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Hess dominates for Ultimate Late Model Series win at Stateline!

May 29, 2019

Busti, NY (May 27, 2019): After raining out on Saturday, the Ultimate North East Late Model Series returned to Stateline Speedway for a rare Monday event. 132 cars signed into the pit for racing. After time trials,with Dave Hess setting the fast time of 17.432 seconds, and defending track champion, Max Blair second fast at 17.491 seconds, four heat races (won by Hess, Blair, John Volpe, and David Scott) were run to determine starting positions for the 37-lap main event. The B-main was won by Michael Smith. At the end of the night,it was Hess standing in the Dave Warren Auto Group Victory Lane, after dominating the featured event, the veteran Chub Frank for the Close Racing Supply RUSH Late Model win and Cale Crocker with his first E-Mod win since 2013. John Boardman repeated his Penn-Ohio ProStock win from May 18, Chad Carlson collected his first Chris Whyte’s Spray Foam Options RUSH ProMods win of the season, and Todd Hanlon collected his first win of the season in the Challenger night-capper. 


The first feature of the evening was for the Chris Whyte’s Spray Foam Options RUSH ProMods, with Brian Mohawk and Adam Ashcroft on the front row.  Ashcroft immediately assumed the lead with the first caution flying at lap six when C J Irons got into the outside wall in turn four. On the restart, second running Chad Carlson tried inside and outside to get by, but Ashcroft was able to power away on the straight-a-ways. At lap nine, Michael Johnstone spun in turn four. On the green, Matt Harvey and Jarrod Silvis got together in turn two. Harvey was able to keep going before caution, but Silvis was left sitting sideways in the turn. Dennis Lunger, looking for his third win of the season, came to second at the halfway point. Jeramy Williams spun at halfway. With five laps remaining, the front five were Carlson, Lunger, Harvey, Gurdak, and Stu Rickard. Three more yellows slowed the race over the final laps, one for Johnstone, who spun in turn four, one for three cars tangled in turn two, then a five car pileup in turn two involving Gurdak, Nick Mohawk, Silvis, Jeramy Williams, and Harvey. At the checkers it was Carlson, a former champion, for his first win of the year, defending champion Lunger, Vaughn Nystrom, Stu Rickard, and Williams. 


The Dave Warren Auto Group Ultimate North East Super Late Model race was dominated from green to checkers by Dave Hess. Hess started the evening by setting Fast Time, then running off from the field in both his heat and feature for a convincing win by 2.313 seconds. Hess jumped into the early lead at the drop of the green with David Scott, John Volpe, Max Blair, and Jared Miley the top five at five laps complete. Lapped cars came into play at eight laps in, allowing the rest of the field to close the gap on the leader. Blair moved into third at twelve laps as second-running Scott edged closer to the lead in the traffic. After a caution period at lap thirteen, Blair moved to second. At halfway, the top five were Hess, Blair, Scott, Boom Briggs, and Miley. For the remainder of the event, even in heavy lapped traffic, the top five remained the same. The win was worth $5000 to Hess. 


The Outlaw E-Mods were paced by Cale Crocker and Rich Michael Jr. Crocker took off to the early lead with Greg Johnson coming to second on lap one. At five complete, Zach Johnson got to third with the leaders catching the rear of the field at the halfway point. Crocker led the Johnson’s (father and son), with Steve Rex fourth, and two-time winner and points leader, Dennis Lunger in fifth at halfway when yellow flew for Calvin Thomson and Dave Lamphere, who spun in turn four. On the restart, twelve racers, two thirds of the starters, piled up on the front straight, including points leader Lunger, who suffered body damage, but soldiered on to an impressive third place finish despite the damage. One more minor skirmish slowed the race at lap thirteen as Crocker went on to the win over Greg Johnson, Lunger, Rex, and Dan Sasso. 


