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Blair, Lunger score “Nightly Doubles” at Stateline! Black gets second win, Feely wins career first-ever feature!

August 20, 2019

Busti, NY (August 20, 2019): Max Blair upped his 2019 Stateline feature total to eight and Dennis Lunger upped his to eleven feature wins Saturday night!  Jason Black got his second feature win of the season and Rick Feely finally broke into the Winner’s Circle after three years of trying. 


The RUSH Pro Mods were the first feature on the track with C J Irons and Scott Gurdak on the front row while points leader Dennis Lunger started tenth, last in the lineup. Irons led lap one with Gurdak, Adam Ashcroft, Chad Carlson, and Vaughn Nystrom following. When lap two was complete, Lunger had already moved into the top five when Nystrom and Jarrod Silvis got together on the back straight ending with Silvis spinning into the infield and caution being shown. At lap three, Ashcroft was second with Lunger up to third. Ashcroft, looking for his second win of the season, took over the lead at lap four. Irons fought back for the spot, running side by side with Ashcroft for the lead on the back stretch. Lunger was second at six laps and the chase was on! At halfway Ashcroft was still leading Lunger, Gurdak, Irons, and Carlson. With five to go, Lunger was trying the low side to relieve Ashcroft of the lead, then on lap seventeen switched to the high side with the leaders side by side at the two lap signal. When the white flag was shown Lunger had secured the spot, going on to his sixth win of the season. Ashcroft had to settle for second with Gurdak third, Irons fourth, and Carlson fifth. 


The RUSH Late Models were next with Kyle Murray and David Lyon leading the way to Spanky Hall’s double green flags. The front row stayed even through lap one with Murray having a slight edge at the line over Max Blair, Scott Gurdak, and defending class champion Darrell Bossard. On the back straight in lap two, Blair got to second and on lap four Bossard was fourth when yellow flew for Alex Haight, spun in turn four. At five laps Chad Clement, Austin Hauser, Bruce Hordusky, Gary Troyer, and Chad Schauers got together in turn one. An upset Hauser confronted Andy Boozel for his perceived part in the accident and was promptly sent pitside, disqualified for his actions. At green it was Murray, Blair, Lyon, Bossard, and Gurdak leading the way. With five in the books, Lyon took over second with Blair and Lyon side by side at lap six, eventually taking the position. At the halfway point Blair was trying to get by Murray on the low side and the two were even for the lead. Murray again held it at eleven laps when the race was slowed under caution. At the resumption of the contest Blair rocketed to the lead by turn one of lap twelve with Jason Genco coming into the top five. Haight spun in turns three and four negating the lap even though three cars had crossed the line to finish the lap. Lyon took over second at thirteen laps and Genco got by Gurdak for fourth. With five to go, Blair had a half-straight lead. With only two laps remaining, Murray slowed from third position, drifting to a halt and requiring a push to return to his pit. One more caution slowed the race on the white flag lap when Steve Houser spun in turn two. Blair won his third RUSH Late Model feature at Stateline over Lyon, Genco, Gurdak, and Bossard. 


The Outlaw E-Mods had three-time winner Cale Crocker and Zach Johnson on the front row with Johnson grabbing the lead at the start over Crocker, points leader and defending champion Dennis Lunger, Tim Peterson, and two-time winner Steve Rex. Green only lasted until lap two when Deven Dudenhoeffer and Dave Lamphere spun in turn two. After green, Lamphere and Mark Thrasher promptly spun in turn two.  One more lap got in before Dudenhoeffer again spun, this time in turn three. Under the caution, points leader Lunger pitted with a flat tire. His crew was fast enough to get it changed just as the field took green, allowing him to rejoin the race without losing a lap. At lap five, Johnson was still in front over Crocker, Peterson, Rex, and now a three way race for fifth among Butch Southwell, Ron Seeley, and Tim Rockwell. At five laps Dudenhoeffer spun for the third time, relegating him to the pit. Then at turn two Southwell and Seeley again spun. With nine laps complete Crocker and Lunger were side by side for second with Lunger not only gaining the spot, but also taking over the lead by the end of the lap! At halfway, Lunger led Johnson, Crocker, Rex, and Peterson. With seven to go, Lunger enjoyed a half-straight lead. With five to go, Crocker had moved into second and Peterson had gotten by Rex for fourth. At eighteen laps Lunger’s lead was a quarter lap and he won by that margin over Crocker, Johnson, Peterson, and Rex. In Victory Lane Lunger credited his crew for the win, thanking them for the fast tire change. 


