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Wonderling wins Bill Law Memorial at Stateline!

May 20, 2019

Busti, NY (May 18, 2019): Bill Law, the man who brought “Crate” (now RUSH Late Models) racing to Stateline Speedway,  was remembered at Stateline Speedway Saturday night. Law saw the need for a class of cars that was Late Models yet more affordable than the Super Late Models. The area saw its first “Crate” racing in 2007 with Stateline adding the. As a weekly class in 2010 after running a special event in 2009. Bill Law was instrumental in bringing the cars to the area, a much-appreciated addition. The RUSH sanction was added a few years later. Law passed away in 2014 and the memorial has been run in his honor since. Heat races for the Bill Law Memorial were set from time trials. The fastest five were Scott Gurdak, Max Blair, Darrell Bossard, Kyle Lukon, and Michael Duritsky. At the end of the thirty-lap memorial Jeremy Wonderling was sitting in the Winner’s Circle. 

Max Blair continued to show his mastery of the Super Late Model division by scoring his 300th win in spectacular fashion, coming from sixteenth on the grid to the lead on lap eighteen in a caution-free race. Dennis Lunger won both the Chris Whyte’s Spray Foam Options RUSH ProMod and the Outlaw E-Mod features for the second week in a row. John Boardman picked up his first Penn-Ohio ProStock feature win of the season and Nichole Condron got the Challenger feature win.  

The Chris Whyte’s Spray Foam Options RUSH ProMods got the green flag with Nate Hartzell and Matt Harvey leading the way. Hartzell took the lead with Chad Carlson and Dennis Lunger right behind. At lap four Steve Dixon, Stu Rickard, Nick Mohawk, and Michael Johnstone all spun in turn one, slowing the race under caution. On the restart Lunger went up to the top lane and drove around the two in front, grabbing the lead. The race for second was very close with Carlson and Hartzell side by side at the line on lap eight. Hartzell held the spot at nine laps. Up front Lunger was extending his lead, holding a quarter-lap advantage at twelve complete. At the checkers it was Lunger, Carlson, Hartzell, Adam Ashcroft, and Scott Gurdak. 

The Bill Law Memorial for the Close Racing Supply RUSH Late Models started with Jeremy Wonderling and Ryan Frazee on the front row. After a pace lap with Kyle Murray, Bill’s Grandson, leading the field the race started. Scott Gurdak and Jason Genco started in row two. Wonderling led from the green with Frazee second, Genco third, and Gurdak, the fast timer, fourth. Max Blair was fourth at ten complete and third at eleven.  At fifteen laps, halfway, Wonderling led Genco, Blair, Frazee, and Gurdak.  As the cars were in heavy traffic it was a three-way battle for the lead when, at eighteen complete, rain began to fall and the race was immediately put under yellow. The rain stopped quickly and the race resumed until twenty laps complete when Kyle Zimmerman spun in turn four. During the caution period rain got heavier and the red flag was shown. Are a delay of about twenty minutes the cars were brought back to the track and the race was resumed. Wonderling resumed the lead with Blair coming to third at lap 24. With five to go it was Wonderling, Genco Blair, Bossard, and Gurdak. At two to go Blair went to the high side and took second from Genco and set out to catch the leader but Wonderling went on to the win over Blair, Genco, Bossard, and Gurdak. The margin was .910 second. 

Paul Norman led the distance for the win in the Non-Qualifiers race. 

The Outlaw E-Mods started 20 cars Justin Carlson and Mike Eschrich On the front row. Justin Carlson taking the lead from the green but Cale Crocker leading at three laps complete and Dennis Lunger second. At two laps Deven Dudenhoeffer spun in turn two for he first caution. At five laps five cars piled up in turn four, Ron Seeley, Greg Johnson, Dave Lamphere, Mark Thrasher, and Dudenhoeffer. Crocker led Lunger Carlson, Mike Kinney, and Randy Hall back to green with Crocker maintaining a three length lead at lap nine when Dudenhoeffer and Lamphere again spun in turn four. After one lap of green, at halfway, Lunger was the leader, looking for his second win of the night and fourth of the two weeks Stateline has raced in 2019. At thirteen laps Johnson spun again in turn one. On the restart the field made it to turn two when contact was made between Crocker and Carlson resulting in Carlson spinning, eventually involving Zach Johnson and Anthony Harris. At five to go Lunger was extending his lead over Hall, Kinney, Butch Southwell and Steve Rex. The top five remained the same through to the checkers. 

