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Michael Norris Wins Stateline Anniversary Race!

July 19, 2018  |  by Jay Pees

Stateline Speedway celebrated the 62nd anniversary of its first event last night with a gala anniversary celebration. The premier class, the Super Late Models headlined the show, as they have most nights over the past 62 years. The Super Late Models were the only class on the card when the track ran its first event, July 21, 1956, won by Emory Mahan. Over the years the late models have been the feature class with several other classes of racers added over the years. Racers from as far away as Texas have competed, and won, at Stateline. Michael Norris, a Lernerville Speediway champion, and David Stremme, the 2003 NASCAR Busch (now Xfinity) Series Rookie of the Year, added their names to the list of Stateline winners in Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Model and the Outlaw E-Mods respectively. Veteran driver Chad Carlson prevailed in the Rush ProMods, ending Dennis Lunger’s streak of four in a row.

Two new members of the Stateline “Hall of Fame” were added during intermission, Dick Barton (winner of 80 Super Late Model features, and 10 championship) and Ron Davies, Super Late Model standout with 32 wins and the 1984 championship, were added in a ceremony on the front straight conducted by track historian Randy Anderson.

The Rusted Nuts Garage ProMods were the first feature on the track with Chad Carlson and Scott Gurdak on the front row. In turn one on lap one Nicholas Mohawk spun, negating the start. Next try was good, with Carlson leading the way. At four laps Matt Harvey spun into the infield after contact with another car. Kyle Scott spun in turn two at five laps. On the first turn under the next green, Zach Johnson spun in turn one with Nate Hartzell and Justin Carlson getting caught up in the caution. At green twelfth starting Dennis Lunger Jr immediately came to second from third on the green with Adam Ashcroft now third, and Scott Gurdak, and Kyle Scott filling out the top five at halfway. The top five remained the same over the waning laps with Carlson maintaining his lead over Lunger, who had won the first four feature events for the class in 2018.

Tim Rockwell and Cale Crocker brought the twenty-four car Outlaw E-Mod field to green with Rockwell and Crocker running side by side most of the lap but Rockwell edging ahead at the line. Calvin Thompson spun in turn one on lap two, slowing the event under caution. In turn four at four laps, Al Brewer and Michael McGee got together and spun. Fifth starting David Stremme joined Rockwell and Justin Carlson for the lead battle at lap seven just as Josh Beckstrom spun in turn two. For green it was Rockwell, Carlson, Stremme, Crocker, and John Boyd. On lap eight Stremme drove around the outside in turn one and took over the lead on the back straight. Stremme and Carlson opened a sizable lead over third running Rockwell, who was hanging on to the spot over Crocker and Johnson, fighting over fourth, when Thompson spun again, in turn two. This green saw Stremme open a lead over Carlson with Rockwell and Dennis Lunger fighting over third when Thompson again spun, again in two, getting himself a trip to the pit. Only one more lap was in when David Lamphere spun in turn three. With three laps left Stremme again led the field to green and went on to the checkers in his first ever visit to Stateline over Justin Carlson, Dennis Lunger Jr, Randy Hall, and Tim Rockwell. With his third place finish Lunger’s winning streak was stopped at three.

Wyatt Scott and Michael Norris were the front row with Scott leading the way at the end of the first lap but four cars piled up in turn four when Chad Valone spun in turns three and four. Bryce Davis, Brandon Groters, and Darrell Bossard also got involved involved. Scott brought the field back to green with Dave Hess Jr wresting second from Norris on the back straight. Trying high for several laps Hess was alongside the leader just as caution flew at five laps when Jake Finnerty, Ryan Scott, and Wendell Pinckney spun in turn four with Scott now leading Hess, Boom Briggs, Norris, and Max Blair. Briggs got second at the green but it was again Hess in the spot at the end of six and taking over at the front on lap eight by two lengths. Briggs was second at nineteen laps complete. At twenty laps it was a three way battle for second when Blair joined the battle. At twenty three laps Scott was back in second. Blair narrowly was third at twenty six laps. Norris got back by Briggs at twenty eight. At halfway Chub Frank came to fifth as Scott was narrowing the gap to the leader, Hess. At forty four laps Hess scraped the front straight wall, allowing Scott to get back to the lead. Norris, Frank, and Blair all got by Hess by lap forty eight. At fifty two laps complete Norris was challenging for the lead and was next to the leader at fifty three. Frank was then trying to come to third while simultaneously holding off the challenge of Blair. Norris then started pulling away to the win with Frank getting alongside Scott on the final lap but Scott pulled ahead at the stripe for second with Frank settling for third, Blair fourth, and Briggs fifth. The margin of victory was 1.883 seconds.


Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Models:

Time Trials:

Time trials: Max Blair 16.812, Chub Frank 17.033, Greg Oakes 17.055, Boom Briggs 17.071, Dave Hess Jr 17.115, Doug Eck 17.148, Chad Valone 17.147, Jake Finnerty 17.152, Mike Norris 17.175, Brandon Groters 17.201, Bump Hedman 17.238, Wyatt Scott 17.305, Matt Lux 17.308, Mike Knight 17.378, Darrell Bossard 17.391, Richard Tripodi 17.423, Ryan Scott 17469, Matt Urban 17.478, Chris Hackett 17.479, Bryce Davis 17.529, Michael Wonderling 17.537, John Lobb 17.538, Wendell Pinckney 17.773, Rich Gardner 17.904, Al Brewer 17.904, Bob Dorman 17.988, Jason Dobson 18.064, Jack Black 18.904, Breyton Santee 19.071, Andy Boozel No Time

Heat 1: Max Blair, Chub Frank, Michael Norris, Jake Finnerty, Chad Valone, Darrel Bossard, Brandon Groters, Ryan Scott, Breyton Santee, Rick Tripodi
Heat 2: DaveHess Jr, Wyatt Scott, Greg Oakes, Matt Urban, Chris Hackett, Michael Wonderling, Bob Dorman, Jack Black, Jason Dobson, Andy Boozel (DNS)
Heat 3: Doug Eck, Boom Briggs, Matt Lux, Bump Hedman, Mike Knight, Bryce Davis, John Lobb, Wendell Pinckney, Rich Gardner, Alan Brewer

B-Main: Ryan Scott, Wendell Pinckney, Breyton Santee, Rich Gardner, Rick Tripodi, Ala Brewer, Jack Black, Jason Dobson, Andy Boozel (DNS)

Feature: Michael Norris, Wyatt Scott, Chub Frank, Max Blair, Boom Briggs, Greg Oakes, Matt Urban, Dave Hess Jr, Darrell Bossard, Doug Eck, Jake Finnerty, Ryan Scott, John Lobb, Breyton Santee, Mikey Wonderling, Bump Hedman, Wendell Pinckney, Bryce Davis, Chad Valone, Brandon Groters, Chris Hackett, Mike Knight, Bob Dorman, Matt Lux

Rusted Nutz Garage Outlaw E-Mods:

Heat 1: Casey Bowers, David Stremme, John Boyd, Dave Lamphere, Dennis Lunger Jr, Calvin Thompson, Brian Stino, Timothy Rockwell
Heat 2: Justin Carlson, Randy Hall, Greg Johnson, Alan Brewer, Joel Watson, Hunter Hulley, Josh Beckstrom, Bryon Johnson
Heat 3: Ryan Scott, Cale Crocker, Michael McGee, Troy Johnson, Steve Rex, Mike Kinney, Butch Southwell, Mark Thrasher

Feature: David Stremme, Justin Carlson, Dennis Lunger Jr, Randy Hall, Tim Rockwell, Greg Johnson, Cale Crocker, John Boyd, Mike Kinney, Steve Rex, Casey Bowers, Hunter Hulley, Michael McGee, Mark Thrasher, Alan Brewer, Josh Beckstrom, Dave Lamphere, Butch Southwell, Bryon Johnson, Troy Johnson, Calvin Thompson, Ryan Scott, Brian Stino, Joel Watson

RUSH Promods:

Heat 1: Scott Gurdak, Jason Covey, Zach Johnson, Nate Hartzell, Nicholas Mohawk, Justin Carlson, Jarrod Silvis
Heat 2: Dennis Lunger, Kyle Scott, Chad Carlson, Adam Ashcroft, Matt Harvey, Stu Rickard

Feature: Chad Carlson, Dennis Lunger Jr, Adam Ashcroft, Scott Gurdak, Kyle Scott, Jarrod Silvis, Justin Carlson, Zach Johnson, Jason Covey, Nicholas Mohawk, Stu Rickard, Nate Hartzell, Matt Harvey