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Six Pack Racing


September 5, 2021

Busti, NY (Sept 4, 2021) by Marc Hoegerl: Fans were greeted with great fall like weather, as well as a huge field of cars in all divisions, putting a lid on Stateline’s prosperous season ending two day Fall Finale.

Second Generation Racer, Dave Hess Jr. would once again show his total dominance that he carried the entire 2021 season, by bagging both the Super Late Model, and UMP Modified Features. Hess had a Cinderella season winning 9 out of 15 Super Late Model events, as well as winning 10 out of 12 UMP Modified Events. No driver in the history of the speedway has ever racked up the single season totals that Hess has, especially racing in two divisions. Hess showed that he’s just not one of the top regional guys, but can easily win on a national level like he did back on June 17th, by defeating the top guns of the World Of Outlaws Late Models Series. Dennis Lunger closed out 2021 in fine fashion picking up the win in the RUSH Pro-Mods. John Boardman showed no mercy by defeating a fine field of Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks, and Chub Frank picked up his first ever Stateline RUSH Crate Late Model victory.

Kyle Bedell, and Dave Hess Jr. would bring the 25 car Super Late Model field to green for their 40 lap event. Bedell, and Hess would be side-by-side as they entered turn one. Hess would shake off Bedell once they hit the backstrech, as they headed for lap number 1. Hess would set his own pace outfront, while Bedell, and Ryan Scott would engage in their own battle for second. Scott would finally make his move around Bedell on lap 9, in hopes of lapped traffic wuld possibly slow down the leader Hess. On lap 13, 14th place starter Jason Genco would crack the top, looking like he may be the fastest car on the speedway. Once Hess got into heavy lapped traffic the #0 of Scott would start closing the gap. Scott would get as close as two lapped cars between him and the leader Hess. But, once Hess finally got around the slower cars, he would cruise the remaining distance to pick up his 9th Super Late Model victory of 2021. Ryan Scott, Bedell Greg Oakes, and Jason Genco rounded out the fields top five.

Dennis Lunger, and Stu Rickard would set the pace for the final RUSH Pro-Mods feature of the season. 2021 Champion Lunger would take the point at the outset. Rickard, Greg Johnson, Adam Ashcroft, and Chad Ramsey would engage in a fierce battle for second. 12th place starter Scott Gurdak would move his way into the top 5, on lap 6. While Lunger was dominating the field, Johnson, and Ashcroft were having their own battle for the runner-up spot. Ashcroft finally make his way around Johnson for 2nd on lap 15. Lunger would weather 8 cautions, going the entire event untouched to up his 7th RUSH Pro-Mod win of the season. Following Lunger across the line, was, Ashcroft, Johnson, Al Brewer, and Ramsey.

The stacked 24 car field of RUSH Crate Late Models, would see once national Super Late Model touring champion, and local favorite, Chub Frank take the lead at the drop of the green. The race would see the yellow appear 5 times in the first 5 laps. When the race would finally get a string of laps together, a good battle for the bridesmaid spot would take place behind Frank, between former champion, Darrell Bossard, and Jeremy Wonderling. Wonderling would finally pick off Bossard on 10. The race would really never establish much momentum, because of its 10 caution periods, giving Frank the victory, as the feature events time limit expired. with 15 laps in the books. With Frank recording his first Stateline RUSH Crate Late Models win, Wonderling, Bossard, Scott Gurdak, and Matthew Sipes would round out the top five.

2021 Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks Points Champion John Boardman would get the jump as the green waved to start the 17 car feature, with Gary Fisher, and Jason black in tow. Black would get around Fisher for 2nd on lap 2, and glue himself to the leader Boardman’s rear bumper. As the next 5 laps would click down, Black started using the outside to try to find the room to get around Boardman. Black would almost pull even with Boardman at times through the corners, but just couldn’t muster the momentum to make the pass. Boardman would finally find some breathing room on lap 13. Fisher would use the inside to take away 2nd from Black on lap 17, but Black would return the favor on lap 19 to regain the spot. Boardman would cruise the remaining 7 laps to pick up his 7th win of the season. Black, Fisher, Matt Sampson, and Bill Applebee, rounded out the top five spots.

