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June 8, 2022  |  by Jay Pees

Busti, NY (June 4, 2022): Chilly temperatures greeted fans and racers alike for the $1,500 to win special for the Challenger class but the action was hot in all divisions. Josh Frantz bested 41 entrants to take the win, his first at Stateline. In other action Dave Hess Jr. won yet another Super Late Model feature, David Parker won his first-ever RUSH Late Model feature, Troy Johnson took the win in the UMP Modifieds, Dennis Lunger continued his winning ways in RUSH Pro-Mods and Joe Stajnrajh collected the laurels in the Pro-Stock feature.

The RUSH Pro Mods were the first feature of the evening with Brian Mohawk and Adam Ashcroft on the front row. Ashcroft led lap one followed by Dennis Lunger, Chad Carlson, Zain Harvey, and Chad Ramsey. At six laps in, fourth-starting Lunger spun sideways on turn two but recovered and continued before caution flew. One lap later caution was necessary when Brendan Warner spun in turns three and four. After green again flew for a lap Zain Harvey spun in three and four. Lunger took over at the front at lap nine with Ashcroft now second over Carlson, Al Brewer, and Brody Hill. Warner and Ian Degolier spun together at turn two on lap nine, then after green again it was Derek Peterson and Harvey's turn to spin out. On the next green Peterson again looped it. Finally racing got back underway for five laps, allowing Lunger to build a half-straightaway lead when Harvey again spun, this time in turns three and four. Two more laps were in when Chad Ramsey slowed on the front straight. The final caution was for Tyler Sutton and Vaughn Nystrom, spun in turn three. At the finish it was Lunger, Ashcroft, Brewer, Carlson, and Tyler Oakes.

Next up were the RUSH Late Models with Andy Boozel and Randy Hall leading the way to Spanky Hall's green flags. Hall grabbed the immediate lead over Khole Wanzer, Jason Genco, Josh Ferry, and David Parker. At lap five Parker and Genco were side by side at the stripe when caution flew for a spin by Steve Houser. When green again was flying Josh Ferry spun with Andy Michael, Brian Larson, Rodney Houser, John Haggerty, and Rory Houser all getting involved, blocking the track, resulting in a red flag. When racing resumed Hall led again with Parker, Lunger, Wanzer, and Genco trailing. Yellow at lap six when Gary Youngs spun in turn two. At seven laps Genco was fourth. At the halfway point it was still Hall leading Parker, Lunger, Genco, and Wanzer now filling out the top five when Rory Houser spun again. At the end of fourteen Hall and Parker were side by side with Parker leading at the end of fifteen. Genco came to third with two laps to go. Parker went on to his first-ever win over Hall, Genco, Lunger, and Wanzer. In victory Lane it was noticed that Parker's right rear tire was going flat and was completely flat by the end of his interview!

The 25-lap special for the Challengers was next on the card with the 41 entrants trimmed to twenty-four through four heat races and a last chance event. John Mease and Tim Drager started from the front row with Mark Lawrence and Josh Frantz starting from row two. Mease led lap one with the first caution falling at two laps when Chris Horton came to a halt in turn two. When racing resumed it was Mease leading Drager, Frantz, Rick Feely, and Bradley Whiteside, who advanced to fourth at lap three. Frantz took over at the front on lap seven with Whiteside advancing to third, then to second at lap twelve. At eighteen laps complete Whiteside was closing the gap on Frantz but ran out of laps. Frantz won over Whiteside, Andy Schumaker, and Mease, who finished with a flat left front tire. It was Frantz's first win at Stateline although he has had wins at Marion Center.

The Pro Stock main event was brought to green by Tanner Ramsey and Gary Fisher Jr. Joe Stajnrajh led from the start over Chad Ramsey, Fisher, John Boardman, and Matt Sampson. Boardman got by Fisher for third at lap six but Fisher had it again a lap later. By the end of the event which ran with zero caution periods, it was Stajnrajh, Fisher, Boardman, Ramsey, and Sampson. Coming to the checkers after the race had ended Dale Sheets spun out on turn four with no one else involved. The race took only 4:49 minutes to complete.

