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Local star Max Blair Wins World of Outlaws event at Stateline! Johnson & Hall also Win!

September 24, 2019

Blair Scores World Of Outlaw WIN!

Blair Scores World Of Outlaw WIN!

Busti, NY (September 19, 2019): The World of Outlaws Late Models Series pulled into Stateline Speedway with a field of fourteen of the nation’s best drivers in attendance, including 2018 winner and defending series champion Brandon Sheppard. Thirteen of the top-rated local drivers, including Max Blair, defended their home turf. 2013 event winner Shane Clanton also was in the field. Joining the traveling series were two weekly classes, the Close Racing Supply RUSH Late Models and the Outlaw E-Mods. At the end of the night reigning two-time Stateline Speedway Champion Max Blair was in Victory Lane for the 42nd time in 2019 and the seventh time at Stateline in ’19. Randy Hall won his first Stateline Outlaw E-Mod feature in several years.

Time trials set the starting order for the World of Outlaws Late Model heats with Max Blair setting fast time of 16.584 seconds on the slightly banked third-mile oval. Blair then won his heat with second-fastest qualifier and former WoO champion Darrell Lanigan winning the second heat, and two-time (1995, 1997) Stateline champion David Scott winning heat number three. Blair, starting from the pole, led from the start with Clanton challenging but as the laps clicked off Blair began extending his lead until lap five when Clanton began closing the gap. At six laps Clanton was one and a half lengths behind. At that point Blair turned up the wick and began pulling away again. At ten laps third-running Dave Hess scraped the turn one-two wall, allowing Darrell Lanigan to take over third. At this point David Scott filled out the top five. Lanigan got by Clanton for second at thirteen laps. Fifteen laps into the event Blair began lapping the backmarkers as Hess regained third. Although some of the lapped traffic slowed Blair’s pace, he managed to increase his lead to a full straight over Lanigan by lap 21. At lap 23 Blair had a comfortable 4.186 second lead over Lanigan when David Scott slowed on the front straight, coming to a halt in turn one and bringing out the race’s only caution period. At this point the top five were Blair, Lanigan, Hess, defending race champion Brandon Sheppard, up from tenth at the start, and Chub Frank. After green the order remained the same with Blair again having a half-straight lead at 34 laps and again lapping the back markers at 35 laps. Lanigan appeared to be closing the gap in traffic but Blair stayed in command through to the end. The final order was Blair, for his second-ever World of Outlaws win, Lanigan, Hess, Sheppard, and Frank.

The Outlaw E-Mods started their feature with Eric Reinwald and Tim Peterson on the front row with Zach Johnson and 2019 Champion Dennis Lunger in row two. Reinwald took the immediate lead with Lunger quickly coming to second. In turn four on the first lap Nate Hartzell spun sideways but kept going, thwarting a caution flag. By lap four it was Reinwald, Lunger, Johnson, Peterson, and seventh-starting Randy Hall as the top five. The order remained the same through lap six with Joel Watson and Al Brewer running side by side for sixth. At lap eight Hartzell again spun in turn four, this time stalling out. He headed to the pit under caution. Johnson challenged Reinwald for the lead after green but spun in the attempt in turn four. The order was now Reinwald, Lunger, Hall, Peterson, and Watson. Hall managed to get by both Reinwald and Lunger on the green to lead lap nine with Watson coming into fourth ahead of Peterson. With five laps remaining Steve Rex came to a halt in turn one, eliminating Hall’s impressive.912 lead. Then, after green, Deven Dudenhoeffer spun in turn one. The order now was Hall, Lunger, Reinwald, Watson and Butch Southwell and John Boyd locked in a side by side dual for fifth. Southwell emerged with the fifth spot at the checkers. The top five were Hall, Lunger, Reinwald, Watson, and Southwell.

Second-generation driver Jimmy Johnson, whose family owns Genesee Speedway in Batavia, NY, made his first visit to Stateline Speedway, won his heat, and started the feature third behind row one made up of Scott Gurdak, who tied Max Blair for the points championship, and Ward Schell. Gurdak led Schell, Johnson, Chub Frank and Dave Lyon through lap two when Khole Wanzer stopped in turn one, slowing the race under yellow. After green, Johnson swept by the leaders to be at the front at the end of two over Gurdak, Frank, former champion Jason Genco, and Schell. By lap eight Frank was second and the race was on for the lead with Johnson holding on to a steady advantage over Frank, who had been the driver Johnson looked up to in his formative years. The next caution didn’t come until nineteen laps were complete when Matthew Sipes spun in turn two, erasing Johnson’s 1.957 lead and putting the World of Outlaws standout and 1988 Stateline champion Chub Frank right on his tail. The first-time visitor was up to the task and went on to defeat the veteran Frank. Gurdak, Genco, and Ward Schell.

