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July 17, 2022

Busti, NY (July 16, 2022) by Marc Hoegerl: On a pleasant July evening, the Busti, NY Speedtropolis would set a record for 8 classes of racing in one evening, that included the SHARP Mini Late Models, as well as the newly founded RUSH Stock Car class. With this said, fans would see some familiar faces make their way once again to victory lane, as two winners would etch their names on the 2022 win list.

Going into the 2022 campaign, Super Late Model pilot and once RUSH Crate Late Model standout, Darrell Bossard, really didn’t know what to expect going into the new season. Especially, with all the dominance Dave Hess Jr. had during 2021. Bossard mentioned that setting all his concentration now on the 22B, and having the right chemistry within his race team, has made a world of difference this season. Truth be told, Bossard has shown that he has been the class of the field, as of late, capturing 3 out of the last 4 events at Stateline. Bossard came into Saturday evening only 8 points behind reigning champion Hess, as he continues to chip away at the points lead with his recent win.

Talk about records, Dennis Lunger is well on his way to setting some this season, recording his 6th RUSH Pro Mod feature win in a row. Lunger has shown total dominance in the class, and still remains unbeaten in 2022. If Lunger should win next week he would tie an old record of his with 7 consecutive wins. Michael McGee was a repeat winner in the time shortened UMP Modified event. William Reeves showed he is no longer an underdog in the heavily competitive Pro Stocks, by picking up win #2 of 2022. Chris Horton has been dubbed “Mr. Excitement” by winning his 3rd Challenger feature of the year. Ryan Card showed the way in the always entertaining SHARP Mini Late Models. Mikael Beaver was the winner in the newly formed RUSH Stock Cars. And after getting a late start this season, Damian Bidwell picked up the win in the RUSH Crate Late Models, in only his 2nd Stateline appearance of the season.

First up to hit the smooth 1/3 mile semi- banked clay oval would be the Stateline Pro Stocks. Tanner Ramsey and William Reeves would bring the 20 car field to green. June 19th winner, William Reeves would take the point heading into turn 1. With Reeves leading on lap 2, fans would see Wesley McCray take away the 2nd position from Ramsey. Previous 2022 winners, Joe Stajnrajh, and John Boardman would take no time moving toward the front as the two would take over 2nd and 3rd on lap 5. With Reeves showing a comfortable margin over the field, Stajnrajh and Boardman were putting on a clinic for the runner- up spot during the final 10 laps. Reeves would go untouchable the entire distance, as Boardman would get around Stajnrajh on the backstretch on the final lap for 2nd. Stajnrajh would settle for 3rd, as Wesley McCray, and Shane Applebee would round out the top 5.

Next up would be the Sharp Mini Late Models for their 15 lap main event. Ryan Card would jump into the lead at the outset, with Christopher Whyte, and Trento Whyte in tow. With Ryan Card comfortably out front, all eyes were on the father- son duo of Christopher Whyte, and Treyton Whyte. These two would go back and forth for position the entire distance, with Christopher Whyte nipping Treyton Whyte at the line for 2nd. Card would go uncontested leading all 15 laps for his first Stateline Sharp Mini Late Model victory of the season. With the two Whyte’s securing 2nd and 3rd, Jack Black and Kyle Coons would round out your top 5.

Next on the docket would be the stacked 23 car field of UMP Modifieds. The race had a difficult time getting started as 6 caution flags would fly from Senior Flagman Spanky Hall before the field would ever record lap 1. When the field would finally get the green, former winner Cale Crocker would jump out to the lead, with Michael McGee picking off 4 cars in one  lap to move into 2nd. As three more caution periods would take place on lap 3. Once the track was clear, Crocker would pull out to the lead with McGee swarming all over his rear bumper. Lap 4 would see an intense 3 car battle develop with now, June 5th winner Troy Johnson in the mix. Johnson would make his way around the leaders to take the lead on lap 5 and hold that lead until the races 10th caution would fly on lap 7. On the lap 7 restart McGee would make his winning move around Johnson down the backstretch and maintained the lead as the field crossed the line on lap 8. The races final caution would fly as the leaders headed down the backstretch looking to record lap 9, as the races time limit expired giving McGee his 2nd win of 2022. Troy Johnson, Bud Watson, Zach Johnson and Greg Johnson rounded out the top 5.

The earth shaking Super Late Models would be up next. With three racers having two wins each, would we have our first three time winner, or a first time winner in the class? At the drop of the green I think we all knew the answer to that question, as Darrell Bossard would get the jump on veteran Dutch Davies showing he was the man to beat. With Bossard on cruise control, a good battle was going on for 2nd using every groove on the race track, between Davies, Wyatt Scott, and 8th place starter Dave Hess Jr. Wyatt Scott would wrestle his way into 2nd on lap 17, as Hess would use the top side to take away 3rd from Davies. Hess would finally get around Wyatt Scott for 2nd on lap 22, as Darrell Bossard would not be denied picking up win #3 of 2022, and his 9th career Stateline Super Late Model triumph. Hess Jr., Wyatt Scott, Andy Boozel, and Dutch Davies rounded out the top 5.

