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Max Blair bags 65th Anniversary Super Late Thriller! Eschrich, Genco, Hess Jr., Fisher, and Lawrence Claim Victories during Stateline’s ceremonial evening!

August 2, 2021  |  by Marc Hoegerl

Busti, NY (July 31, 2021) by Marc Hoegerl: Fans were welcomed to excellent weather, as well as an action packed night of six division racing. The evening also saw former Super Late Model Great, Rich Gardner being inducted into the Stateline Speedway Hall of Fame. Gardner wrapped up his career at Stateline with 23 feature wins, including a track title in 2008.

Twenty-two Super Late Models were signed in the pits for the 65th Anniversary Special. Panama, NY’s Jake Finnerty would set fast time, tripping the clock at 16.036.

Veteran racer, Greg Oakes and Ryan Scott would bring the field to green. Greg Oakes would jump out to comfortable lead for the first six laps with Dutch Davies and Max Blair in tow. Blair would get around Davies on lap six then set his sights on the leader, Oakes. Jared Miley would finally move around Davies on lap nine, as he started shortening the distance on second place runner, Blair. Ninth place starter, Dave Hess Jr. would crack the top five on lap fourteen using the outside cushion. Hess would grab the fourth spot on lap sixteen, which would result in a side-by-side duel with Miley for the next five laps. Hess would go upstairs once again to take third from Miley on lap twenty-one. Lap twenty-seven would see leaders, Oakes and Blair hit heavy lapped traffic. On lap twenty-eight, tenth place starter Darrell Bossard would join the mix in the top five, before a caution would fly one lap later. On the restart, Hess would once again move to the outside and pick off Blair for second on lap thirty. On lap thirty-four, Hess would do a slider on Oakes going into turn one, but Oakes would regain the point exiting turn two. For the next four laps the top three would put on a classic duel for the top spot. Hess would finally gain his outside momentum and grab the lead from race long leader, Oakes, on lap thirty-nine. Oakes would still remain within striking distance of Hess and would actually pull alongside Hess numerous times over the course of the next fifteen laps. With Hess starting to look like he was going to bring home his eighth win of the season, he would slow coming out of turn four and finally come to a stop on the front stretch on lap fifty-five, with a broken driveshaft yoke. As the race would resume, Oakes and Blair would engage in their battle for the lead. Blair would finally make his winning move on lap sixty then cruise the remaining distance to bring home his first Stateline Super Late Victory of 2021, cashing in on a nice $6,500 payday for his efforts. This would be Blair’s twenty-sixth career feature win at the Busti, NY oval. Blair was followed by, Oakes, Bossard, Miley, and Steve Kania.

In the RUSH Pro-Mod Division, Michael Eschrich would pull the field at the drop of the green. Eschrich would remain in the driver seat but would find himself getting heavy pressure from seventh place starter Adam Ashcroft.  The running order would stay the same until a caution would fly on lap six that would see the disqualification of Jared Silvis, for an on track altercation. As the field would get back underway the running order upfront would stay the same, with Ashcroft pressuring Eschrich most of the remaining distance. Eschrich would bring home the win, followed by Ashcraft, Greg Johnson, fifteen starter, Dennis Lunger, and tenth starter, Al Brewer rounding out the top five.

Penn Ohio Pro Stocks would see Matt Sampson go out front at the outset.. Sampson would build a comfortable lead for the first ten laps until  Sherman NY’s Gary Fisher would take over the lead with five to go. Fisher would be untouchable once out in front. The good battle was brewing behind the leader for the next three positions. Matt Simpson and John Boardman would swap positions in their bid for second three times in the last five laps. As the checkered would fly, Fisher would bring home the victory followed by, Boardman, Sampson a hard charging Douglas Eck, and William Reeves.

Khole Wanzer and David Parker would bring the field to green in the RUSH Crate Late Model A-Main. Wanzer would lead the way the first nine laps. While the battle upfront was taking place between, Wanzer and Josh Ferry, Jason Genco would climb his way into third on lap eight, after starting ninth, then pick off Ferry for second on lap nine. Scott Gurdak, who had gone to the tail after a caution on the races initial start would find himself joining the top five on lap ten. Also, on lap ten, Genco would use an outside move to grab the lead from Wanzer. A hard charging Gurdak would finally move into second on lap fourteen. The remaining six circuits would see a determined Gurdak stalk leader Genco until the finish. Genco would fend off all challenges as Gurdak would come home in the runner-up spot, followed by, Wanzer, Ferry, and fifteen starter, Randy Hall.