Stateline's premier class throughout its entire history has been the ground-pounding Super Late Models. Darrel Bossard and Ryan Scott started from the front row with Scott leading Bossard, Dutch Davies, Dave Hess Jr, and Andy Boozel through lap one. Scott and Bossard were side by side at the end of two with Scott pulling to the lead by three laps in, at which point Hess was third, Davies fourth, and Boozel fifth. Hess slid back to fourth at lap four and was dusting the front straight wall at lap seven. Scott and Hess ran side by side for laps eleven and twelve with Hess finally taking the lead at lap thirteen, the halfway point. For the rest of the non-stop event, it was Hess, Scott, Bossard, Boozel, and Greg Oakes.

Zach Johnson and Dan Sasso led the UMP Modifieds to green with yellow coming at turn two when Greg Johnson, Jason Brightman, and Paul Schreckengost tangled. After a restart Zach Johnson led lap one over Sasso, Alan Brewer, Steve Rex, and Dennis Asel. Twelfth-starting Troy Johnson was into fifth at lap five with Asel, Dave Lanphere, and Jimmy Diabo spun in turn two. At six laps Tim Peterson and Brightman spun in turn two. At seven laps the order was now Zach Johnson, Brewer, Troy Johnson, Sasso, and Michael McGee. Troy Johnson came to second at lap eight and McGee came to fourth. Yellow flew at lap nine for Asel and Lanphere in turn two. At the halfway point Zach Johnson and Troy Johnson were side by side over McGee, Brewer, and Steve Rex. At eleven laps Troy Johnson had a .077 sec lead over Zach Johnson. By thirteen laps Troy Johnson had the lead to himself with McGee now second, Zach Johnson third, Brewer fourth, and Rex fifth. Tim Peterson spun in turn two at fourteen laps with Rex now fourth. McGee and Troy Johnson were side by side at fifteen laps with Johnson pulling ahead. Joel Lanphere and James Wilburn spun at turn two at fifteen complete. At the finish it was Troy Johnson and McGee side by side with Johnson having a .113 advantage! Brewer was third with Zack Johnson fourth and Steve Rex fifth.

Super Late Models:
Heat 1: Andy Boozel, Wyatt Scott, Darrell Bossard, Dutch Davies, Khole Wanzer, Kyle Bedell, Bob Dorian, Scott Dellahoy Jr
Heat 2: Ryan Scott, Greg Oakes, Dave Hess, Bump Hedman, Jason Genco, Wendell Pinckney, Jake Finnerty, Kevin Smith
Feature: Dave Hess, Ryan Scott, Darrell Bossard, Andy Boozel, Greg Oakes, Dutch Davies, Jason Genco, Wyatt Scott, Wendell Pinckney, Khole Wanzer, Jake Finnerty, Kevin Smith, Bump Hedman, Bob Dorman, Scott Dellahoy Jr, Kyle Bedell

RUSH Late Models:
Heat 1: Dennis Lunger, Josh Ferry, William Pinckney, Jason Genco, Scott Gurdak, Rodney Houser, Matthew Sipes Gary Youngs
Heat 2: Draven Kuzminski, Khole Wanzer, Logan Jaquay, Andy Michael, Darrin Waldron, Brian Larson, Kassandra Norman, Andy Boozel (light at scale)
Heat 3: Randy Hall, David Parker, Ward Schell, Steve Houser, John Haggerty, Rory Houser, Chad Clement, Lonnie Waldron
Feature: David Parker, Randy Hall, Jason Genco, Dennis Lunger, Khole Wanzer, Scott Gurdak, Andy Boozel, Darrin Waldron, Gary Youngs, Steve Houser, Kassandra Norman, Ward Schell, Rory Houser, Josh Ferry, William Pinckney, Andy Michael, Logan Jaquay, Matthew Sipes, Brian Larson, Chad Clement, Draven Kuzminski, John Haggerty, Rodney Houser, Lonnie Waldron (DNS)