The Close Racing Supply RUSH Late Models were brought to green by Khole Wanzer and Chub Frank with Frank immediately assuming the lead. At one lap complete, Josh Beckstrom spun in turn two. At the green, Wanzer suffered a flat tire and the race was for second with Max Blair, Jason Genco, and Ward Schell racing three wide down the back straight. At four laps,Brian Larson spun in turn two, again setting up a restart that saw three wide racing on the back stretch, this time involving Scott Gurdak, Genco, and Blair.  The next slowdown came when Matthew Sipes came to a halt on the back straight. At seven laps, Blair was trying for the lead, but Frank was able to hold him off. At halfway, it was Frank, Blair, Gurdak, Genco, and Bossard. At twelve laps Genco and Bossard got together on the back stretch then again on the front straight, with Genco maintaining the spot. After green, Gurdak got by Blair at eighteen complete, but Blair came back to run side by side with Gurdak at the white flag. Blair won the tussle for the runner-up spot. The top five were Frank, Blair, Gurdak, Schell, and Genco. 


The Penn-Ohio ProStocks started with Mike Reed and Jason Black bringing the field to green. At turn two, Justin Pratt spun, negating the start. At five laps Black was leading Steve Yokum, last week’s winner John Boardman, Reed, and Shane Applebee. Boardman got by Yokum at lap eight then, with lapped traffic stacking up the field. Black and Boardman were side by side at lap sixteen with Black leading by half a length at seventeen. Then Boardman got by and had a full car length lead at the white flag and going on to his second win in as many weeks. Yokum, Reed, and Applebee rounded out the top five. 


The final race of the evening was for the Challengers with Patrick Todd Hanlon and Zack Eller on the front row. Hanlon led the distance with Charles Sullivan taking over second at lap three and holding it through to the checkers. Chris Horton took over third at the halfway point. At the checkers it was Hanlon, Sullivan, Horton, Eller, and Casey Burch. 


Dave Warren Auto Group Victory Lane:


Dave Warren Auto Group Ultimate North East Super Late Models:

Time Trials Top 5: David Hess (17.432), Max Blair (17.491), Jared Miley (17.499), John Volpe (17.509), David Scott (17.568)

Heat 1: Dave Hess, Jared Miley, John Lobb. Chub Frank, Joel Watson, Michael Smith, Brandon Groters, Colton Flinner 

Heat 2: Max Blair, Ryan Scott, Dutch Davies, Steve Kania, Matt Urban, Easton Hedman, Al Brewer

Heat 3: John Volpe, Rich Gardner, Boom Briggs, Michael Wonderling, Jake Finnerty, Wyatt Scott, Doug Eck, Ryan Montgomery 

Heat 4: David Scott, Andy Boozel, Darrell Bossard, Chris Hackett, Greg Oakes, Bump Hedman, Kyle Bedell

B-Main: Michael Smith, Wyatt Scott, Bump Hedman, Colton Flinner, Easton Hedman, Kyle Bedell, Brandon Groters, Al Brewer, Ryan Montgomery 

Feature: Dave Hess, Max Blair, David Scott, Boom Briggs, Jared Miley, Ryan Scott, Rich Gardner, Chub Frank, Darrell Bossard, John Volpe, Andy Boozel, Jake Finnerty, Steve Kania, Michael Wonderling, Wyatt Scott, Bump Hedman, Greg Oakes, Colton Flinner, Matt Urban, Chris Hackett, Michael Smith, Joel Watson, Dutch Davies, John Lobb


Close Racing Supply RUSH Late Models: 

Heat 1: Jeff Hoffman, Scott Gurdak, Kyle Zimmerman, Max Blair, Matthew Sipes, Paul Norman, Gary Troyer, Josh Beckstrom 

Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Khole Wanzer, Zach Kane, Ed Coast, Dale McDonald, Austin Hauser, Brandon Porter, Steve Houser

Heat 3: Jason Genco, Kyle Murray, Chub Frank, Ward Schell, Scott Delahoy Jr, David Parker, Zachary Wiel, Brian Larson, J C Lechner

