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Hess wins UMP Modified "Summer Sizzler" in another double win! Bossard, Whitling, Lunger, and Horton also post wins!

June 28, 2021  |  by Jay Pees

Busti, NY (June 26, 2021): For the seventh consecutive night in 2021 race fans were greeted by "Chamber of Commerce Weather" as they entered the gates at Stateline Speedway for Coca Cola Fun Night, with give-a-ways throughout the night provided by Coca Cola and a 25-lap, $1000 to win UMP Modified Special, the "Summer Sizzler". 102 racers signed into the pits over the six classes. 

The RUSH Late Models started with Khole Wanzer and Brian Larson up front with Wanzer showing the way through lap one, followed by June 17th winner Steve Dixon, former champion Darrell Bossard, Brian Larson, and David Parker. At turn two on lap two Steve Houser and Rodney Houser spun, then repeated it on the restart. Lap two saw Bossard leading with Wanzer now second, Dixon third, with Matt Sipes and Scott Gurdak filling out the top five. Larson spun at lap three with the Housers and Lonnie Waldron getting involved. For the green it was Bossard, Dixon, Wanzer, Sipes, and Gurdak with Chad Clement, Hunter Proctor, and Waldron tangling in turns one and two. Gurdak and Sipes were side by side for fourth at lap four with Gurdak securing the spot at five laps. David Parker came to fifth at lap six then Darrin Waldron spun in turn one. Gurdak came to third at lap seven with Parker fourth at eight. Proctor spun at the halfway point. On the restart John Lacki was deemed to have "jumped" the start and was sent to the rear. Darrin Waldron again spun at lap sixteen for the final caution. The order at the finish was Bossard, Dixon, Gurdak, Parker, and Wanzer. 

The Penn-Ohio Pro Stock main event started with Bobby Whitling in a rare visit to Stateline, and Matt Sampson bringing the race to green. At turn two yellow was necessary for Douglas Eck, spun out. When lap one was complete it was Whitling leading Jason Covey, Sampson, John Boardman, and Wesley McCray. Earle spun in turn two at lap three. At four laps Boardman, the defending class champion, was second and Shane Applebee had got up to fifth. Michael Oakes spun on the front straight at four laps.  Sampson replaced Covey for third at lap eight with Eck back up to fifth. Gary Fisher replaced Eck for fifth at ten laps. Debris at lap eleven slowed the field again. With one lap remaining Sampson spun from third and was collected by Eck. At the finish it was Whitling over Boardman, Covey, Shane Applebee, and Bill Applebee. 

The UMP Modifieds were racing for $1500 to win over a distance of 25-laps. Dustin Demattia and Timothy Rockwell brought the race to green with Demattia leading third-starting Joel Watson, Rockwell, Michael McGee, and June 12th winner Dave Hess following. At four laps Hess was alongside McGee for third. The first yellow was for David Warrior, spun in turn one. Demattia brought the field back to green with Watson quickly challenging for the lead but yellow again was shown, for Warrior and Mitchell Rex, spun in turn two. At green it was now Watson, Demattia, McGee, Hess, and now Cale Crocker in fifth. Michael slowed in turn four, bringing caution again over the race. At ten laps Hess was second then yellow again at twelve when Butch Southwell suddenly slowed in traffic. At fifteen laps it was Watson leading Hess, McGee, Crocker, and Demattia. With five to go Hess was closing the gap on Watson and was next to him with two to go, and leading by a nose at the white flag. At the finish it was Hess, Watson, McGee, Crocker, and Demattia. 

Clayton Tarabori and Jake Finnerty brought the Super Late Models to green with Finnerty getting penalized one row for "jumping" the start. Third starting Wyatt Scott took over the front spot on the back straight to lead lap one over two-time champion Dutch Davies, another former champion and last week's winner Greg Oakes, Tarabori, and Finnerty. At two laps it was still Scott leading with Oakes now second over Davies, Dave Hess, and Darrell Bossard. Caution flew for a spin by Tarabori with Finnerty sent to the rear for "turning" him. By four laps into the 25-lapper Hess was second and then next to Scott for the lead a lap later. At ten laps it was Hess leading Scott, Oakes, Bossard, and Davies. Davies and Chris Hackett were side by side for fifth at lap twelve. With ten laps left Hess had a quarter-lap lead. Finnerty, who had worked his way back up to seventh, slowed at lap eighteen and headed pitside. With five to go Hess' lead was a half lap. The final order of the front five was Hess, Scott, Oakes. Bossard, and Davies. 

The RUSH Pro-Mods started their feature with Scott Gurdak and Carl Irons leading the way. A complete restart was necessary when Vaughn Nystrom spun in turn one. When the lap was complete it was Irons and seventh-starting Greg Johnson side by side for the lead, followed by current points leader Dennis Lunger, Adam Ashcroft, and Mike Eschrich. At lap two Johnson was leading Lunger, Irons, Ashcroft, and Eschrich. By lap six Lunger was challenging for the lead, having it at lap seven. Eschrich had gotten by Irons for fourth at this point. At nine laps Tyler Sutton spun, collecting Nystrom and Dominic DePonceau. On the restart Tyler Oakes spun in turn two. At halfway it was Lunger leading Johnson, Ashcroft, Irons, and Eschrich. Another yellow flew at lap thirteen for Chad Ramsey, spun in turn two. Eschrish was fourth at seventeen laps and Al Brewer fifth. The top five wound up being Lunger, Johnson, Ashcroft, Eschrich, and Brewer. 

