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Hess Jr. wins “Run what ya Brung” at Stateline Speedway

July 7, 2018

At the end of a beautiful Saturday in Chautauqua County, NY 123 race cars roared to life, racing in six divisions over a total of 22 events. At the end of the night Dave Hess Jr had his “side-board” creation in Victory Lane in the “Run what ya Brung” 30- lapper for the Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Models, Dennis Lunger Jr had scored two wins (Rusted Nutz Garage E-Mods and the RUSH ProMods), Max Blair again in the RUSH Crate Late Models while former champion Dave Shagla Jr prevailed in the Street Stock feature. The Challenger night-capper was a thriller as Dylan Greene took his mount to his first-ever Stateline feature victory, withstanding constant challenges.

The first two laps of the Pro Mod feature were led by Adam Ashcroft, then Dennis Lunger took over at the front. At six laps Chad Carlson came to third with Jason Covey fourth and Scott Gurdak fifth. That was the order at lap nine when Jarrod Silvis spun in turn two. Under caution a problem was spotted on Ashcroft’s car and when told of the issue he decided to pull off. At green Carlson quickly came to second but at eleven laps Justin Carlson spun in turn three. For the restart it was Lunger, Carlson, Matt Harvey, Covey, and Gurdak. Lunger continued to lead after green over Carlson, Covey, Gurdak, and Brian Mohawk. The next caution was at lap thirteen when Silvis got crossed up in turn two. With five laps left Vaughn Nystrom spun in turn three, again slowing the race with Justin Carlson up to fifth. Covey came to second on the green but Lunger was speeding off to the win, his third in as many events this season.

Andy Boozel and Max Blair were the front row for the RUSH Crate Late Model feature but the field only made it to turn one when Chad Schauers, Andy Proper, and Chad Clement got together. After the 24-car field was realigned green again flew with Blair assuming the lead in turn two. On lap two Damian Bidwell took over the runner up spot. In turn two on lap three Chad Schauers spun. With heavy damage to the right rear, Schauers retired pitside. Blair again led after green with Bidwell second, Boozel third, Darrell Bossard fourth, and Gurdak fifth. Yellow flew yet again at six laps complete when Clement again spun, this time in turn four. Andy Proper spun in turn four at lap eight for another yellow. At nine laps cars were four-wide coming out of turn four with Ward Schell winding up in the wall. For the restart it was Blair, Bossard, Bidwell, Boozel, and Genco. In turn one Bidwell got turned around with Matt Sipes and Joe Watson getting into the melee and coming to a stop. Gurdak also was involved and pulled to the pit under caution. Bidwell, Sipes, and Watson all went to the pit. Kyle Murray was up to fourth at twelve laps. Blair went on to the win, over Bossard, Boozel, Kyle Murray, and Jeremy “Mr Excitement” Wonderling.

The E-Mod feature was paced by Mark Thrasher and Steve Rex with Rex taking the lead but caution flew when Thrasher and Ryan Scott got together with Scott facing the wall and the start negated. With Thrasher not stopped for the yellow, he was restored to the pole position for the restart with Rex again on the outside front row. Lunger, fresh off an Economod won and Al Brewer were on row two. Lunger was the leader at the end of the lap with Thrasher second. On lap two Rex wound up stopped in turn one. This time it was Lunger, then Thrasher, Justin Carlson, Michael McGee, and Randy Hall. Again the field only got to turn one when Thrasher spun eventually involving seven other machines. For failing to sop under the red flag, McGee was sent to the tail of the field for the restart. Justin Carlson got next to Lunger at the end of two laps but Lunger again scooted back to the lead on lap three when caution flew for debris on the front straight. Lunger, Carlson, Hall, Cale Crocker, and Brewer were the front five for this green with Lunger opening his lead to over four seconds at halfway when Carlson had mechanical issues coming out of turn four, elevating Hall to second. Crocker was third with Tim Rockwell fourth, and Brewer fifth. That was the order at the finish as Lunger got his second win of the night.

