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Crocker wins Southwell Memorial at Stateline!

June 24, 2019

Busti, NY (June 24, 2019): There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as Stateline Speedway fans remembered Paula Southwell during the annual memorial race held in her honor. Paula was the daughter of E-Mod driver,Butch Southwell, and is sadly missed by all who knew her. During opening ceremonies, Jerry Frank was also remembered. Jerry was the last member of the ownership group that originally built Stateline, 63 race seasons ago. It was also Coca-Cola night with many prizes given out to lucky fans. The top twelve feature lineup for the Big Block Modifieds was determined with the help of kids who drew their positions from numbered bottles of Coca-Cola, the sponsor for the event. The bottles of Coke were wrapped in tee-shirts, which were then thrown into the crowd. 

At the end of the night, Jeremiah Shingledecker was in Victory Lane after winning the BRP Big Block Tour event, Cale Crocker collected his second consecutive win of 2019 in the prestigious Paula Southwell E-Mod Memorial, Greg Oakes got his first Dave Warren Auto Group Super Late Model win of the season, Dennis Lunger made it three wins in the RUSH ProMod finale, Shane Applebee returned to the Penn-Ohio ProStock Victory Lane for the first time in eleven years, and Casey Burch prevailed in the night capper Challenger feature. 

Feature race action started with the Chris Whyte’s Spray Foam Options RUSH ProMods with Adam Ashcroft and Jeramy Williams on the front row. Ashcroft took the immediate lead. At two laps complete, seventh starting Dennis Lunger was racing hard with Chad Carlson for fourth. Yellow was shown twice for Mike Johnstone, at laps five and nine. At the lap nine restart, Lunger got to second at turn one, but Matt Harvey had the spot at the end of the lap. The top five were now Ashcroft, Harvey, Lunger, Carlson, and Williams. At ten laps, Johnstone spun for the third time, ending his night. After green was again shown, Lunger came to the lead at turn three using the high side, then Harvey got by Ashcroft on the low side in turn two of the next lap. At thirteen compete Ashcroft spun in turn two with Vaughn Nystrom, Stu Rickard, and Steve Dixon getting involved. Nystrom retired pitside. Brian Mohawk was the next spinner, at lap sixteen, with Dixon getting the black flag for his part in the spin. The final caution was for a four car incident that started with several cars out of shape on the back straight and getting into the wall with the cars of Nystrom, Nicholas Mohawk, Brian Mohawk, and Rickard all suffering race-ending damage. At the finish, it was Lunger for his third win of the season over Carlson, Harvey, Jarrod Silvis, and Justin Carlson. 

Kevin Hoffman and Jim Racey brought the 35-lap BRP Big Block Modified Tour to green after scheduled outside front row starter Tom Glenn withdrew. The first attempted start was called back when Bob Warren and Lonny Briggs got together in turn two. On the restart, Jim Rasey led with Jeremiah Shingledecker, Rex (Cooter) King Jr, and Tyler Williard. Third-generation driver J R McGinley fell off the pace at one lap, slowing the action under caution. At the end of two, it was Rasey, Hoffman, Shingledecker, King Jr, and Williard leading the way. Action heated up at three laps with Hoffman and Shingledecker side by side at the line. Shingledecker had the spot at four laps. With five laps complete, Rasey enjoyed a half straight lead with King Jr coming to third at lap six. Hoffman spun at lap seven for the next caution period. Shingledecker had the lead at lap eight. Rasey and Williams were racing hard for second at laps fifteen through eighteen, often side by side at the line. Williams and Greg Martin spun in turn four at lap nineteen with Rasey sent to the tail of the field for rough driving. At twenty laps complete the top five were Shingledecker, King Jr, Dave Murdick, Kyle Fink, and Rex King Sr. At 22 laps Williard slid into Mark Frankhauser who spun, eventually involving Martin, Lonny Riggs, and Hoffman. Under caution, Hoffman appeared to retaliate on Williard and was sent to the pit. After another caution at lap 26, for a spin by Shawn Kozar, King Jr was challenging for the lead at lap 29 but was unable to take the spot. At the finish it was Shingledecker, King Jr, Fink, Murdick, and King Sr. 

