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$1,500 To Win RUSH Pro Mod Special

Genco score his first Super Late Model Win!

September 4, 2021


The evening would start out honoring last weeks 13 fallen troops in Afghanistan. The ceremony consisted of 13 racers carrying the Red, White, and Blue. All 13 drivers in procession were selected for their honorary military ties. Next up in pre-race ceremonies, would be the honoring of the 2021 top 3 points finishers, from each of Stateline’s weekly divisions. Randy Anderson, from The Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame, was Master of Ceremonies for the awards.

Frewsburg, NY’s, Jason Genco finally got the job done in his young Super Late Model career, besting the star-studded 25 car field. Genco who has already shown much success in the Crate Late Models, proved he has what it takes to get the job done in only first full season in the headliner division. Robert Williams ousted 43 of the best Challenger racers in the region, bringing home the classes biggest payday of 2021. All other classes in attendance completed their preliminaries, to set the stage for tomorrow evening’s feature events. Brent Rhebergen, Dave Hess Jr., and Michael McGee won UMP Modified Heats. David Parker, Jeremy Wonderling, and Jason Genco won RUSH Crate Late Model prelims. Christian Couchenour, Jason Covey, and Tanner Ramsey, locked themselves into tomorrow’s Penn-Ohio Pro Stock A-Main, with their heat race victories. Adam Ashcroft, Vaughn Nystrom, and Michael Eschrich all scored preliminary wins in the RUSH Pro Mods.

Veteran, Greg Oakes, and Jason Genco would bring the 25 car Super Late Model field to green, for their 30 lap main event. Before lap one was even completed, a three car battle was in the works, between, Genco, Oakes, and previous winner, Wyatt Scott. Lap 3 would see Genco, Oakes, and Scott go three wide for the top spot as they crossed the flag stand. Scott would make a move around Oakes on lap 4 for 2nd, then set his sights on the leader Genco. On lap 6, while all eyes were on the front runners, 22nd place starter and track champion Dave Hess Jr. would crack the top 10. On the same lap, with Genco leading, Wyatt Scott would start closing the gap as the field entered lapped traffic. The two actually would pull even numerous times over the course of the next 5 laps, until Scott would make a move around the leader Genco, on lap 15. Scott would lead the next 2 circuits, until a determined Genco would muscle his way back into the lead on lap 17. Once Genco cleared lapped traffic he would set sail the remaining 13 laps to score his first ever Super Late Models win, pocketing $3,000 for his efforts. Wyatt Scott rode home 2nd, Oakes, Chub Frank, and Darrell Bossard rounded out the top five. Hess got as high as 6th place, but was hampered by a flat with 2 laps remaining, finishing 15th.

In the Nightcap Challengers feature. Robert Williams would take the point at the drop of the green, with Brandon Huffman, and Rick Feely in towe. On lap 3, 7th place starter Brad Whiteside would move into 3rd, and then take over the 2nd spot on lap 5. With Williams leading, the 2nd position would change numerous times. On lap 7 Adam Schumaker would break free from the intense battle for second, and started chasing down the leader Williams. On lap 10 Williams would find some breathing room, and hold off all challenges the remaining 10 laps, to go on to win the 20 lap event that paid a cool $1,500 to the winner. Schumaker, Whiteside, Brandon Huffman, and Mark Lawrence rounded out your top 5.


Top Qualifier: Doug Eck 16.217

Heat 1: 1)Doug Eck 2)Chris Hackett 3)Bump Headman 4)Greg Oakes 5)Kyle Bedell 6)Mike Wonderling 7)Dave Lyon 8)Dave Hess Jr. 9) Damian Bidwell

Heat 2: 1)Chub Frank 2)Darrell Bossard 3)Matt Lux 4)Ryan Scott 5)Khole Wanzer 6)Kyle Scott 7)Rodney Phillips 8)Paul Schreckengost

Heat 3: 1)Wyatt Scott 2)Jake Finnerty 3)David Scott 4)Jason Genco 5)Dutch Davies 6)Anthony Marotto 7)Wendell Pinckney 8)Bob Dorman

Feature 30 Laps: 1)Jason Genco 2)Wyatt Scott 3)Greg Oakes 4)Chub Frank 5)Darrell Bossard 6)Ryan Scott 7)Matt Lux 8)Khole Wanzer 9)Jake Finnerty 10)Bump Headman 11)David Scott 12)Kyle Bedell 13)Doug Eck 14)Dutch Davies 15)Dave Hess Jr. 16)Wendell Pinckney 17)Kyle Scott 18)Chris Hackett 19)Dave Lyon 20)Anthony Marotto 21)Paul Schreckengost 22)Michael Wonderling 23)Rodney Phillips 24)Bob Dorman 25)Damian Bidwell

Lap Leaders: Genco(1-14) W. Scott(15,16) Genco(17-30)

UMP MODIFIEDS (24 Entries)