Spanky Hall would bring the final UMP Modified feature of 2021 to green, with outside pole sitter, Steve Rex setting the pace. With Rex leading, 12th place starter and track champion Dave Hess Jr. was picking off cars at will. Hess would crack the top 5 on lap 4, then move his way into 3rd on lap 5. Lap 7 would see the ever so talented Hess pick off 2nd place runner, Butch Southwell, as well as the race leader, Rex on lap 7. Once Hess grabbed the lead he would go unmolested the remaining 18 laps to pick up his 10th UMP Modified feature of 2021. Steve Rex held his ground to bring home 2nd, Southwell was 3rd, Brent Rhebergen was 4th, and Dennis Lunger rounded out your top 5.


Fast Qualifier: Dave Hess Jr. 16.399

Heat 1: 1)Dave Hess Jr. 2)Greg Oakes 3)Jake Finnerty 4)Chris Hackett 5)Billy Eash 6)Bryce Davis 7)Dave Lyon

Heat 2: 1)Wyatt Scott 2)Chub Frank 3)Ryan Scott 4)Jason Genco 5)Kyle Scott 6)Wendell Pinckney

Heat 3: 1)David Scott 2)Steve Kania 3)Kyle Bedell 4)Khole Wanzer 5)Damian Bidwell 6)Clayton Tarabori

Heat 4: 1)Matt Lux 2)Darrell Bossard 3)Michael Wonderling 4)Dutch Davies 5)Bump Headman 6)Anthony Marotto

Feature: 1)Dave Hess Jr. 2)Ryan Scott 3)Kyle Bedell 4)Greg Oakes 5)Jason Genco 6)Steve Kania 7)Matt Lux 8)Darrell Bossard 9)David Scott 10)Dutch Davies 11)Jake Finnerty 12)Wyatt Scott 13)Khole Wanzer 14)Bump Headman 15)Dav Lyon 16)Damian Bidwell 17)Chris Hackett 18)Kyle Scott 19)Billy Eash 20)Bryce Davis 21)Wendell Pinckney 22)Clayton Tarabori 23)Anthony Marotto 24)Chub Frank 25)Michael Wonderling

Lap Leaders: Hess Jr.(1-40)

RUSH PRO-MODS (20 Entries)

Feature: 1)Dennis Lunger 2)Adam Ashcroft 3)Greg Johnson 4)Al Brewer 5)Chad Ramsey 6)Michael Eschrich 7)Scott Gurdak 8)Stu Rickard 9)Vaughn Nystrom 10)Cody Stronghart 11)Wayne Mohawk 12)Thomas Root 13)Derek Peterson 14)Tyler Sutton 15)Robert Cettell Jr. 16)Dalton Bradley 17)Scott Lee 18)Deven Dudenhoeffer 19)Tyler Oakes 20)Zain Harvey

Lap Leaders: Lunger(1-25)


Feature: 1)John Boardman 2)Jason Black 3)Gary Fisher 4)Matt Sampson 5)Bill Applebee 6)Christian Couchenour 7)Jason Covey 8)Tanner Ramsey 9)John Cline 10)Steven Yokom 11)Dana Maybee 12)Harold Brown 130Carl Marcy 14)Victor Earle Sr. 15)David Tower 16)Josh Beckstrom 17)Kole Stelmack

Lap Leaders: Boardman(1-20)


Feature: 1)Chub Frank 2)Jeremy Wonderling 3)Darrell Bossard 4)Scott Gurdak 5)Matthew Sipes 6)Randy Hall 7)Jason Genco 8)David Parker 9)Josh Ferry 10)Khole Wanzer 11)Ashton Briggs 12)Austin Allen 13)Paul Norman 14)Darrin Waldron 15)Rodney Houser 16)Mason Jaquay 17)Gary Youngs 18)DJ King 19)Steve Houser 20)Hunter Proctor 21)Mitchell Hoffman 22)Brian Larson 23)Draven Kuzminski 24)Lonnie Waldron

Lap Leaders: Frank(1-15)

UMP MODIFIEDS (24 Entries)

Feature: 1)Dave Hess Jr. 2)Steve Rex 3)Butch Southwell 4)Brent Rhebergen 5)Dennis Lunger 6)Travis Creech 7)Justin Carlson 8)Joel Watson 9)Ron Seeley 10)John Boyd 11)Brian Mohawk 12)Mason Lobb 13)Zach Johnson 14)Bryon Johnson 15)Tim Peterson 16)Joel Lanphere 17)David Warrior 18)Mitchell Rex 19)Hunter Hulley 20)Michael McGee 21)Jimmy Diabo 22)Braidy Westfall 23)Casey Bowers 24)Chris Peterson

Lap Leaders: S. Rex(1-6), Hess Jr.(7-25)