The Paula Southwell Memorial started with last week’s winner, Cale Crocker, on the pole with Dan Sasso to his right. Sasso led Crocker on lap one with Randy Hall, Butch Southwell, and Rich Michael Jr rounding out the top five. An eight-car pile-up occurred in turns one and two on lap two, stopping the action. All were able to continue. Randy Hall challenged for the lead, pulling alongside Sasso at the stripe on lap three, then was ahead at lap four when caution appeared for the spun car of Justin Carlson in turn four. At lap five, Hall led Crocker, Sasso, Southwell, and Dennis Lunger. Crocker challenged Hall for the front spot, getting by to lead lap eight. Lunger, a two-time 2019 winner and the 2018 champion, moved into third at lap eleven. Crocker had a half-straight lead at lap twelve over Hall. At halfway, Crocker led Hall, Lunger, Sasso, and Michael with Lunger challenging Hall for the runner-up spot. Brodie Hill spun at lap seventeen for the final caution. At lap twenty, Lunger was firmly in second with Sasso coming to third at lap 22. Southwell came into the top five at lap 26. The final order was Crocker, Lunger, Sasso, Michael Jr, and Southwell. 

The Dave Warren Auto Group Super Late Model feature ran green to checkers with no incidents! Pole sitter Andy Boozel and outside front row starter, Greg Oakes, ran side by side for lap one with Oakes narrowly ahead at the end of the lap. By the end of lap two, Oakes had a two-length lead. At the halfway point it was Oakes, Boozel, Steve Kania, Chad Valone, and Joel Watson. The order remained the same over the rest of the race. It was the first win of the season for Oakes, the 2015 champion. 

The Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks were the next feature on the track with Dennis Asel leading from the pole position with Steve Yokum, Jason Black, Paul Nelson, and Shane Applebee the top five after the first lap.  At three laps, Justin Pratt spun in turn one. After green the fight for the lead was four-wide coming off turn four with Applebee getting the lead over Yokum, Dave Shagla, and John Boardman. On lap seven, Black got by Asel on the outside, then Asel spun in turn four. At halfway it was Black, Applebee, Boardman, Shagla, and Wesley McCray. At nine laps Applebee took over at the front with Boardman and Black even at the line for second. With five to go, Applebee was pulling away from the field until McCray and Shagla got together in turn four and into the wall at eleven laps. Shagla, a former champion, was finished for the night. On the restart Anthony Marotto and Donald Blood got hooked together at turn two. The last caution was for Black who spun after contact from John Boardman, who was sent to the rear for rough driving for his part in the incident. At the checkers it was Applebee, his first win in eleven years at Stateline, over Bill Reeves, Jeremy Perry, Steve Yokum, and Asel. 

The final event of the night was the Challenger feature with pole sitter, Rick Feely, leading early but action slowed when Tyler Walters spun in turn one, necessitating a complete restart. After green again was shown outside front row starter, Casey Burch, led to turn one,but Feely was at the front at the end of the lap over Mitchell Rex and Burch, side by side at the line. When one more lap was finished Burch was in the lead. At three laps Rex was second. At halfway it was Burch, Rex, Feely, William Van Guilder, and Greg Rockwell. When the checker flew Burch had the win over Rex, Feely, Van Guilder, and Greg Rockwell. 

Dave Warren Auto Group Victory Lane:


Dave Warren Auto Group Super Late Models:

Heat 1: Greg Oakes, Chris Hackett, Chad Valone, Darrell Bossard, Jacob Finnerty, John Lobb, Matthew Sipes

Heat 2: Steve Kania, Nate Hill, Matt Urban, Ryan Scott, Al Brewer, Zach Carley, Cody Egner

Heat 3: Dutch Davies, Joel Watson, Andy Boozel, Michael Smith, Kyle Bedell, Wendell Pinckney

Feature: Greg Oakes, Andy Boozel, Steve Kania, Chad Valone, Joel Watson, Matt Urban, Darrell Bossard, Nate Hill, Ryan Scott, Dutch Davies, Chris Hackett, John Lobb, Zack Carley, Michael Smith, Kyle Bedell, Wendell Pinckney, Matthew Sipes, Al Brewer, Cody Egner, Jake Finnerty (DNS)


BRP Big Block Modified Tour : 

Heat 1: Jeremiah Shingledecker, Rex King Sr, Kevin Hoffman, Dave Murdick, Chris Haines, Lonny Riggs, Brad Rapp

Heat 2: Tyler Williard, Greg Martin, Kyle Fink, J R McGinley, Bob Warren, Rick Regalski, Max Smoker, Scott Kay