Heat 1: 1)Brent Rhebergen 2)Steve Rex 3)Zach Johnson 4)Butch Southwell 5)Mitchell Rex 6)Bryon Johnson 7)Joel Watson 8)Casey Bowers

Heat 2: 1)Michael McGee 2)Mason Lobb 3)David Warrior 4)Jimmy Diabo 5)Brian Mohawk 6)Hunter Hulley 7)Joel Lanphere 8)Chris Peterson

Heat 3: 1)Dave Hess Jr., 2)Dennis Lunger 3)Justin Carlson 4)John Boyd 5)Tim Peterson 6)Ron Seely 7)Brady Westfall 8)Travis Creech


Heat 1: 1)David Parker 2)Matthew Sipes 3)Khole Wanzer 4)Ashton Briggs 5)Darrin Waldron 6)Austin Allen 7)Brian Larson 8)Lonnie Waldron

Heat 2: 1)Jeremy Wonderling 2)Randy Hall 3)Scott Gurdak 4)Josh Ferry 5)Paul Norman 6)Hunter Proctor 7)Mason Jaquay 8)Mitchell Hoffman

Heat 3: 1)Jason Genco 2)Chub Frank 3)Darrell Bossard 4)DJ King 5)Gary Youngs 6)Rodney Houser 7)Steve Houser 8)Draven Kuzminski


Heat 1: 1)Christian Couchenour 2)Gary Fisher 3) Steve Yokom 4)Bill Applebee 5)Dana Maybee 6)Carl Marcy

Heat 2: 1)Jason Covey 2)John Boardman 3)Jason Black 4)Matt Sampson 5)Kole Stelmack   6)Harold Brown

Heat 3: 1)Tanner Ramsey 2)Victor Earle Sr. 3)Josh Beckstrom 4)John Cline 5)David Tower

CHALLENGERS (43 Entries)

Heat 1: 1)Mark Lawrence 2)Rick Feely 3)Rich Conte 4)Chris Horton 5)Tommy Labarbera 6)John Zeleznik 7)Eugene Kontz 8)Beau Robinson 9)Kasey Markham

Heat 2: 1)Robert Williams 2)Brandon Huffman 3)John Mease 4)Tim Fishe 5)Casey Harmon 6)Brian McGarvie 7)Ben Swarthout 8)Phillip Birt 9)Geoffery Maloney

Heat 3: 1)Holden Heineman 2)Zack Eller 3)Andrew Proper 4)Matthew Haskins 5)Sean Murphy 6)David Moller 7)Michael Provorse 8)Daniel Bittinger 9) Nicholas Eck

Heat 4: 1)William Weller 2)Brad Whiteside 3)Gregory Marsh 4)Brandon Marotto 5)Rick Neaman 6)Ashley Parmenter 7)Brad Knuth 9)Nicholas Robie

Heat 5: 1)Adam Boles 2)Adam Schumaker 3)Tammy Watson 4)Rachell Moller 5)Charles Silvis 6)Dylan Strade 7)Charles Houser 8)Cam Vanhooser

B-Main 1: 1)Tommy Labarbera 2)Nicholas Eck 3)Eugene Kontz 4)Charles Silvis 5)Phillip Birt 6)Kasey Markham 7)Ashley Parmenter 8)Brian McGarvie 9)Sean Murphy 10)Michael Provorse 11)Charles Houser 12)Nicholas Robie

B-Main 2: 1)Chris Horton 2)Dylan Strade 3)Casey Harmon 4)David Moller 6)Daniel Bittinger 7)Ben Swarthout 8)Cam Vanhooser 9)Geoffery Maloney 10)Brant Knuth 11)Beau Robins

Feature 20 Laps: 1)Robert Williams 2)Andy Schumaker 3)Brad Whiteside 4)Brandon Huffman 5)Mark Lawrence 6)Holden Heineman 7)Nicholas Eck 8)Andrew Proper 9)William Weller 10)Tammy Watson 11)Dylan Strade 12)Tommy Labarbera 13)Tim Fishe 14)Gregory Marsh 15)Chris Horton 16)Rick Feely 17)Rachel Moller 18)John Mease 19)Matthew Haskins 20)Adam Boles 21)Rich Conte 22)Brandon Marotto 23)Zack Eller 24)John Zeleznik

Lap Leaders: Williams(1-20)

RUSH PRO MODS (19 Entries)

Heat 1: 1)Adam Ashcroft 2)Greg Johnson 3)Stu Rickard 4)Scott Lee 5)Robert Cettell Jr. 6)Deven Dudenhoeffer 7)Derek Peterson

Heat 2: 1)Vaughn Nystrom 2)Chad Ramsey 3)Tyler Sutton 4)Wayne Mohawk 5)Thomas Root 6)Tyler Oakes

Heat 3: 1)Michael Eschrich 2)Dennis Lunger 3)Al Brewer 4)Scott Gurdak 5)Cody Stronghart 6)Dalton Bradley