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June 20, 2022  |  by Marc Hoegerl

Busti, NY (June 18, 2022) by Marc Hoegerl: The New Stateline Speedway was blessed with beautiful autumn-like weather, as well as another action packed night of racing, on $10 admission night. Dennis Lunger remained unbeaten in the RUSH Pro Mods by winning his 4th in a row. The wily veteran Chub Frank dominated the RUSH Crate Late Model main for win #1 of 2022. Al Crocker found victory lane for his first triumph of the season. Darrell Bossard broke his cold streak by winning the Super Late Model A-Main in fine fashion. Underdog, William Reeves, showed the way for his elated first win of 2022 in the heavily competitive Pro Stock Division, and Chris Horton showed that last week's win was no fluke by capturing back-to-back wins in the Challengers.

First feature to hit the ⅓-mile semi-banked clay oval was the RUSH Pro Mods. The word around the pits during the evening was, who will be the one to dethrone the 2021 champion, and unbeaten Dennis Lunger? With Lunger having to start 12th, after winning again last week, odds were good for his fellow competitors. At the drop of the green, pole sitter Adam Ashcroft would take the point. As the field crossed the line for lap 1, Ashcroft had command over Chad Ramsey and Zain Harvey. All eyes were on Lunger, as Lunger would crack the top 5, from his 12th place starting position on lap 2. With Ashcroft leading, Lunger would take the 3rd spot away from Harvey on lap 3, then move around Ramsey for 2nd on lap 4. Ashcroft and Lunger would put on a great wheel to wheel battle for the next 3 laps, until Lunger would finally find the hole he needed to move around the leader Ashcroft on lap 8. It was smooth sailing after that for Lunger as he would go on to pick up his 4th win in a row in the RUSH Pro Mods. Ramsey would get around Ashcroft on lap 18 to secure runner-up honors, Adam Ashcroft, Brian Mohawk and Tyler Oakes, after going to the tail on a lap 2 caution, made an impressive run to round out the top five, and was the event's hard charger.

The next feature on tap would be the RUSH Crate Late Models, with 29 entries filling the pits for the evening's event. Everyone knows when Hall of Famer Chub Frank makes one of his surprise appearances, he’s an odds on favorite to pick up a win. Frank and Steve Houser would bring the 24 car field to green. Frank would jump out front at the outset, with Andy Boozel and veteran Scott Gurdak in tow. With Frank out front, and Boozel still holding down 2nd, 6th place starter Dennis Lunger would power around Gurdak for 3rd on lap 3. With the front runners staying the same for the next 5 laps, 8th place starter Randy Hall would crack the top 5, and then move into 4th on lap 8. The front runners would settle in the rest of the way, as Frank would weather 6 cautions to easily cross the line for his first Stateline RUSH Crate Late Model win of 2022. Boozel would come home 2nd, Lunger 3rd, Jason Genco after a late race surge would nail down 4th and Randy Hall would round out the top five.

Up next would be the UMP Modifieds. Cale Crocker and Conneaut, Ohio’s Bud Watson would bring the 15 car field to green. Crocker would grab the lead heading into turn 1. Crocker would lead lap 1 with Bud Watson on his heels. Lap 2 would see 6th place starter Greg Johnson make his way to the 3rd spot. Crocker would extend his lead with Bud Watson and Greg Johnson close behind for the next 13 laps. Greg Johnson would make a move around 2nd place runner Bud Watson on the lap 16 restart but would not get any closer as Crocker would cruise the remaining laps for his 1st Stateline win of the year. Greg Johnson, Bud Watson, Zach Johnson, and Butch Southwell would round out the top five.

Next on the docket would be the roaring Super Late Models. With Dave Hess Jr having to start 12th after back-to-back wins, would the Super Late ranks see a new winner in victory lane? Darrell Bossard who has had some bad luck hit him the last two seasons would start on the pole for the 25-lap main event. Bossard and youngster, Wyatt Scott, would lead the field as Spanky Hall’s green flag would wave. Bossard would quickly jump into the lead. With Bossard distancing himself from the field, all eyes were on 6th place starter, Chub Frank, that was using the extreme high side trying to pick off cars, and 12th place starter Hess Jr. that was using multiple lines to make his bid towards the front. With Bossard almost a half second faster than the rest of the field. Wyatt Scott and Ryan Scott had their own battle going on for the runner-up spot. Frank would move into the 4th position on lap 5 but wouldn’t get any closer for his bid for victory, and previous winner, and 2021 champ Hess Jr. would get as high 7th but would have to settle in the rest of the way. Bossard would go uncontested for an impressive 1st Stateline win of 2022. Wyatt Scott, Ryan Scott, Chub Frank and Andy Boozel would round out your top five.