UMP Modifieds:
Heat 1: Zach Johnson, Steve Rex, Cale Crocker, Timothy Rockwell. tim Peterson, Joel Lamphere, James Wilburn
Heat 2: Butch Southwell, Alan Brewer, Dan Sasso, Greg Johnson, Andrew Beatman, James Wilburn
Heat 3: Troy Johnson, Dennis Asel, Paul Nelson, Jason Brightman, Jimmy Diabo, Dave Lanphere, Matthew Kosinski
Heat 4: Michael McGee, Paul Schreckengost, Justin Carlson, Mason Lobb, Christopher Deponceau, Thomas Pierce
Feature: Troy Johnson, Mike McGee, Alan Brewer, Zach Johnson, Steve Rex, Cale Crocker, Butch Southwell, Timothy Rockwell, Mason Lobb, Dan Sasso, Jimmy Diabo, Dave Lanphere, Tim Peterson, Jason Brightman, Paul Nelson, Andrew Beatman, Matthew Kosinski, Joel Lanphere, James Wilburn, Dennis Asel, Paul Schreckengost, Thomas Pierce, Greg Johnson, Justin Carlson, Christopher Deponceau (DNS)

RUSH Pro Mods:
Heat 1: Adam Ashcroft, Chad Ramsey, Brodie Hill, Kirk Mohawk, John Cline, Thomas Root, Tyler Oakes
Heat 2: Chad Carlson, Ian Degolier, Alan Brewer, Brendan Warner, Nick Arnold, Donald May Jr, Tyler Sutton
Heat 3: Dennis Lunger, Al Brewer, Zain Harvey, Stu Richard, Derek Peterson, Vaughn Nystrom
Feature: Dennis Lunger, Adam Ashcroft, Al Brewer, Chad Carlson, Tyler Oakes, Stu Rickard, Brian Mohawk, Nick Arnold, Brendan Warner, Brodie Hill, John Cline, Derek Peterson, Ian Degolier, Tyler Sutton, Donald May Jr, Vaughn Nystrom, Zain Harvey, Kirk Mohawk, Chad Ramsey, Thomas Root

Pro Stocks:
Heat 1: Tanner Ramsey, Gary Fisher Jr, Bill Reeves, Jason Covey, Kole Stelmack, Dale Sheets, Justin Pratt
Heat 2: Joe Stajnragh, John Boardman, Matt Sampson, Shane Applebee, Bill Applebee, David Tower, Cody Rickard
Feature: Joe Stajnrajh, Gary Fisher Jr, John Boardman, Tanner Ramsey, Matt Sampson, Bill Reeves, Shane Applebee , Bil Applebee, Jason Covey, Justin Pratt, David Tower, Kole Stelmack, Dale Sheets, Cody Rickard, 

Heat 1: Curtis Rung, Bradley Whiteside, Bryson Hill, Nicholas Reed, Jon Seekings, Patrick Todd Hanlon, Craig Karns, Preston Matve, Ricky Houser, Phillip Powell. Rick Neaman
Heat 2: Josh Frantz, John Meade, Charles Houser, Jessica Harvey, Holden Heineman, Domingo Echevarria, Pete Volpe, Mark Winans, Stanley Dean Davis, Kayla York
Heat 3: Andy Schumaker, Tim Drager, Chris Horton, Nicholas Robie, Charles McClintock, Tyler Pearson, David Moller, Phillip Birt, Andy Proper, Greg Marsh
Heat 4: Mark Lawrence, Rick Feely, Rachel Moller, Matt Marcy, Kasey Markham, Joseph Foti, Jordan Richard,Tommy LaBarbera, Steven Campbell, Joey Lindbergh
B-Main: Pete Volpe, Domingo, Echevarria, Patrick Todd Hanlon, Craig Karns, Tyler Pearson, Greg Marsh, Mark Winans, Joey Lindberg, Ricky Houser, David Moller, Phillip Birt, Joseph Foti, Kayla York, Phillip Powell, Jordan Richard, Preston Matve, Tommy LaBarbera,Stanley Dean Davis, Andy Proper, Steven Campbell, Rick Neaman
Feature: Josh Frantz, Bradley Whiteside, Andy Schumaker, John Mease, Tim Drager, Curtis Rung, Rick Feely, Rachel Moller, Holden Heineman, Jessica Harvey, Chris Horton, Patrick Todd Hanlon, Jon Seekings, Pete Volpe, Domingo Echevarria, Matt Marcy, Craig Karns, Kasey Markham, Nicholas Reed, Charles McClintock, Nick Robie, Charles Houser, Mark Lawrence, Bryson Hill