As the UMP Modifieds feature took the green, Troy Johnson would take command from his pole position. Dave Hess Jr. would make his way into the top five on lap three after starting tenth, then to fourth one lap later. With Johnson still showing command over Cale Crocker, and Zach Johnson. Hess would take away the third spot on lap six, then move his way into second on lap nine, putting his sights on race long leader Johnson. Lap ten would see Hess steal the top spot from Johnson. Hess would find clean air and go the rest of the distance uncontested. Johnson would finish in the bridesmaid position, followed by, Zach Johnson, Crocker, and Dennis Lunger.

In the nightcap Challenger Feature, Mark Lawrence would get the jump from the outside front row and pretty much go the entire distance unscaved. The best race for position throughout the main was for second, between Chris Horton and Andrew Proper. Both the wheelmen put on a good duel for position in the latter part of the race. Lawrence would pick up the win, followed by, Horton, Proper, tenth place starter Rick Feeley, and John Mease.

Super Late Models (65th Anniversary Special)

Heat 1: 1. Jared Miley 2. Jacob Finnerty 3. Greg Oakes 4. Darrell Bossard 5. Jason Genco 6. Logan Zarin 7. Michael Smith 8. Anthony Marotto
Heat 2: 1. Dave Hess Jr. 2. Wyatt Scott 3. Dutch Davies 4. David Scott 5. Andy Boozel 6. Kyle Bedell 7. Bump Hedman
Heat 3: 1. Max Blair 2. Ryan Scott 3. Steve Kania 4. Damian Bidwell 5. Bob Dorman 6. Khole Wanzer 7. Clayton Tarabori

Feature: 1. Max Blair 2. Greg Oakes 3. Darrell Bossard 4. Jared Miley 5. Steve Kania 6. Jason Genco 7. Ryan Scott 8. David Scott 9. Dutch Davies 10. Andy Boozel 11. Wyatt Scott 12. Damian Bidwell 13. Jacob Finnerty 14. Logan Zarin 15. Bump Hedman 16. Michael Smith 17. Khole Wanzer 18. Anthony Marotto 19. Dave Hess Jr. 20. Kyle Bedell 21. Bob Dorman 22. Clayton Tarabori

RUSH Crate Late Models

Heat 1: 1. David Parker 2. Scott Dellahoy Jr. 3. Chad Clement 4. Rodney Houser 5. Brian Larson 6. Lonnie Waldron 7. Steve Houser 8. Scott Jordan
Heat 2: 1. Jason Genco 2. Scott Gurdak 3. Matthew Sipes 4. Josh Ferry 5. DJ Krug 6. Ashton Briggs 7. Gary Youngs 8. Paul Norman
Heat 3: 1. Khole Wanzer 2. Darrell Bossard 3. Bud Watson 4. Ward Schell 5. Randy Hall 6. Darrin Waldron 7. Mason Jaquay 8. Steve Dixon

Feature: 1. Jason Genco 2. Scott Gurdak 3. Khole Wanzer 4. Joshua Ferry 5. Randy Hall 6. Steve Dixon 7. Bud Watson 8. David Parker 9. Matthew Sipes 10. Ashton Briggs 11. Paul Norman 12. Scott Dellahoy Jr. 13. Ward Schell 14. DJ Krug 15. Darrin Waldron 16. Brian Larson 17. Chad Clement 18. Steve Houser 19. Gary Youngs 20. Rodney Houser 21. Mason Jaquay 22. Lonnie Waldron 23. Darrell Bossard 24. Scott Jordan

UMP Modifieds

Heat 1: 1. Butch Southwell 2. Paul Nelson 3. Dave Lanphere 4. Ron Seeley 5. Mason Lobb 6. James Wilburn 7. Mitchell Rex
Heat 2: 1. Dave Hess Jr. 2. Kevin Smith 3. Troy Johnson 4. Deven Dudenhoeffer 5. Bryon Johnson 6. Justin Carlson
Heat 3: 1. Cale Crocker 2. Dennis Lunger 3. Zach Johnson 4. Joel Lanphere 5. Tim Peterson 6. David Warrior