Feature #5 of the evening would be the Pro Stocks. June 5th winner, Joe Stajnrajh, and Celeron, New York’s, William Reeves, would lead the field down for their 15-lap event. Reeves would muscle his way into the lead at the outset. Stajnrajh, and Clymer’s Jason Covey, would be close behind. Reeves, that would be considered a slight underdog even with his talent and sharp looking mount, would build up a comfortable lead by the halfway point, and go on unchallenged the rest of the way for his 1st Stateline win of 2022. The elated Reeves would express his gratitude in a very emotional victory lane interview. Jason Covey, Joe Stajnrajh, last week's winner John Boardman and Gary Fisher Jr. would complete the top five.

Final event to complete night #4 of the 2022 campaign would be the rough and tumble Challenger Division. Second generation racer Peter Volpe would grab the lead at the start. Volpe would maintain this lead for the next few laps only to see last week's winner Chris Horton in his rearview mirror, moving into 2nd from his 7th place starting position. Lap 6 would see Volpe and Horton running side by side coming out of turn 4 for the lead, with Volpe still holding a slight advantage. The two would engage in a wheel-to-wheel duel for the next 3 ½ laps until the two had to split a lapped car with two to go. Horton would find the room he needed to overtake Volpe to hold on the remaining two laps to pick up his 2nd consecutive win of 2022. A dejected Volpe came home a close 2nd, Nicholas Robie, Andrew Proper and Holden Heineman rounded out the top five.

RUSH Pro Mods (22 Entries)

Heat 1: 1) Chad Ramsey 2) Dennis Lunger 3) Tyler Sutton 4) Vaughn Nystrom 5) Stu Rickard 6) Donald May Jr. 7) Dalton Bradley 8. Robert Cettell
Heat 2: 1) Adam Ashcroft 2) Brenden Warner 3) Ian Degolier 4) Tyler Oakes 5) Chad Carlson 6) Brodie Hill 7) Kirk Mohawk
Heat 3: 1) Zain Harvey 2) Brian Mohawk 3) Nick Arnold 4) Derek Peterson 5) John Cline 6) Garrett Miller 7) Ryan Sanders
Feature: 1) Dennis Lunger 2) Chad Ramsey 3) Adam Ashcroft 4) Brian Mohawk 5) Tyler Oakes 6) Chad Carlson 7) Tyler Sutton 8. Ian Degolier 9) Stu Rickard 10) Zain Harvey 11) Brodie Hill 12) Nick Arnold 13) Vaughn Nystrom 14) Brenden Warner 15) Derek Peterson 16) Garrett Miller 17) Donald May Jr. 18) Ryan Sanders 19) Dalton Bradley 20) Robert Cettell 21) John Cline 22) Kirk Mohawk

Lap Leaders: Ashcroft (1-7), Lunger (8-20)

RUSH Crate Late Models (29 Entries)

Heat 1: 1) Dennis Lunger 2) David Parker 3) Matthew Sipes 4) Khole Wanzer 5) Rodney Houser 6) John Haggerty 7) Kassandra Norman
Heat 2: 1) Randy Hall 2) Andy Michael 3) Logan Jaquay 4) Gary Youngs 5) Brian Larson 6) Jarrod Lyon 7) Rory Houser
Heat 3: 1) Jason Genco 2) Scott Gurdak 3) Ward Schell 4) Chad Clement 5) Jason Harmon 6) Darrin Waldron 7) Mason Jaquay
Heat 4: 1) Chub Frank 2) Andy Boozel 3) Steve Houser 4) Draven Kuzminski 5) Lonnie Waldron 6) DJ Krug 7) Hunter Proctor
B-Main: 1) John Haggerty 2) Darrin Waldron 3) D J Krug 4) Hunter Proctor 5) Jarrod Lyon 6) Kassandra Norman 7) Mason Jaquay 8. Rory Houser
Feature: 1) Frank 2) Boozel 3) Genco 4) Lunger 5) Hall 6) Gurdak 7) Parker 8. Sipes 9) Schell 10) Michael 11) Larson 12) L. Jaquay 13) Waldron 14) Haggerty 15) Youngs 16) Clement 17) S. Houser 18) Harmon 19) R. Houser 20) Waldron 21) Wanzer 22) DJ Krug 23) Kuzminski 24) Proctor