The 24-car field on Dave Warren Auto Group Super Late Models were brought to green by Jake Finnerty and Dutch Davies with Darrell Bossard and Bump Hedman in row two. Finnerty led lap one but Wyatt Scott spun in turn four, negating the start. Davies led by half a length at one lap this time and opened it up to a full length at the end of two laps. Davies, a former champion continued to lead with Finnerty, Bump Hedman, Darrell Bossard, and Max Blair filling out the top five at ten laps. Blair was fifth at eleven complete, then third at twelve laps. With ten to go the leaders caught the rear of the field and Finnerty took advantage and again at seventeen laps Finnerty was leading but Blair went to the outside and drove by both Davies and Finnerty in traffic. On the final lap Ryan Montgomery got by Hedman for fifth. At the checkers it was Blair, Bossard, Finnerty, Davies, and Montgomery. 

The Penn-Ohio ProStocks started with Dennis Asel and Guy Adams up front. Asel led from green with John Boardman coming to second by the end of the first circuit.  Caution fell at lap five when Paul Nelson and Guy Adams both spun in turn one. When racing resumed a huge plume of smoke erupted from Kevin Hill’s machine on the front straight, ending his night. Jason Black spun at five laps as well. When the hallways signal was shown it was Boardman, last week’s winner Jason Covey, former champion Dave Shagla, Shane Applebee, and Asel in the top five. One more yellow slowed the event, that coming on lap twelve when Justin Pratt spun in turn two. At lap five Kevin Hill erupted in smoke and Jason Black spun in turn one. After green the race ran until lap twelve when Justin Pratt spun in turn two. In turn two with two laps remaining a chain-reaction incident wound up with Black sitting backwards on turn two. The finish wound up Boardman, Covey, Shagla, Asel, and Applebee. 

The final event of the night was for the Challengers with Holden Heineman and Chris Horton on the front row. On the initial start Charles Sullivan went for a wild ride down the front straight into the turn one wall. He had the car nearly stopped before contact was made. The second attempt to start the race was successful with Horton leading the way after one lap and fifth-starting Nichole Condron coming to second on lap two. Condemn was leading at lap four. At seven laps Casey Burch got to second with Rick Feely displacing Horton for third at lap nine. Horton dropped out of. The event at the white flag. The order at the checkers was Condron, Burch, Feely, Heineman, and Tyler Walters. 

Dave Warren Auto Group Victory Lane:

Dave Warren Auto Group Super Late Models:
Heat 1: Bump Hedman, Wyatt Scott, Ryan Montgomery, Chris Hackett, Nate Hill, Brandon Groters, David Scott
Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Ryan Scott, John Lobb, Joel Watson, Greg Oakes, Kyle Bedell, Cody Egner
Heat 3: Michael Wonderling, Andy Boozel, Dutch Davies, Colton Flinner, Rick Tripodi, Rich Gardner, Easton Hedman
Heat 4: Jake Finnerty, Steve Kania, Matt Urban, Max Blair, Jason Dobson, Doug Eck
A ccB-Main: Doug Eck, David Scott, Rich Gardner, Brandon Groters, Cody Egner, Easton Hedman, Kyle Bedell (DNS)
Feature: Max Blair, Darrell Bossard, Jake Finnerty, Dutch Davies, Ryan Montgomery, Bump Hedman, David Scott, Michael Wonderling, Ryan Scott, Matt Urban, Greg Oakes, Steve Kania, Wyatt Scott, Joel Watson, Colton Flinner, Nate Hill, Andy Boozel, Chris Hackett, Doug Eck, Rich Gardner, Rick Tripodi, Brandon Groters, John Lobb, Jason Dobson