Heat 3: Rex King Sr, Jim Ramsey, Jimmy Holden, Tom Glenn, Steve Barr, Mark Frankhauser, Skip Moore, Shawn Kozar

Feature: Jeremiah Shingledecker, Rex King Jr, Kyle Fink, Dave Murdick, Rex King Sr, Brad Rapp, Jimmy Holden, Rick Regalski, Chris Haines, Greg Martin, Steve Barr, Bob Warren, Jim Rasey, Shawn Kozar, Mark Frankhauser, Williard Tyler, Lonnie Riggs, Kevin Hoffman, Max Smoker, Scott Kay, J R McGinley, Tom Glenn (DNS), Skip Moore (DNS)


Outlaw E-Mods Paula Southwell Memorial: 

Heat 1: Dan Sasso, Rich Michael Jr, Justin Carlson, Dave Lamphere, Brian Stink, Brodie Hill, Michael Eschrich

Heat 2: Greg Johnson, Butch Southwell, Randy Hall, Ryan Scott, Mark Thrasher, Timothy Rockwell

Heat 3: Dennis Lunger, Al Brewer, John Boyd, Troy Johnson, Zach Johnson, Joel Lamphere

Heat 4: Steve Rex, Cale Crocker, Michael McGee, Tim Peterson, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Bryon Johnson

Feature: Cale Crocker, Dennis Lunger, Dan Sasso, Rich Michael Jr, Butch Southwell. Greg Johnson, Randy Hall, John Boyd, Michael McGee, Ryan Scott, Troy Johnson, Mike Eschrich, Al Brewer, Zach Johnson, Mark Thrasher, Tim Rockwell, Tim Peterson, Brodie Hill, Dave Lamphere, Steve Rex, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Justin Carlson, Joel Lamphere, Bryon Johnson, Brian Stino 


Penn-Ohio ProStocks:

Heat 1: Paul Nelson, Dennis Asel, Steve Yokum, Wesley McCray, Dylan Greene, Bill Reeves

Heat 2: John Boardman, Jason Covey, Guy Adams, Justin Pratt, Jeremy Perry, Kreg Schreckengost

Heat 3: Shane Applebee, Dave Shagla, Jason Black, Anthony Marotto, Donald Blood, Victor Redeye

Feature: Shane Applebee, Bill Reeves, Jeremy Perry, Steve Yokum, Dennis Asel, Wesley McCray, Krug Schreckengost, Anthony Marotto, Justin Pratt, Donald Blood, Jason Black, John Boardman, Dylan Greene, Victor Redeye, Dave Shagla, Paul Nelson, Jason Covey, Guy Adams (DNS)


Chris Whyte’s Spray Foam Options RUSH ProMods:

Heat 1: Chad Carlson, Adam Ashcroft, Matt Harvey, Dennis Lunger, Jarrod Silvis, Justin Carlson, Michael Johnstone

Heat 2: Carl Irons, Jeramy Williams, Nicholas Mohawk, Stu Rickard, Brian Mohawk, Steve Dixon, Vaughn Nystrom

Feature: Dennis Lunger, Chad Carlson, Matt Harvey, Jarrod Silvis, Justin Carlson, Adam Ashcroft, C J Irons, Vaughn Nystrom, Nicholas Mohawk, Brian Mohawk, Stu Rickard, Steve Dixon, Jeramy Williams, Michael Johnstone 



Heat 1: Greg Rockwell, John Mease, Trevor Putt, Jordan Malice, Joe Karachi, Kevin Covell, Morgan Curry

Heat 2: Mitchell Rex, Casey Burch, Brandon Hall, Donald May Jr, Steven Markham, Patrick Oyler, Ashley Schoonover

Heat 3: William Van Guilder, Rick Feely, Chris Horton, Tyler Walters, Donald Williams, Brady McIntyre, Jasmine Markham

Feature: Casey Burch, Mitchell Rex, Rick Feely, William Van Guilder, Greg Rockwell, Chris Horton, Trevor Putt, Donald May Jr, Jasmine Markham, Tyler Walters, Jordan Melice, Donald Williams, Kevin Covell, Brandon Hall, Brady McIntyre, Ashley Schoonover, Steven Markham, Patrick Oyler, John Mease, Joe Karash, Morgan Curry (DNS)