Lap Leaders: Frank (1-20)

UMP Modifieds (15 Entries)

Heat 1: 1) Matthew Kosinski 2) Greg Johnson 3) Cale Crocker 4) Tim Peterson 5) Timothy Rockwell 6) Paul Nelson 7) James Wilburn 8. Bryon Johnson
Heat 2: 1) Butch Southwell 2) Bud Watson 3) Jason Brightman 4) Zach Johnson 5) Braidy Westfall 6) Dave Lanphere 7) Joel Lanphere
Feature: 1) Crocker 2) G. Johnson 3) B. Watson 4) Z. Johnson 5) Southwell 6) Rockwell 7) Kosinski 8. Nelson 9) Westfall 10) Brightman 11) J. Lanphere 12) Peterson 13) D. Lanphere 14) Wilburn 15) B. Johnson

Lap Leaders: Crocker (1-20)

Super Late Models (18 Entries)

Heat 1: 1) Wyatt Scott 2) Chub Frank 3) Darrell Bossard 4) Jake Finnerty 5) Bump Hedman 6) Bob Dorman 7) Khole Wanzer 8. Michael Smith 9) Kevin Smith
Heat 2: 1) Dave Hess Jr. 2) Wendell Pinckney 3) Andy Boozel 4) Ryan Scott 5) Greg Oakes 6) Jason Genco 7) Dutch Davies 8. Scott Dellahoy Jr. 9) Allen Haskins
Feature: 1) Bossard 2)W. Scott 3)R. Scott 4)Frank 5)Boozel 6)Oakes 7)Hess Jr. 8)Genco 9)Davies 10)Finnerty 11)Pinckney 12)Headman 13)Dorman 14)Wanzer 15)Dellahoy Jr, 16)Haskins 17)M. Smith 18)K. Smith

Lap Leaders: Bossard(1-20)

Pro Stocks (21 Entries)

Heat 1: 1)Joe Stajnrajh 2)Bill Applebee 3)Matt Sampson 4)Dale Sheets 5)Kole Stelmack 6)Grant David Richard 7)Wesley McCray
Heat 2: 1)William Reeves 2)Patrick Fielding 3)Gary Fisher Jr. 4)Drake McCray 5)Dave Shagla 6)Dana Maybee 7)David Baker Jr.
Heat 3: 1)Jason Covey 2)John Boardman 3)Justin Pratt 4)David Tower 5)Tanner Ramsey 6)Ian Travis 7)Cody Rickard
Feature: 1)Reeves 2)Covey 3)Stajnrajh 4)Boardman 5)Fisher Jr. 6)Sampson 7)Applebee 8)Pratt 9)Stelmack 10)Baker Jr. 11)Ramsey 12)Fielding 13)Tower 14)Travis 15)Maybee 16)Rickard 17)Sheets 18)Richard 19)W. McCray 20)D. McCray 21)Shagla

Lap Leaders: Reeves(1-15)

Challengers (29 Entries)

Heat 1: 1)Chris Horton 2)Tommy Labarbera 3)Charles Houser 4)William Sunderlin 5)Preston Matve 6)Mark Winans 7)Joe Foti 8)Rachel Moller
Heat 2: 1)Andrew Proper 2)Jess Harvey 3)Holden Heineman 4)Craig Karns 5)David Moller 6)Charles Morris 7)Kayla York
Heat 3: 1)Pete Volpe 2)Phillip Powell 3)John Mease 4)Dan Bittinger 5)Nicholas Reed 6)Joey Lindberg 7)Jordan Richard
Heat 4: 1)Nicholas Robie 2)Rick Feely 3)Bryson Hill 4)Domingo Echevarria 5)Tyler Pearson 6)Jasmine Markham 7)Mark Lawrence
B-Main: 1)Rachell Moller 2)Charles Morris 3)Joey Lindberg 4)Joe Foti 5)Jordan Richard 6)Kayla York 7)Mark Lawrence DNS:Mark Winans DNS:Rachell Moller
Feature: 1) Horton 2) Volpe 3) Proper 4) Robie 5) Heineman (Rest of Finish Not Available at this time)