Close Racing Supply RUSH Late Models: 
Heat 1: Scott Gurdak, Jason Genco, Braeden Dillinger, Kyle Zimmerman, Scott Dellahoy Jr, Josh Beckstrom, Paul Norman, Michael Duritsky (DQ)
Heat 2: Max Blair, Ryan Frazee, Ward Schell, Chad Schauers, Sam Pennacchio, T J Downes, David Parker, Jacob Peterson
Heat 3: Jeremy Wonderling, Darrell Bossard, Brian Knowles, Khole Wanzer, Logan Zarin, Andy Michael, Bill Kessler, Dale McDonald
Heat 4: Kyle Lukon, Damian Bidwell, Bruce Hordusky, Kyle Murray, Jared Kane, Gary Troyer, Chad Clement, Brian Larson
B-Main 1: T J Downes, Michael Duritsky, Paul Norman, David Parker, Josh Beckstrom, Jacob Peterson, Matthew Sipes (DNS)
B-Main 2: Andy Michael. Gary Troyer, Bill Kessler, Chad Clement, Brian Larson, Dale McDonald
Dash: Jeremy Wonderling, Ryan Frazee, Scott Gurdak, Jason Genco, Kyle Lukon, Max Blair, Damian Bidwell. Darrell Bossard
Non Qualifiers Race: Paul Norman, Chad Clement, Brian Larson, Jacob Peterson, Josh Beckstrom, Dale McDonald Jr
Feature: Jeremy Wonderling, Max Blair, Jason Genco, Darrell Bossard, Scott Gurdak, Damian Bidwell, Kyle Lukon, Ryan Frazee, Braeden Dillinger, Bruce Hordusky, Brian Knowles, Ward Schell, Khole Wanzer, Sam Pennacchio, Chad Schauers, Michael Duritsky, Logan Zarin, Gary Troyer, Scott Dellahoy Jr, Kyle Murray, Jared Kane, Kyle Zimmerman, T J Downes, Andy Michael, Bill Kessler

Outlaw E-Mods: 
Heat 1: Butch Southwell. Zach Johnson, Al Brewer, Cale Crocker, Dan Sasso, Tim Rockwell, Ron Seeley, Greg Johnson
Heat 2: Dennis Lunger, Mike Kinney, Anthony Harris, Mike Eschrich, Brian Stino, Dave Lamphere, Deven Dudenhoeffer 
Heat 3: Randy Hall, Justin Carlson, Steve Rex, Michael McGee, Mark Thrasher, Ray Houser, Tim Peterson
Feature: Dennis Lunger, Randy Hall, Mike Kinney, Butch Southwell, Steve Rex, Tim Peterson, Al Brewer, Dan Sassoon, Anthony Harris, Tim Rockwell, Mike Eschrich, Mark Thrasher, Justin Carlson, Cale Crocker, Zach Johnson, Greg Johnson, Dave Lamphere, Michael McGee, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Ron Seeley, Ray Houser

Penn-Ohio ProStocks:
Heat 1: John Boardman, Steve Yokum, Guy Adams, Paul Nelson, Kevin Hill, Tom Teed
Heat 2: Dave Shagla, Gary Fisher, Shane Applebee, Justin Pratt, Krug Schreckengost, David Baker
Heat 3: Dennis Asel, Jason Covey, Jason Black, Dylan Green, Donald Blood
Feature: John Boardman, Jason Covey, Dave Shagla, Dennis Asel, Shane Applebee, Gary Fisher, Steve Yokum, Paul Nelson, Krug Schreckengost, Donald Blood, Jason Black, Justin Pratt, Dylan Greene, Tom Teed, Guy Adams, David Baker, Kevin Hill

Chris Whyte’s Spray Foam Options RUSH ProMods:
Heat 1: Dennis Lunger, Scott Gurdak, Chad Carlson, Steve Dixon, Jarrod Silvis, Nick Mohawk, Stu Rickard, Vaughn Nystrom
Heat 2: Nate Hartzell, Matt Harvey, Brian Mohawk, Adam Ashcroft, Carl Irons, Jeramy Williams, Michael Johnston
Feature: Dennis Lunger, Chad Carlson, Nate Hartzell. Adam Ashcroft, Scott Gurdak, Carl Irons, Steve Dixon, Brian Mohawk, Jarrod Silvis, Stu Rickard, Jeramy Williams, Vaughn Nystrom, Nick Mohawk, Michael Johnstone, Matt Harvey

Heat 1: Chris Horton, Nichole Condron, Casey Burch, John Mease, Bryon Johnson, Morgan Curry
Heat 2: Rick Feely, Jarrod Lyon, Greg Marsh, Andy Melice, Hope Sullivan (DNS), Dustin Lamb (DNS)
Heat 3: Holden Heineman, Charles Sullivan, Mitchell Rex, Tommy LaBarbera, Tyler Walters, Jordan Melice
Feature: Nichole Condron, Casey Burch, Rick Feely, Holden Heineman, Tyler Walters, Jordan Melice, Tommy LaBarbera, John Mease, Andy Melice, Dustin Lamb, Bryon Johnson, Morgan Curry, Chris Horton, Jarrod Lyon, Charles Sullivan, Gregory Marsh, Mitchell Rex, Hope Sullivan