Next up would be the RUSH Pro Mods for their 20 lap A- Main. Polesitter Chad Carlson in his sharp looking #18 would set the pace at the start. Carlson and Zain Harvey would have a good battle going on for the lead for the first 2 laps, until 6th place starter Dennis Lunger would take no time picking off the leaders to lead lap 3. Lap 4 would see veteran Al Brewer takeover the bridesmaid position from Carlson. Even as the field saw two late race cautions, Brewer could not muster a challenge, as Lunger continued his terror on the division recording win #6 of 2022. Brewer settled for 2nd, Harvey made a late race run to finish 3rd, Carlson held on for 4th, and Brian Mohawk finished out the top 5.

The RUSH Crate Late Models would take the surface next for their main event. Once E- Mod Hot Shoe, Randy Hall, would take the lead at the drop of the green. A great battle would take place at the start between Rodney Houser, Scott Gurdak, and David Parker for 2nd. With Hall leading, all eyes were on 6th place starter Damian Bidwell as he would move into 3rd on lap 4, then making his way around Parker on lap 9. Lap 10 would see Bidwell’s nose piece glued to Hall’s rear bumper, as previous winner Jason Genco would take away the 3rd spot from Parker. Lap 11 would see Hall and Bidwell side- by side at the flag stand. Lap 12 would finally see Bidwell take the lead from Hall, as the two would nearly touch, and go on the remaining 8 laps to post win #1 of 2022. Jason Genco would make a late race charge to secure 2nd, Randy Hall, David Parker and Scott Gurdak rounded out the top 5.

The nightcap would see the Rough- and- Tumble Challengers hit the surface. Daniel Bittinger, and second generation racer Pete Volpe would bring the 24 car field to green. Bittinger would take the lead at the point, with “Mr. Excitement” Chris Horton, and Pete Volpe close behind. As Bittinger, Horton, and Volpe battled for position, the three would go three-wide for the lead on laps 3 and 4. Horton would finally find some room and take over the lead on lap 5 and would hold a slim margin the rest of the way, denying a late race charge from 6th place starter Rick Feely. Rick Feely was 2nd, Daniel Bittinger settled for 3rd, John Mease, after going through the consi and starting 24th in the field, finished an impressive 4th, and Raceway 7 standout Jessica Harvey would come home 5th.

It was Mikael Beaver over Cody Rickard in the newly founded RUSH Stock Cars.

PRO STOCKS (20 Entries)

Heat 1: 1) John Boardman 2) Wesley McCray 3) Gary Fisher Jr. 4) Jason Covey 5) David Baker Jr. 6) Drake McCray 7) Donald Blood
Heat 2: 1) William Reeves 2) Shane Applebee 3) Tyler Dynys 4) Justin Pratt 5) David Tower 6) Dana Maybee 7) Grant Richard
Heat 3: 1) Joe Stajnrajh 2) Tanner Ramsey 3) Bill Applebee 4) Carl Marcy 5)  Kyle Couchenour 6) Matt Sampson
Feature: 1) Reeves 2) Boardman 3) Stajnrajh 4) McCray 5) S. Applebee 6) Fisher Jr. 7) Covey 8- B. Applebee 9) Sampson 10) Couchenour 11) Ramsey 12) Dynys 13) Tower 14) Baker Jr. 15) Marcy 16) Blood 17) McCray 18- Pratt 19) Maybee 20) Richard

Lap Leaders: Reeves (1-15)


Heat: 1) Ryan Card 2) Treyton Whyte 3) Jack Black 4) Kyle Coons 5) Christopher Whyte
Feature: 1) Card 2) C. Whyte 3) T. Whyte 4) Black 5) Coons

Lap Leaders: Card (1-15)

UMP MODIFIEDS (23 Entries)

Heat 1: 1) Michael McGee 2) Mason Lobb 3) Troy Johnson 4) Bud Watson 5) Matt Haskins 6) James Wilburn 7) Joel Lanphere 8- Tim Peterson
Heat 2: 1) Greg Johnson 2) Dennis Asel 3) Justin Carlson 4) Dan Sasso 5) Andrew Beatman 6) Matt Kosinski 7) Paul Nelson 8- Christopher Deponceau
Heat 3: 1) Cale Crocker 2) Timothy Rockwell 3) Al Brewer 4) Butch Southwell 5) Zach Johnson 6) Dave Lanphere 7) Bryon Johnson
Feature: 1) McGee 2) T. Johnson 3) B. Watson 4) Z. Johnson 5) G. Johnson 6) Sasso 7) D. Lanphere 8- Peterson 9) Nelson 10) Carlson 11) Beatman 12) Crocker 13) Southwell 14) J. Lanphere 15) B. Johnson 16) Haskins 17) Asel 18- Deponceau 19) Kosinski 20) Wilburn 21) Lobb 22) Brewer 23) Rockwell