The Dave Warren Auto Group Super Late Model feature started with Nate Hill and Dutch Davies leading the way. Davies led lap one over Hill, Ryan Scott, Wyatt Scott, and Darrell Bossard. At lap three the race for third was three-wide among Max Blair, Ryan Scott, and Wyatt Scott. The two Scott’s got together at lap four with Ryan spinning in turn three. At green it was now Davies, Blair, Hill, Bossard, and Matt Urban. Bossard and Hill were side by side for third at lap five. On the back straight at five laps David Scott got into the wall coming out of two, unable to get away from it, slowing dramatically, the getting hit hard by his nephew, Ryan Scott, who, in turn, was pounded hard by Wyatt Scott, Dave’s son. The red flag was immediately shown as the subdued crowd waited for news of the driver’s condition. All were OK, but the three cars appeared destroyed. For green, it was now Davies, Blair, Bossard, Urban, and Hill. At lap seven, Blair was challenging for the lead using the high side and obtained it by lap ten. At halfway, Blair led three-time champion Davies, Bossard, Urban, and now Chad Valone. At fourteen, Davies returned to the lead by a half car length and was 1 ½ lengths ahead at 15 laps. Blair again fought back to run even with Davies at nineteen laps then took over at the front heading into turn one at twenty. With three laps left, Valone was challenging Urban for fourth. Blair went on to the win over Davies, Bossard, Urban, and Valone. 


Steve Yokum and July 20 winner Jason Black brought the Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks to green with Black taking command at the start. At the end of one it was Black, Yokum, Jason Covey, Gary Fisher, and last week’s winner, defending champion and current points leader John Boardman. With six laps complete it was Boardman by a half-length over Fisher for fourth. The halfway point saw Black leading Yokum, Covey, Boardman, and Fisher. With nine laps in, Boardman was now challenging Covey for third, taking it at ten laps. Dylan Green slowed on the front straight and caution was shown at lap ten. When the race resumed, Boardman immediately took over second, but caution flew again when Victor Redeye spun in turn two. In turn four, Bill Applebee and Bill Reeves spun after caution was already shown. Boardman again went to second on green but fell back to third at lap eleven behind Yokum. Redeye again spun, this time in turn four, then headed pitside. Yokum’s night ended when he stopped under the yellow flag and needed pushed back to the pit. Now the order was Black, Boardman, Fisher, Covey, and August 3rd winner Dave Shagla, a former class champion. Boardman and Fisher were in a side by side show at lap twelve. At that point, Anthony Marotto spun into the infield out of turn four and was unable to return to the event. At the checkers it was Black, Boardman, Fisher, Covey, and Shagla. 


The Challengers feature started with Tyler Walters and Rick Feely at the front of the pack. The original green was soon replaced by yellow when Patrick Oyler came to a halt in turn two. The front row remained even after the restart until they reached turn four when Feely, the points leader, pulled ahead. Walters experienced mechanical ails at that point and pulled to the infield. Feely led Charles Sullivan, Tommy LaBarbera, Brady McIntyer, and John Mease when one lap was complete. At four laps Mease moved into fourth and Holden Heineman came to fifth. Chris Horton was up to fourth at lap nine with LaBarbera now fifth. McIntyre spun in turn two at eleven laps and headed to the pit. At the checkers it was Feely, Sullivan, Heineman, Horton, and Mease. 


