Douglas Eck, Justin Pratt.
Feature: John Boardman, Gary Fisher, Dave Shagla Jr. Anthony Marotto, Paul Nelson, Paul Schreckengost, Brad Church, Dennis Asel, Luke Rutsky, Michael Reed, Victor Redeye, Justin Pratt, Mike Moore, Wesley McCray, Bill Applebee, Shane Applebee, Aron Dascomb, Douglas Eck.