Feature: 1. Dave Hess Jr. 2. Troy Johnson 3. Zach Johnson 4. Cale Crocker 5. Dennis Lunger 6. Butch Southwell 7. Steve Rex 8. Dave Lanphere 9. Ron Seeley 10. Tim Peterson 11. Deven Dudenhoeffer 12. Paul Nelson 13. David Warrior 14. Kevin Smith 15. Bryon Johnson 16. James Wilburn 17. Mason Lobb 18. Joel Lanphere 19. Mitchell Rex 20. Justin Carlson

RUSH Pro Mods

Heat 1: 1. Scott Gurdak 2. Michael Eschrich 3. Greg Johnson 4. Al Brewer 5. Cody Stronghart 6. Ryan Howard
Heat 2: 1. Vaughn Nystrom 2. Chad Ramsey 3. Dominic Deponceau 4. Derek Peterson 5. Josh Wilcox 6. Robert Cettell Jr.
Heat 3: 1. Adam Ashcroft 2. Jarrod Silvis 3. Tyler Oakes 4. Tyler Sutton 5. Dennis Lunger

Feature: 1. Michael Eschrich 2. Adam Ashcroft 3. Greg Johnson 4. Dennis Lunger 5. Al Brewer 6. Scott Gurdak 7. Vaughn Nystrom 8. Chad Ramsey 9. Josh Wilcox 10. Tyler Oakes 11. Tyler Sutton 12. Cody Stronghart 13. Dominic Deponceau 14. Derek Peterson 15. Ryan Howard 16. Jarrod Silvis 17. Robert Cettell Jr.

Penn Ohio Pro Stocks  

Heat 1: 1. John Boardman 2. Wesley McCray 3. Tanner Ramsey 4. David Tower 5. Victor Earle Sr. 6. Josh Beckstrom
Heat 2: 1. Bill Reeves 2. Gary Fisher 3. Joseph Stajnrajh 4. Bill Applebee 5. David Baker 6. Jason Covey
Heat 3: 1. Matt Sampson 2. Drake McCray 3. John Cline 4. Kole Stelmack 5. Dana Maybee 6. Douglas Eck (DNS)

Feature: 1. Gary Fisher 2. John Boardman 3. Matt Sampson 4. Douglas Eck 5. Bill Reeves 6. Joseph Stajnrajh 7. Bill Applebee 8. Tanner Ramsey 9. Drake McCray 10. John Cline 11. David Baker 12. Victor Earle Sr. 13. Kole Stelmack 14. Josh Beckstrom 15. Wesley McCray 16. Dana Maybee 17. David Tower 18. Jason Covey (DNS)


Heat 1: 1. Mark Lawrence 2. John Mease 3. Holden Heineman 4. Pat Hanlon 5. Kimberly Davis 6. Rachel Moller 7. Larry Houser 8. Christopher Anderson
Heat 2: 1. Chris Horton 2. Pete Volpe 3. Rick Feely 4. Charles Houser 5. Mark Winans 6. Daniel Bittinger 7. Phillip Birt 8. Kasey Markham
Heat 3: 1. Andy Proper 2. Tommy Labarbera 3. Brandon Huffman 4. Michael Provorse 5. Sean Murphy 6. Jon Seekings 7. Tammy Watson 8. William Sunderlin

Feature: 1. Mark Lawrence 2. Chris Horton 3. Andy Proper 4. Rick Feely 5. John Mease 6. Tommy Labarbera 7. Pete Volpe 8. Holden Heineman 9. Jon Seekings 10. Daniel Bittinger 11. Tammy Watson 12. Kimberly Davis 13. Mark Winans 14. Rachel Moller 15. Sean Murphy 16. Larry Houser 17. Kasey Markham 18. Michael Provorse 19. Phillip Birt 20. Pat Hanlon 21. Brandon Huffman 22. Christopher Anderson 23. Charles Houser 24. William Sunderlin