The “Run what ya Brung” 30-lap feature started with Bryce Davis and Wyatt Scott at the front but at the end on one it was Dave Hess Jr in front, from fourth on the grid. On lap two Bob Dorman came to a stop in turn two but was able to restart the event. Hess Jr brought Davis, Scott, Jake Finnerty and Bump Hedman back to green and proceeded to open a lead over Scott. At six laps Hess was lapping backmarkers with Scott starting to close the gap. At eleven laps Scott started to spin in turn four, but recovered losing second to Davis. At halfway the top five were Hess, Davis, Scott, Jake Finnerty, and Matt Urban. Even with damage to the side-board, Scott got back to second and was maintaining speed but unable to close the gap any further. With five to go Ryan Scott was fifth. Hess went on to the win over Scott, Davis, Bump Hedman, Finnerty.

Dave Shagla Jr and Bill Reeves started the fifteen lap Street Stock feature from the front row of the twenty car field. Shagla took the lead at the start with Reeves, Dennis Asel, Brian Crandall, and Bill Applebee following. With five laps in the books Kyle Couchenour spun in turn three, slowing the field under yellow. Asel spun in turn two and was collected by Luke Rutsky before another lap was done. Jason Black and Douglas Eck also were involved. John Boardman got by Crandall for fifth at lap seven and then by Applebee a lap later. At nine complete Boardman was third. With five to go Shagla had a half straight lead that disappeared when Rutsky spun in turn two. For the green it was Shagla, Reeves, Boardman, Asel, and Gary Fisher. Boardman immediately appropriated second and got the lead at twelve laps but Shagla was ahead again at thirteen. Boardman tried in turn one on the outside on the final lap but came up short as Shagla went on to his first win of the season over Boardman, Reeves, Fisher, and Jordan Eck.

Dylan Green used his pole position to lead from the start of the Challenger feature, just completing the first lap when caution fell for the spun car of Tyler Walters, in turn three. Greene continued to lead when racing resumed. Brandon Huffman, Tommy LaBarbara, John Zeleznick, and Charles Sullivan were second through fifth at that point. At lap three Zeleznick got to third. At six laps caution flew again, this time for Jasmine Jackson and Pat Hanlon. At the green Zeleznick took over at the front but Greene fought back to the lead at the end of seven when caution flew for the final time for debris (a bumper cover) in turn one. Over the final two laps it was Greene leading Zeleznick and winning by one car length. Sullivan wound up third with William Vanguilder fourth and Huffman fifth.


Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Models:

Heat 1: BryceDavis, Jake Finnerty, Bump Hedman, Matt Urban, Rick Tripoli, Al Brewer, Chuck Parker.

Heat 2: Wyatt Scott, Dave Hess, Bob Dorman, Nathan Hill, John Lobb, Ryan Scott, Wendall Pinckney.

Feature: Dave Hess Jr., Wyatt Scott, Bryce Davis, Bump Hedman, Jacob Finnerty, Ryan Scott, Matt Urban, John Lobb, Bob Dorman, Rick Tripoli, Wendall Pinckney, Al Brewer, Chuck Parker, Nate Hill.

RUSH Crate Late Models:

Heat 1: Max Blair, Chad Schauers, Ward Schell, Bob Craig, Matt Supers, Gary Troyer, Paul Norman, Scott Dellahoy.

Heat 2: Scott Gurdak, Bruce Hordusky, T.J. Downes, Kyle Murray, Joe Watson, Kyle Zimmerman, Chad Clement, Andy Proper.

Heat 3: Darrell Bossard, Andy Boozel, Jeremy Wonderling, Damian Bidwell, Jason Genco, William Pinckney, Nick Snayczak, Darrin Waldron.

Feature: Max Blair, Wyatt Scott, Darrell Bossard, Andy Boozel, Kyle Murray, Jeremy Wonderling, Jason Genco, Robert Craig, Paul Norman, T.J. Downs, Nick Snayczak, Gary Troyer, Scott Delahoy, Chad Clement, Will Pinckney, Andy Proper, Darrin Waldron, Damian Bidwell, Scott Gurdak, Matt Sipes, Ward Schell, Bruce Hordusky, Joe Watson, Kyle Zimmerman, Chad Schauers.