Feature: Chub Frank, Max Blair, Scott Gurdak, Ward Schell, Jason Genco, Kyle Zimmerman, Jeff Hoffman, Kyle Murray, Paul Norman, Zachary Wiel, David Parker, Gary Troyer, Scott Delahoy Jr, Khole Wanzer, Austin Hauser, Brian Larson, Zachary Kane, Ed Coast Dale McDonald, J C Lechner, Darrell Bossard, Matthew Sipes, Brandon Porter, Josh Beckstrom 


Outlaw E-Mods: 

Heat 1: Cale Crocker, Greg Johnson, Tim Peterson, Butch Southwell, Dennis Lunger, Tim Rockwell, Mark Thrasher

Heat 2: Dan Sasso, Steve Rex, Randy Hall, Al Brewer, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Bryon Johnson

Heat 3: Zach Johnson, Rich Michael Jr, Ron Seeley, Brian Stino, Calvin Thompson, Dave Lamphere

Feature: Cale Crocker, Greg Johnson, Dennis Lunger, Steve Rex, Dan Sasso, Zach Johnson, Butch Southwell, Randy Hall, Rich Michael Jr, Mark Thrasher, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Calvin Thomson, Bryon Johnson, Tim Peterson, Dave Lamphere, Ron Seeley, Al Brewer, Brian Stino, Tim Rockwell


Penn-Ohio ProStocks:

Heat 1: John Boardman, Kyle Couchenour, Mike Reed, Steven Yokum, Donald Blood, Justin Pratt, Dylan Greene 

Heat 2: Gary Fisher, Shane Applebee, Jason Black, Jason Covey, Douglas Eck, Dave Shagla, Jeremy Perry 

Heat 3: Josh Seippel, Paul Nelson, Tim Bish, Brandon Birdsall, Tom Teed, Dennis Asel, Kreg Schreckengost, Anthony Marotto 

Feature: John Boardman, Jason Black, Steve Yokum, Mike Reed, Shane Applebee, Gary Fisher, Tim Bish, Jason Covey, Kyle Couchenour, Douglas Eck, Krug Schreckengost, Paul Nelson, Dennis Asel, Donald Blood, Anthony Marotto, Dave Shagla, Justin Pratt, Dylan Greene, Tom Teed, Brandon Birdsall, Josh Seippel, Jeremy Perry


Chris Whyte’s Spray Foam Options RUSH ProMods:

Heat 1: Scott Gurdak, Adam Ashcroft, C J Irons, Jarrod Silvis, Vaughn Nystrom, Nicolas Mohawk, Jeramy Williams

Heat 2: Chad Carlson, Dennis Lunger, Brian Mohawk, Stu Rickard, Nate Hartzell, Matt Harvey, Michael Johnstone. 

Feature: Chad Carlson, Dennis Lunger, Nate Hartzell, Vaughn Nystrom, Stu Rickard, Jeramy Williams, Nick Mohawk, Scott Gurdak, Matt Harvey, Brian Mohawk, Adam Ashcroft, Jarrod Silvis, Michael Johnstone, C J Irons



Heat 1: Mitchell Rex, Casey Burch, Zack Eller, Brandon Hall, Joseph Sheats, Jordan Melice, Tommy LaBarbera, Dustin Lamb, Kyra McDonald

Heat 2: Charles Sullivan, Rick Feely, Patrick Todd Hanlon, Trevor Putt, Donald May Jr, Corey Mason, Jeff Nunemaker, Steven Markham (DNS)

Heat 3: Chris Horton, Tyler Walters, Brandon Huffman, Andy Melice, John Mease, Jarrod Lyon, Nolan Groves, Anthony Schoonover

Feature: Patrick Todd Hanlon, Charles Sullivan, Chris Horton, Zack Eller, Casey Burch, Tyler Walters, Rick Feely, Anthony Schoonover, Trevor Putt, Brandon Hall, Jordan Melice, Brandon Huffman, Joseph Sheats, John Mease, Andy Melice, Donald May Jr, Jarrod Lyon, Kyra McDonald, Steven Markham, Mitchell Rex, Nolan Groves, Corey Mason, Tommy LaBarbera, Jeff Nunemaker, Dustin Lamb