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Jeremy Wonderling wins RUSH Bill Law Memorial Late Model Tour event at Stateline! Wyatt Scott gets first-ever Super Late feature win! McGee, Lunger, Black, and Horton also score wins!

May 20, 2021  |  by Jay Pees

Busti, NY (May 15, 2021): The RUSH Late Model Tour visited Stateline Speedway with Jeremy Wonderling taking home the first-place purse after setting winning his heat, starting on the pole and leading every lap. The non-qualifiers event was won by Khole Wanzer. In other action Wyatt Scott collected his first-ever Super Late Model feature, Michael McGee won the UMP Modified feature, Jason Black captured the Penn-Ohio ProStock feature, Dennis Lunger won yet another RUSH Pro Mod event, and Chris Horton added another Challenger triumph to his laurels. The race was run in memory of Bill Law, the man most responsible for bringing crate-racing to this area. Law passed away in Jiuly, 2012 after a battle with small cell lung cancer. for Wonderling, it was his third win in the event, the others coming in 2017 and 2019. Damian Bidwell won the race in 2018 with a last-lap pass. Law's grandson Kyle Murray, races in the division but was unable to compete in this event due to mechanical issues.

The RUSH Late Model Tour event had the starting lineup determined by heat finishes with Wonderling and John Waters on the front row after Darrell Bossard set fast time but finished second in his heat. Wonderling led from green, followed by Jason Genco, Michael Duritsky Jr, Waters, and Joe Martin through lap one. At lap five Bossard got to fifth with Martin retaking the spot a lap later. By seven laps Wonderling had opened a half-straight lead. Lapped traffic came into play at nine laps but Wonderling expertly wove his way through Genco appearing to slightly close the gap but when The leader got to open track, he again opened up his lead. At the halfway point it was Wonderling over Genco, Duritsky, Waters, and Martin. The order remain the same to the checkers in the all-green event that took exactly ten minutes to complete. In the non-qualifiers race Khole Wanzer took the win, his first, over Jake Gunn, Brian Kotarski, Logan Jaquay, and Gary Troyer.

The Super Late Models were led to green by two-time former champion Dutch Davies and Darrell Bossard with Davies leading Bossard, Bryce Davis, Wyatt Scott, from seventh, and Bob Dorman, Yellow appeared at lap two for a two car incident in turn four. At four laps Scott was up to second over Davis, Bossard, and Jason Genco. Bossard was back in fifth at three laps. The battle for the lead was heating up with Davies and Scott side by side at the line to complete six laps, then Scott having sole possession of the top spot at seven. Meanwhile Dave Hess was moving forward from his eighth place start, pulling into fourth at lap seven and third at eleven and second at fourteen. At the halfway point Scott was leading Hess, Savies, Bossard, and Davies. The lead at lap twenty was four car-lengths but that was as close as Hess could get with Scott getting his first Super Late Model win over Hess, Davies, Bossard, and Davis. In Victory Lane Scott was told he "should have heard Grandma scream". He replied "I think I did!" 

The UMP Modified feature started with Dustin Demattia and Timothy Rockwell at the front, but a false start delayed the action. When the first lap was complete it was Zach Johnson leading a side by side battle between Michael McGee and Rockwell while Demattia got "bounced around", falling back, out of the top five. Cale Crocker and Butch Southwell were fourth and fifth. Crocker was third and Demattia back up to fifth at lap two when yellow appeared for a five car incident in turns three and four involving Southwell. David Warrior, Dave Hess, Dennis Lunger, and Steve Rex. After green again flew McGee was leading at three laps over Johnson, Crocker, Troy Johnson, and Rockwell. Warrior spun at turn four at lap five and Hess suffered a flat right rear, sending him pit side. Zach Johnson was again leading on the back straight, holding it to the line when Warrior again spun and getting sent to the pit for too many cautions. Southwell, Ron Seeley, Mark Griffin, and Brian Stino also were involved with Southwell and Seeley choosing to pit. Yellow immediately appeared when the race went green she Griffin and Dave Lamphere spun before getting to the line. McGee was again the leader at lap seven over Greg Johnson, Demattia, Crocker, and Troy Johnson. Coming trough turn two it was three wide among Crocker, Zach Johnson, and Demattia with Demattia coming out on top by lap nine. At halfway it was McGee, Demattia, Crocker, Troy Johnson, and Zach Johnson.

The Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks started with Joe Stajnrajh and Wesley McCray leading the pack with Stajnrajh leading to turn one before McCray took over. At the end of the lap it was McCray leading Stajnrajh, Donald Blood, Matt Sampson, and John Boardman. Yellow at lap two for David Tower, spun in turn two. At lap five it was McCray leading Jason Black, Sampson, Boardman, and Douglas Eck when Tower spin again, again in two. Six laps in saw Black take the lead in turn three with but McCray came back to run even for the lead at the line. At seven Black was firmly at the front. Halfway had Black leading McCray, Sampson, Gary Fisher, up from ninth, and Eck. Sampson came to second at lap seventeen with Fisher coming to third. The final caution was with one lap left when Kole Stelmack spun in turn four. The finish was Black, Sampson, Fisher, Eck, and McCray.

Jarrod Silvis and Michael Escheich brought the RUSH Pro-Mods to green with the race only getting to turn one before caution when Stu Rickard spun. When lap one was in the books it was Adam Ashcroft leading Eschrich, and Silvis, after the three had been side by side by Side on the back straight. Dennis Lunger and Carl Irons were fourth and fifweren't two laps Ashcroft and Eschrich were even at the line, continuing even for another lap. At four laps Michael Johnstone spun, bringing yellow out. Five laps had Ashcroft leading Lunger, Eschrich, Irons, and Scott Gurdak. At six laps Duane Tower Jr spun. Gurdak was third at seven laps. Disaster struck for Eschrich's bid for his first win of the year when he spun at turn four. Lung was even with Ashcroft at eight laps and Lunger held the lead at nine. Halfway had Lunger leading Ashcroft, Al Brewer, up from eighth on the grid, Gurdak, and Irons. Greg Johnson took over fifth at lap twelve. After two more yellows for minor spins it was Lunger winning over Ashcroft, Brewer, Gurdak, with Crocker barely ahead of Irons for fifth.

The final feature was for the Challengers with Nicholas Eck and Pat Hanlon leading the way to green. Hanlon led lap one over Chris Horton, Greg Marsh, Holden Heineman, and John Mease. Hanlon led to the back straight but it was Horton leading after three with Marsh, Heineman, and Mease filling out the top five after Hanlon. Yellow at lap three for a two car spin in turn four.  At four laps Mease was second to Horton over Heineman, Marsh, and Tommy LaBarbera. Yellow was shown at lap five for Tyler Pearson, parked in the turn two wall. At the finish it was Horton over Mease, Heineman, LaBarbera, and Marsh.


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