Rusted Nutz Garage E-Mods:

Heat 1: Cale Crocker, Randy Hall, Al Brewer, John Woodward Jr., Dave Lamphere, Ray Houser.

Heat 2: Dennis Lunger Jr., Michael McGee, Steve Rex, Tim Rockwell, Butch Southwell, Tim Peterson.

Heat 3: Justin Carlson, Ryan Scott, Mark Thrasher, Josh Backstrom, Byron Johnson, Greg Johnson.

Feature: Dennis Lunger Jr., Randy Hall, Cale Crocker, Tim Rockwell, Al Brewer, Ryan Scott, Steve Rex, Butch Southwell, Greg Johnson, Tim Peterson, Mark Thrasher, Dave Lamphere, Josh Beckstrom, Byron Johnson, Justin Carlson, John Woodward Jr., Michael McGee, Ray Houser.

Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks:

Heat 1: Brian Crandall, Jason Black, Gary Fisher, Paul Nelson, Michael Reed, Curt Bish, Brian Myers, Dana Maybee (DNS).

Heat 2: Bill Reeves, Dennis Asel, Luke Rutsky, Kyle Couchenour, Douglas Eck, Pete Volpe, Victor Redeye, Mark Thrasher.

Heat 3: Dave Shagla Jr., John Boardman, Shane Applebee, Bill Applebee, Justin Pratt, Anthony Marotto, Jordan Eck.

Feature: Dave Shagla Jr., John Boardman, Bill Reeves, Gary Fisher, Jordan Eck, Bill Applebee, Paul Nelson, Dennis Asel, Kyle Couchenour, Shane Applebee, Brian Crandall, Luke Rutsky, Curt Bish, Jason Black, Douglas Eck, Victor Redeye, Pete Volpe, Justin Pratt, Anthony Marotto, Brian Myers, Michael Reed, Mark Thrasher.

RUSH Pro Mods:

Heat 1: Dennis Lunger Jr., Chad Carlson, Jason Covey, Justin Carlson, Vaughn Nystrom, Kyle Scott, Brian Mohawk.

Heat 2: Adam Ashcroft, Matt Harvey, Scott Gurdak, Stu Rickard, Zack Johnson, Nicholas Mohawk, Jarrod Silvis.

Feature: Dennis Lunger Jr., Jason Covey, Chad Carlson, Scott Gurdak, Matt Harvey, Justin Carlson, Kyle Scott, Brian Mohawk, Zach Johnson, Jarrod Silvis, Stu Rickard, Vaughn Nystrom, Adam Ashcroft, Nicholas Mohawk.


Heat 1: Chris Horton, Brandon Huffman, Tyler Walters, Rory Houser, Nichole Condron, Steve Markham, 27, Zach Bush, Dustin Lamb, Ian Proctor, Pat Hanlon.

Heat 2: Patrick Todd Hanlon, Joseph Karash, Joe Karash, Tommy LaBarbara, Kevin Covell, Brandon Stover, David Warrior, Jasmine Jackson, Pat Hanlon.

Heat 3: William Vanguilder, John Zeleznick, Charles Sullivan, Dylan Greene, Chris Knisley, Jon Seekings, Benjamin Stover, Brandon Hall, Jordan Melice.

Feature: Dylan Greene, John Zeleznick, Charles Sullivan, William Vanguilder, Brandon Huffman, Rory Houser, Chris Horton, Joe Karash, Kevin Covell, Joe Karash, Tommy LaBarbera, Chris Knisley, Tyler Walters, Nicole Condron, Zachary Bush, Brandon Stover, Mitchell Rex, 5, Pat Hanlon, Jordan Melice, Jasmine Jackson, Brandon Hall, David Warrior, Benjamin Stover, 99F, Dustin Lamb, Patrick Todd Hanlon.