Lap Leaders: Crocker (1-4), T. Johnson (5-7), McGee (8, Time Limit)


Heat 1: 1) Andy Boozel 2) Dutch Davies 3) Jason Genco 4) Greg Oakes 5) Bump Headman 6) Wendell Pinckney 7) Rodney Phillips
Heat 2: 1) Ryan Scott 2) Darrell Bossard 3) Dave Hess Jr. 4) Bob Dorman 5) Michael Smith 6) Scott Dellahoy Jr.
Heat 3: 1) Wyatt Scott 2) Jake Finnerty 3) Khole Wanzer 4) Garrett Mott 5) Anthony Marotto 6) Allen Haskins
Feature: 1) Bossard 2) Hess Jr. 3) W. Scott 4) Boozel 5) Davies 6) R. Scott 7) Oakes 8- Genco 9) Wanzer 10) Mott 11) Marotto 12) Pinckney 13) Hedman 14) Dellahoy Jr. 15) Dorman 16) Finnerty 17) Smith 18- Haskins 19) Phillips (DNS)

Lap Leaders: Bossard (1-25)

RUSH PRO MODS (19 Entries)

Heat 1: 1) Dennis Lunger 2) Al Brewer 3) Nick Arnold 4) Tyler Sutton 5) Vaughn Nystrom 6) John Cline 7) Ryan Howard
Heat 2: 1) Zain Harvey 2) Chad Carlson 3) Brian Mohawk 4) Chad Ramsey 5) Thomas Root 6) Derek Peterson
Heat 3: 1) Tyler Oakes 2) Brendan Warner 3) Stu Rickard 4) Donald May Jr. 5) Ryan Sanders 6) Kirk Mohawk
Feature: 1) Lunger 2) Brewer 3) Harvey 4) Carlson 5) B. Mohawk 6) Ramsey 7) Rickard 8- Nystrom 9) Oakes 10) Cline 11) Sanders 12) Peterson 13) Root 14) Arnold 15) May Jr. 16) Howard 17) Sutton 18- Warner 19) K. Mohawk

Lap Leaders: B. Mohawk (1,2), Lunger (3-20)


Heat 1: 1) David Parker 2) Chad Clement 3) John Haggerty 4) Rory Houser 5) Gary Youngs 6) Ward Schell 7) Jarrod Lyon
Heat 2: 1) Scott Gurdak 2) Rodney Houser 3) Brian Larson 4) Hunter Proctor 5) Lonnie Waldron 6) Kassandra Norman
Heat 3: 1) Randy Hall 2) Damian Bidwell 3) Jason Genco 4) Darrin Waldron 5) Steve Houser 6) Khole Wanzer
Feature: 1) Bidwell 2) Genco 3) Hall 4) Parker 5) Gurdak 6) Schell 7) Haggerty 8- Wanzer 9) Clement 10) Larson 11) D. Waldron 12) Proctor 13) Houser 14) Lyon 15) L. Waldron 16) Youngs 17) Norman 18- Rory Houser 19) Rodney Houser

Lap Leaders: Hall (1-11), Bidwell (12-20)

CHALLENGERS (28 Entries)

Heat 1: 1) Andrew Proper 2) Jessica Harvey 3) Nicholas Robie 4) Jon Seekings 5) Tommy Labarbera 6) Jordan Richard 7) Kasey Markham 8- Tammy Watson
Heat 2: 1) Holden Heineman 2) Domingo Echervarria 3) Craig Karns 4) Jordan Melice 5) Ricky Houser 6) Kayla York 7) John Mease 8- Rachel Moller
Heat 3: 1) Rick Feely 2)  Dan Bittinger 3) Charles Houser 4) Gregory Marsh 5) Collin Larson 6) Phillip Powell 7) Joey Lindberg
Heat 4: 1) Pete Volpe 2) Chris Horton 3) Todd Hanlon 4) David Moller 5) Tyler Pearson 6) Eugene Kontz 7) Joe Foti
Consi: 1) Mease 2) Powell 3) Watson 4) Moller 5) Lindberg 6) Richard 7) Foti 8- York 9) Markham 10) Kontz
Feature: 1) Horton 2) Feely 3) Bittinger 4) Mease 5) Harvey 6) Seekings 7) R. Moller 8- Melice 9) Heineman 10) Powell 11) Marsh 12) Pearson 13) Proper 14) Hanlon 15) Echevarria 16) C. Houser 17) Labarbera 18- Larson 19) Volpe 20) R. Houser 21) Karns 22) Robie 23) D. Moller 24) Watson

Lap Leaders: Bittinger (1-4), Horton (5-12)  

RUSH STOCKS (2 Entries)

Feature: 1) Mikael Beaver 2) Cody Rickard