Dave Warren Auto Group Victory Lane:

Dave Warren Auto Group/Morton Buildings World of Outlaws Super Late Models:
Time Trials: Max Blair 16.584, Darrell Lanigan 16.641, David Scott 16.659, Chub Frank 16.716, Cade Dillard 16.776, Mike Knight 16.829, Boom Briggs 16.859, Shane Clanton 16.861, Dave Hess 16.889, Dennis Erb Jr 16.920, Bryce Davis 16.929, Jason Covert 16.957, Jake Finnerty 16.986, Darrell Bossard 16.998, Chase Junghans 17.029, Ricky Weiss 17.072, Dutch Davies 17.075, Bob Dorman 17.092, Chad Valone 17.093, Mike Wonderling17.122, Bump Hedman 17.128, Brandon Sheppard 17.138, Ryan Scott 17.152, Tyler Dietz 17.172, Doug Eck 17.295, Brent Larson 17.362, Kyle Bedell 17.734
Heat 1: Max Blair, Chub Frank, Boom Briggs, Brandon Sheppard, Dennis Erb Jr, Ricky Weiss, Jake Finnerty, Chad Valone, Doug Eck
Heat 2: Darrell Lanigan, Shane Clinton, Cade Dillard, Darrell Bossard, Bryce Davis, Dutch Davies, Mike Wonderling, Ryan Scott, Brent Larson
Heat 3: David Scott, Dave Hess, Mike Knight, Jason Covert, Chase Yunghans, Bump Hedman, Kyle Bedell, Tyler Dietz, Bob Dorman
B-Main: Jake Finnerty, Jeremy Wonderling, Chad Valone, Ryan Scott, Doug Eck, Bob Dorman, Brent Larson, Kyle Bedell, Tyler Dietz
Feature: Max Blair, Darrell Lanigan, Dave Hess, Brandon Sheppard, Chub Frank, Case Dillard, Shane Clanton, Mike Knight, Boom Briggs, Jason Covert, Ricky Weiss, Chase Junghans, Bryce Davis, Chad Valone, Mike Wonderling, Darrell Bossard, Dutch Davies, Dennis Erb Jr, Bump Hedman, Ryan Scott, Brent Larson, Jake Finnerty, David Scott, Tyler Dietz, Doug Eck (DNQ), Bob Dorman (DNQ), Kyle Bedell (DNQ)

Close Racing Supply RUSH Late Models:
Heat 1: Jason Genco, Andy Boozel, Scott Gurdak, Kurt Stebbins, Scott Dellahoy Jr, Koehler Wanzer, Gary Troyer
Heat 2: Jimmy Johnson, Chub Frank, Kyle Murray, Jeremy Wonderling, Paul Norman, Joshua John, Chad Clement
Heat 3: Kyle Zimmerman, Dave Lyon, Ward Schell, Matt Sipes, Brian Larson, Josh Beckstrom
Feature: Jimmy Johnson, Chub Frank, Scott Gurdak, Jason Genco, Ward Schell, David Lyon, Jeremy Wonderling, Andy Boozel, Kyle Murray, Kurt Stebbins, Kyle Zimmerman, Scott Dellahoy Jr, Paul Norman, Gary Troyer, Brian Larson, Khole Wanzer, Chad Clement, Josh Beckstrom, Matthew Sipes, Joshua John

Outlaw E-Mods:
Heat 1: Tim Peterson, Al Brewer, Eric Reinwald, Steve Rex, Tim Rockwell, Nate Hartzell. Brodie Hill
Heat 2: Joel Watson, Dennis Lunger, Randy hall, Butch Southwell, John Boyd, Mike Eschrich
Heat 3: Cale Crocker, Greg Johnson, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Brian Stino, Bryon Johnson, Ryan Scott
Feature: Randy Hall, Dennis Lunger, Eric Reinwald, Joel Watson, Butch Southwell, John Boyd, Tim Peterson, Al Brewer, Ryan Scott, Nate Hartzell, Cale Crocker, Tim Rockwell, Zach Johnson, Steve Rex, Brodie Hill, Bryon Johnson, Brian Stino, Deven Dudenhoeffer