Dave Warren Auto Group Victory Lane:


Dave Warren Auto Group Super Late Models:

Heat 1: Nate Hill, Dutch Davies, Max Blair, Wyatt Scott, Doug Eck, Jake Finnerty, Chad Valone, John Lobb

Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Matt Urban, Brandon Groters, Ryan Scott, Wendell Pinckney, David Scott, Rob Middleton, Rich Gardner

Feature: Max Blair, Dutch Davies, Darrell Bossard, Matt Urban, Chad Valone, Jake Finnerty, Brandon Groters, John Lobb, Nate Hill, Rich Gardner, Doug Eck, Wendell Pinckney, Rob Middleton, Ryan Scott, Wyatt Scott


Close Racing Supply RUSH Late Models: 

Heat 1: Scott Gurdak, Kyle Murray, Matthew Sipes, Ward Schell, Kyle Zimmerman, Josh Beckstrom, Alex Haight, Joshua John (DNS)

Heat 2: Max Blair, Dave Lyon, David Parker, Andy Boozel, Paul Norman, Gary Troyer, Steve Houser

Heat 3: Austin Hauser, Darrell Bossard, Jason Genco, Bruce Hordusky, Chad Clement, Brian Larson, Chad Schauers

Feature: Max Blair, David Lyon, Jason Genco, Scott Gurdak, Darrell Bossard, Ward Schell, Andy Boozel, Kyle Zimmerman, Bruce Hordusky, Matthew Sipes, David Parker, Paul Norman, Gary Troyer, Brian Larson, Chad Clement, Josh Beckstrom, Steve Houser, Chad Schauers, Alex Haight (?), Austin Hauser (?), Josh Johns (DNS), Steve Houser (DNS)


Outlaw E-Mods: 

Heat 1: Troy Johnson, Al Brewer, Greg Johnson, Butch Southwell, Tim Rockwell, Mark Thrasher, Devin Dudenhoeffer, Michael Eschrich, Calvin Thompson

Heat 2: Dennis Lunger, Cale Crocker, Tim Peterson, Steve Rex, Brodie Hill, Ron Seeley, Dave Lamphere, Justin Carlson (DNS)

Feature: Dennis Lunger, Cale Crocker, Zach Johnson, Steve Rex, Tim Peterson, Michael Eschrich, Ron Seeley, Mark Thrasher, Brodie Hill, Dave Lamphere, Calvin Thompson, Butch Southwell, Tim Rockwell, Troy Johnson, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Al Brewer, Justin Carlson


Penn-Ohio ProStocks:

Heat 1: Jason Covey, Bill Applebee, Donald Blood, Douglass Eck, Daniel Schultz, Justin Pratt, Victor Redeye, Dylan Greene (DNS)

Heat 2: John Boardman, Jason Black, Gary Fisher, Steve Yokum, Anthony Marotto, Kreg Schreckengost, Bill Reeves

Feature: Jason Black, John Boardman, Gary Fisher, Jason Covey, Dave Shagla, Douglas Eck, Donald Blood, Bill Applebee, Krug Schreckengost, Bill Reeves, Daniel Schultz, Justin Pratt, Victor Redeye, Anthony Marotto, Steve Yokum, Dylan Greene


Chris Whyte’s Spray Foam Options RUSH ProMods:

Heat 1: C J Irons, Adam Ashcroft, Scott Gurdak, Vaughn Nystrom, Nicholas Mohawk

Heat 2: Dennis Lunger, Chad Carlson, Jarrod Silvis, Justin Carlson, Brian Mohawk

Feature: Dennis Lunger, Adam Ashcroft, Scott Gurdak, C J Irons, Chad Carlson, Jarrod Silvis, Nicholas Mohawk, Vaughn Nystrom, Brian Mohawk, Justin Carlson



Heat 1: Chris Horton, Donald May Jr, Jordan Malice, Alex Daniels, Patrick Oyler, Holden Heineman (DNS)

Heat 2: Charles Sullivan, Tommy LaBarbera, Brady McIntyre, Jasmine Markham, Charles Silvis, Joseph Foti 

Heat 3: Rick Feely, John Mease, Tyler Walters, Jon Seekings, Brandon Hall, Greg Rockwell 

Feature: Rick Feely, Charles Sullivan, Holden Heineman, Chris Horton, John Mease, Tommy LaBarbera, Jordan Melice, Jon Seekings, Brandon Hall, Jasmine Markham, Greg Rockwell, Charles Silvis, Joseph Foti Dustin Lamb, Alex Daniels, Donald May Jr, Brady McIntyre, Tyler Walters, Patrick Oyler