Chris Horton and Rick Feely were scheduled to start on the front row of the Challenger feature but Feely was unable to make the call, moving Pete Volpe to the outside front row. Horton led Volpe, John Mease, and Mark Winens through lap one with Greg Marsh coming to fifth at lap three. At the halfway point Mease was second with Holden Heineman up to fourth. The leaders were in lapped traffic at seven laps with Horton squeezing between the back markers to maintain his advantage. At the checkers of the all-green race it was Horton over Mease, Volpe, Heineman, and Marsh.


RUSH Late Models: 18 entries

Heat 1: Scott Gurdak. Matthew Sipes, Paul Norman, Rodney Houser, Hunter Proctor, D J Krug

Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Steve Dixon, Brian Larson, Darrin Waldron, Chad Clement, Lonnie Waldron

Heat 3: Khole Wanzer, David Parker, John Lacki, Ward Schell, Steve Houser, Bruce Hordusky (DNS)

Feature: Darrell Bossard, Steve Dixon, Scott Gurdak, David Parker, Khole Wanzer, Bruce Howdusky, Matthew Sipes, Ward Schell, Paul Norman, Lonnie Waldron, Darrin Waldron, Brian Larson, John Lacki, D J Krug, Hunter Proctor, Steve Houser, Rodney Houser


Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks: 17 entries

Heat 1: Wesley McCray, Tanner Ramsey, Michael Oakes, Victor Earle Jr, David Tower, Harold Brown

Heat 2: Bobby Whitling, Bill Applebee, Shane Applebee, Douglas Eck, Gary Fisher, Brian Graham

Heat 3: Jason Covey, Matt Sampson, John Boardman, Ron Boardman, David Baker

Feature: Bobby Whitling, John Boardman, Jason Covey, Shane Applebee, David Baker, Michael Oakes, Tanner Ramsey, Wesley McCray, Ron Boardman, Harold Brown, Gary Fisher, Brian Graham, Matt Sampson, Douglas Eck, Victor Earle Jr, David Tower


UMP Modifieds: 22 entries

Heat 1: Dave Hess, Rich Michael Jr, Michael McGee, John Boyd, Troy Johnson, Tim Peterson, Kevin Smith, Dave Lanphere

Heat 2: Cale Crocker, Zach Johnson, Dennis Lunger, Butch Southwell, Steve Rex, Mitchell Rex, James Wilburn

Heat 3: Joel Watson, Dustin DeMattia, Timothy Rockwell, David Warrior, Bryon Johnson, Deven Dudenhoeffer (DNS?), Brian Stino (DNS?)

Feature: David Hess, Joel Watson, Michael McGee, Cale Crocker, Dustin Demattia, Troy Johnson, Steve Rex, Dennis Lunger, Kevin Smith, Zach Johnson, Dave Lanphere, Mitchell Rex, Tom Peterson, David Warrior, Bryon Johnson, Butch Southwell, Rich Michael Jr, John Boyd, Timothy Rockwell, James Wilburn, Devin Dudenhoeffer (DNS), Brian Stino (DNS)


Super Late Models: 13 entries

Heat 1: Jake Finnerty, David Hess, Wyatt Scott, Darrell Bossard, Bump Hedman, Chris Hackett, Michael Smith

Heat 2: Dutch Davis, Greg Oakes, Darren Tarabori, Khole Wanzer,Anthony Marotto, Paul Schreckengost

Feature: David Hess, Wyatt Scott, Greg Oakes, Darrell Bossard, Dutch Davies, Chris Hackett, Bump Hedman, Michael Smith, Paul Schreckengost, Khole Wanzer, Clayton Tarabory, Jake Finnerty, Anthony Marotto


RUSH Pro Mods: 18 entries

Heat 1: Greg Johnson, Dennis Lunger, Scott Gurdak, Chad Ramsey, Al Brewer, Ryan Howard

Heat 2: Carl Irons, Brian Mohawk, Stu Rickard, Tyler Sutton, Dominic DePonceau, Cody Stronghart

Heat 3: Mike Eschrich, Vaughn Nystrom, Adam Ashcroft, Wayne Mohawk, Scott Lee, Tyler Oakes

Feature: Dennis Lunger, Greg Johnson, Adam Ashcroft, Mike Eschrich, Al Brewer, Carl Irons, Tyler Oakes, Stu Rickard, Wayne Mohawk, Vaughn Nystrom, Cody Stronghart, Dominic DePonceau, Ryan Howard, Chad Ramsey, Scott Lee, Tyler Sutton, Brian Mohawk, Scott Gurdak (DNS)


Challengers: 14 entries

Heat 1: Chris Horton, Holden Heineman, Rick Feely, Mark Winens, Sean Murphy, Preston Matve, Greg Marsh(DNS)

Heat 2: John Mease, Pete Volpe, Charles Silvis, Rachel Moller, David Moller, Joey Lindberg, Kasey Markham

Feature: Chris Horton, John Mease, Pete Volpe, Holden Heineman, Greg Marsh, Rachel Moller, Preston Matve, David Moller, Mark Winens, Joey Lindberg, Sean Murphy, Kasey Markham, Charles Solvis, Rick Feely (DNS)